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TV Media: House, Fringe, The Office, The Cleveland Show, Rescue Me, Saturday Night Live, True Blood, Arrested Development

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Welcome to the second week of an all-new experiment. I am not sure how far this one will go, but I found some inspiration and thought I would give it a go. You will have to let me know what you think.

This is the third of my media columns, joining Movie and Music. Each week I hope to bring a number clips for you to view, perhaps some news and TV on DVD info. Time will tell how this column morphs and grows, and it can always use your input, pointing me towards new sources and whatever news you think we should look into.

House – Season 5 Trailer

I can’t believe House is already heading into its fifth season. Seems like only yesterday it was just getting its start. I think this is one of the best shows on TV right now. The blend of drama and comedy have really reinvigorated the medical drama after 50 years of ER. Below is the trailer for the upcoming season and some of the moments are actually quite funny (I particularly like the head separation).

Fringe Science – Dannion Brinkley

Fox has a new science fiction series starting this Fall from Alias and Lost creator JJ Abrams, called Fringe. In anticipation of its premiere, Fox has put up this promo interview with Dannion Brinkley concerning fringe science, technology, and thoughts on what will enter the mainstream. Take a look:

The Office: Kevin’s Loan – “Malone’s Cones”

The second of this summer’s installment of The Office webisodes is here. After not following Oscar’s advice, Kevin heads out to the bank to try to secure a loan. Of course, his efforts are comedic. This is his conversation with the loan officer. Both sides have many questions, who do you think has the better answers?

The Cleveland Show – Theme Song

The Family Guy spinoff is a reality, a full season is in production and hopefully it will be funny. Even if it isn’t, Fox has posted the theme song for The Cleveland Show, as performed by the voice of Cleveland. It begins in an interview form and transitions to animation.

Rescue Me – Juiced

Last week I posted the “Fast” short, now this one could be as good, if not better. On top of that it has the added bonus of being timely, what with this being the baseball season and all. Okay, stating the obvious? In any case, I cannot wait for new Rescue Me episodes, but these minisodes help.

SNL: Digital Short – “The Japanese Office”

While Ricky Gervais’ British hit The Office was adapted for American television, the original series was, just maybe, inspired by a Japanese series. In this short, Ricky Gervais introduces us to the original inspiration.

True Blood – Poster, Credits

True Blood is a new series coming to HBO from Alan Ball, the writer behind American Beauty and Six Feet Under. This time he has turned his eye towards vampires in the American South. It stars Anna Paquin as a waitress who can read people’s minds in a world where humans co-exist with vampires. Looks interesting to me.

Arrested Development – “Pilot”

Here is a show that did not get the popular attention it deserved. It is a fantastic show. It is smart, funny, and kept me coming back for more until there was no more. Recently, rumors have been going around about a possible movie. Will it happen? I hope so. Until then, we have three seasons worth of episodes. So, for those of you who don’t know the show, here is the pilot for you to get hooked. For those of you who are already fans, relive the excellence.

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