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TV Guide’s New Downloads Column

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TV Guide Magazine will begin a new column called “Downloads” starting in the May 1 edition. I believe this is a sign that the age of digital television is here to stay. TV Guide is adjusting with the media.

The Downloads column will give the TV Guide recommendations and advice on the best bets in streaming and downloads. This includes current hits like Lost from iTunes and vintage television from IN2TV. The column will also be a good source for what is newly available. This is the same type of entertainment advice that TV Guide has been giving for regular television for decades.

The new column will provide guidance and “tune-in” information for viewers who want to be able to know where on the Web they can find their favorite programs — so they can watch them at times, and in ways, other than on first-run television or through on-demand.

“The digital age has sparked a ‘time shift/place shift’ phenomenon in television program viewing choices,” said Mr. Birch. (magazine’s editor-in-chief) “Today, we all have the ability to watch many of our favorite programs on our video iPods, or our personal computers. Since television programs are increasingly available and delivered to viewers in many different ways, we wanted to take the lead in providing our readers — all enthusiastic television viewers — the information they need to maximize their viewing experience, wherever that experience may take place.”

Source: Yahoo Business

Isn’t it strange for the writers who have to review old Wonder Woman shows for the IN2TV site? Do you think they will just pull old files from the original TV Guide? I hope, and there seems to be all indication they will, take this media seriously. Perhaps they will even include information about the quality and speed of the reviewed sites or downloads as that could prove to be pretty useful. This is a great indication of the validity of downloaded and streaming television.

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