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TV Media: Christmas Special

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Greetings! Welcome one and all to the TV Media Christmas Spectacular! Or something like that, everyone else gets to have a Christmas special, why not me?

What I have done is collect a number of Christmas-themed television episodes and clips and gathered them together under the TV Media banner in the hopes of providing a tiny bit of Christmas cheer to anyone who should happen to stop by. Hopefully you will enjoy the bits I have gathered and that they give you a little smile during this season of cheer!

Sesame Street – “I Hate Christmas”

It has been forever since I’ve watched Sesame Street, and with good reason. However, when I see something called “I Hate Christmas” and it features Oscar the Grouch, how can I say no? This clip features the garbage can dweller singing about how much he dislikes the mushy holiday spirit.

DirecTV – Christmas Commercial

This Spanish-language commercial for DirecTV is random, odd, and highly amusing. It features a collection of horror icons (mostly) doing things that are decidedly out of character.

How I Met Your Mother – “Barney’s Christmas Jingles”

When this episode aired recently, I have to say that Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) off the cuff variations on holiday tunes were hilarious — delightfully off-color and eminently sing-alongable. There is no way you can watch this and not laugh.

The Office – “Moroccan Christmas”

From the opening with Jim’s specially gift wrapped present for Dwight, to Meredith setting her hair on fire, there is nothing quite like an Office Christmas. This series is quite funny, and one of the best things is the lack of a laugh track.

A Garfield Christmas

How can anyone not love Garfield? Each year households all over are treated to the airing of a series of fat cat-centric holiday-themed specials capped with the Christmas special. I thought I would help you achieve the goal of seeing this. These clips on YouTube don’t look half bad. Enjoy!

A Charlie Brown ChristmasScrubs Style

This is a a little less traditional, but with the magic of YouTube and the ingenuity of its many contributors we get to see what the classic Charlie Brown Christmas special may have been like if it were done by the cast of Scrubs. It is rather clever and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Married With Children – “Christmas”

Nothing says Christmas like Married With Children. This episode features a bar full of Santas, an elf that lives up to his word, and an Al Bundy who looks into how well his family has behaved.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – “The Christmas Show”

This Aaron Sorkin series lasted an all too brief single season. Fortunately the episodes are still around for us to enjoy. Here is their Christmas episode that features Matt trying to get the show going while Danny deals with his feelings for Jordan. The show is smart, funny, and realistic while not being real.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “Back for Christmas”

How about a little something different? Not a comedy, but definitely centered around the holidays. This episode finds a couple preparing for a holiday trip, although it seems that the husband has some different ideas…

Arrested Development – “In God We Trust”

Man, I love this show and the rumors of a possible movie are just a tease. This episode takes place around the holidays. With George Sr. in jail, a deal is struck that could spring the family patriarch for an afternoon to attend the “Living Classics Pageant.” Funny, smart, and seriously goofy, this is a show and a series that everyone should experience.

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