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TV Movie Review: Mr. Troop Mom

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It has all the basic qualities that are found in preteen movies: the mean girl, the parent who doesn’t understand, the musical performance, and the food fight. This recipe may sound very unoriginal, but something about this recipe always produces a good movie. Nickelodeon’s Mr. Troop Mom shares these ingredients with movies like High School Musical, Spectacular, and Camp Rock, which is why preteens/teens will love this movie. However, it should be clear that this isn’t a remake of any of these movies. In fact, it may be better.

George Lopez produces and stars as Eddie, the father of Naomi (Daniela Bobadilla). Eddie’s a single parent who is struggling to be a good father and an excellent lawyer. Eddie and Naomi’s relationship is strained and the movie focuses on how they form a tight bond. After one of the other mothers gives birth, George finds himself as Mr. Troop Mom, taking his daughter and her three friends (Pyper De Marsh, April Telek, and Elizabeth Thai) to a camp where they must defeat Naomi’s archenemy, Skyler (Jianna Ballard). Jane Lynch also stars as Ms. Hulka, the crazy and strict camp director and Julia Anderson stars as a camp counselor (and often the voice of reason). George’s daughter, Mayan, also has a small role.

George Lopez is an amazing actor. Honestly, I’d watch this movie just for his performance. He’s very comical, but also provides a deeper tone when he deals with his character’s relationship with his daughter. I’ve never really seen anything he’s done before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but he really is a great actor. I can’t even think of anyone better to play Eddie.

“I’m excited to keep building my relationship with Nickelodeon, and this Warner Premiere movie is perfect viewing for a family audience,” said George Lopez in a Nickelodeon press release. “It has heart, action and wild and crazy comedy.”

The rest of the cast is good. I’ve always thought of Jane Lynch as a great actress, although her characters always seem to be annoying (Sleepover, Another Cinderella Story). The kids were generally okay, considering they really haven’t been acting that long. I mean, they were well cast, but they were nowhere close to Lopez’s level, which makes sense.

Naked Brothers Band members Nat and Alex Wolff play a song in the movie. I’ve never really been a big fan of them, but a lot of other people like them. It’s not really my kind of music anyway. The rest of the soundtrack is pretty good though.

I was really disturbed at how much make-up they had the kids wearing. The make-up artists really outdid themselves. Pretty scary actually. Kids that young should not be wearing that much make-up. If any. Freshman girls shouldn’t even be wearing that much make-up.

Mr. Troop Mom premieres June 19, 2009 at 8 PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on June 23 from Warner Home Video. It was a pretty good movie actually. I would recommend watching.

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