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TV Media: House, Bones, ‘Til Death, Do Not Disturb, Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Prison Break, Crash, Rescue Me, Root of All Evil

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Welcome to the ongoing mission of the TV media experiment; its goal of delivering fine television-themed entertainment in one convenient place continues. Still having fun? Are you there? There is no end in sight, the media does not know when to say when, it is relentless in its constant presence. The only way to satisfy it is to keep plowing ahead.

This is the third of the media column family, joining movies and music. Each week I hope to bring a number of clips for you to view, perhaps some news, full episodes, and TV-on-DVD info. So, stick around, watch some TV, and have a good time!

House: Posters, Preview

House is one of those shows that is just a joy to watch. It has drama, comedy, and a nice balance of character and plot. Season five is just around the corner and FOX has put out a few posters to promote it as well as a nifty preview clip.

house_md_ver4 house_md_ver6 house_md_ver5

Bones – Poster

The new Bones season has already started, but let’s not allow that to stop me from sharing this poster. I like the show, I like the stars, and I like this poster.

‘Til Death – Poster, Preview

I like Brad Garrett. I was not the biggest fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, but that show is Seinfeld next to ‘Til Death. This show is just annoying. Still, I guess it has its fans, so here is an annoying poster and a season promo.

Do Not Disturb – Poster, Clip

I like Jerry O’Connell, but this is no Crossing Jordan or Sliders; it isn’t even Joe’s Apartment. This new sitcom features Jerry as the manager of an up and coming hotel. Comedy ensues. Actually, it probably would not be so bad if they didn’t have the incessant laugh track. There is no way that sound was generated by a live audience.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Posters

I am very happy to see this show coming back. I liked the short first season run, a run that got better as it went along. Here are a couple of promo posters for the new series, and let me say that I really like the Summer Glau one…

Prison Break – Poster

Last week the new season of Prison Break got underway. It got off to a roaring start, wasting no time getting to the big events, as if to make up for the shortened third season, not to mention writing away one of the season’s big mistakes. Anyway, here is a promo poster that has a nice noirish look to it:

Crash – Widget

The film Crash won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2006. Now the film is being translated to the small screen where it will air on Starz coming this October. The series will take a look at the melting pot of LA and the impact that various people have on others they come into contact with. Dennis Hopper leads the cast. Here is a widget with some footage and other information on the series.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – “Samson and Delilah”

Do you want to see an excellent episode of television? It may not be perfect, but it is very, very good. Well, at least I thought so. This episode was a great way to kick off the new season with plenty of story points as well as a nice human element, as well as a few other surprises. Watch for yourself:

Rescue Me – “Clue”

Have you ever played that game Clue? Sure you have, everyone has. The guys play a different version of the game as a building burns around them. This show is great, too bad we have to wait until next year for new full length episodes.

Lewis Black’s The Root of All Evil – The iPhone

Have you gotten sick of all those smug iPhone users yet? Well, Lewis Black’s Root of all Evil crew deliver a few reasons why you should hate them and the darn phone:

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