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TV Guide Features The American Idol Top 3

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This week TV Guide features a cover story on the “American Idol Showdown: The Battle of Syesha and the Two Davids.”  The magazine spoke with each of the top three contestants, who are all trying to walk the balance between real life and Idol life.

Syesha Mercado is the “dark horse” of the competition, but she hasn’t let that hinder her determination to win.

“I believe if you are passionate about something it has to happen for you,” she told the magazine. She also adds that “any of us can win, but it’s all about who wants it the most.”

That’s an interesting perspective for a contest that ultimately will be decided by the viewers of the show. Of course Syesha’s hard work has paid off. She is in the top three, despite being a part of the bottom two or three vote-getters on more than one occasion.

The “two Davids,” on the other hand have never found themselves in that situation. While never having to sweat out a results show, David Archuleta has had plenty to worry about. Being a high school student, he must spend three hours a day with a tutor in order keep up with his studies. On top of that he has been the victim of media scrutiny, or at least his dad has. There has been a lot of media speculation about Archuleta’s dad, Jeff, being an overbearing stage dad.

But Archuleta defends his dad. Of the situation he says, “I think I, of all people, would know what’s going on, and he’s been great. He’s given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I really want in music, and I’ve felt really blessed to have someone like that.”

The seventeen-year-old says he has a lot on his mind, between school work, song choices, and interviews.

Like David Archuleta, David Cook has never spent a results show in the bottom two or three, but he also has a lot on his mind. While Cook has been determined to not let his brother Adam’s battle with brain cancer become a part of the show, the media has nonetheless picked up the story.

Cook says he welcomes “the show in that it’s a mental break.” He does say, however, that “the sympathy vote idea leaves a real sour taste in my mouth. I swore to Adam and I swore to myself that if I was gonna do well or poorly, it was gonna be on my own merit.”

American Idol is not something Cook ever saw himself being a part of. He says he was never a “huge fan of the show,” but he decided to audition as a show of moral support for his younger brother Andrew, who also was auditioning.

Now it’s David who has risen to front runner status, and has a solid chance of becoming the next American Idol.

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