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TV Media: He-Man, Voltron, The Gong Show, Rescue Me, Dilbert, VIP, Heroes, The Office

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Welcome to another all new experiment. I am not sure how far this one will go, but I found some inspiration and thought I would give it a go. You will have to let me know what you think.

Welcome to the new TV Media column, the third of my media columns, joining Movie and Music. Each week I hope to bring a number clips for you to view, perhaps some news and TV on DVD info. Time will tell how this column morphs and grows, and it can always use your input, pointing me towards new sources and whatever news you think we should look into.

He-Man Minisodes

Have you heard of the Minisode Network? Well, it is run by Sony and they take shows and edit them down to approximately 5 minutes in length, retaining the story arc of the episode. So, if you need to catch up on a show, or just have a few minutes to watch something, this could be for you. Below are a couple of He-Man. If you like these, I will try to do a couple each week, they have some great shows to choose from.

“The Cosmic Comet”

“The Shaping Staff”

Voltron – “Space Explorers Captured”

When I was a kid, I loved Voltron. I loved the action, and especially the robot lions (I wasn’t too crazy about that other Voltron with all the little ships). In this early episode, Keith and the team are exploring space when they are captured by King Zarkon, their escape leads them to possibly discovering the secret of the Voltron lions.

The Gong Show – Preview

Comedy Central is bringing back The Gong Show. Why? I am sure they would answer: “Why not?” This preview makes it look, at the very least, like an alternative to all the reality garbage on network television. This version will be hosted by Dave Attell, who I always found to be pretty funny on Insomniac. We shall see if this is worth the time.

Rescue Me – “Fast”

The Minisode Network is more than just shortened versions of old shows and cartoons, they have some originals, too. For example, this Rescue Me short. If you are feeling the craving for a new episode (and who isn’t), you can get these mini-episodes to tide you over until the main series returns in force next year. This episode is pretty funny as Lou has brought in some homemade donuts that Tommy and the guys love, however, Sean is on a fast. Can he be tempted? Take a look.

Dilbert – “The Knack”

I love Dilbert. While the television cartoon had its hilarious moments, it never did quite reach the heights of the comic strip. Still, when I watch the series I am sure to laugh. This episode shows the disastrous results of sharing a coffee mug with your boss. In short: don’t let it happen to you!

VIP – “Analyze Val”

How can you not love VIP? I mean it has action, guns, women, Pamela Anderson, low production values, and a lot of cheese. Nevermind, don’t bother answering the question. This episode features Val (Anderson) and the gang fending off ninjas in Hummers from kidnapping the Vice President. Not much happens, although there are a lot of bullets and some terrible fisticuffs.

Heroes – “Going Postal”

Are you anxious for more Heroes? Do you even remember the show? Either way, NBC has begun producing webisodes, and here’s a preview. Will the websiodes be any good? Time will tell, I only hope the writers get paid for them.

The Office: Kevin’s Loan – “Money Trouble”

Going through Office withdrawal? I know I am, I love this show. This new series of webisodes is called Kevin’s Loan. We all know that Kevin has a gambling problem and it seems that he is always asking Oscar for advice on a series of “what-if” situations. In this case, it looks like Kevin is going to make a bad decision. Watch below.

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