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TV Media: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, RoboCop Fried Chicken, Griffin and Cooper, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Anytime with Bob Kushell

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Welcome to the ongoing mission of the TV media experiment; its goal of delivering fine television-themed entertainment in one convenient place continues. Still having fun? Are you there? There is no end in sight, the media does not know when to say when, it is relentless with its constant presence. The only way to satisfy it is to keep plowing ahead.

This is the third member of the media column family, joining movies and music. Each week I hope to bring a number of clips for you to view, perhaps some news, full episodes, and TV-on-DVD info. So, stick around, watch some TV, and have a good time!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – The Best Hanukkah Moments

Looking for a late night laugh? Here is a Comedy Central-supplied clip collection of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert going head to head over Hannukah. As always, it is a funny clip and these guys know how to time their deliveries. I really need to watch them on a more regular basis.

The Colbert Report – The WristStrong Saga

Not long ago, while Stephen Colbert was warming up the audience, he slipped and broke his wrist. The issue became a talking point for some time. Now, Comedy Central has collected the funny bits into one video fro all to appreciate. Here it is for your enjoyment:

RoboCop Likes Fried Chicken

I know, it sounds ridiculous. In Japan Robocop comes on the television screen to shill for fried chicken. The commercial is seriously goofy. How do these two even go together? I mean, perhaps if they used Freddy Krueger, who was burned, it would make a little bit of sense. At the same time, I have to wonder why we never get commercials like this?

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve – Gaffe

You know, I probably shouldn’t even link this. It is such a minor blip on the radar that it scarcely needs mention. Still, when things like this happen it can be quite amusing. Kathy Griffin let out a gaffe while hosting a New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper (I know, weird pairing). Well, after the ball fell Griffin shared some words with a heckler in the crowd. Just see for yourself:

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Season 1 DVD Clips

Does anyone watch this show? Frankly, I’ve never heard of it before now. The ABC family series seems to have critical and popular support, and the idea does seem intriguing, if not wholly original. It follows the lives of six students as they navigate the treacherous waters of high school as they try to find themselves. The show has been praised for its realistic approach. What say you?

Talk with mom



Who Were You

Keeping It Real

Behind the Scenes: The Cast

Anytime with Bob Kushell – Neil Patrick Harris

Never seen this web series before, but I have to say that the guy does not strike me as being all that funny. The reason I watched it is because of Neil Patrick Harris who is a hilarious guy. Who knew Doogie had it in him? I remember Doogie ending and then I remember him in Starship Troopers and then nothing. Now he is in one of the better sitcoms on television and regularly steals scenes. Funny stuff. Unfortunately, this is all too short to amount to much. Still, give it a look:

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