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TV Courts: Judge Marilyn Milian Vs. Judge Maria Lopez

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2001 rang in with “There's a new judge in town.” The popularity of Judge Marilyn Milian of The People's Court has grown astronomically over the years. She was promoted as the first Latina judge on television, and her popularity has now sprung forth other Latina judges hoping to ride her coattails to success.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I'm finding Judge Maria Lopez very disturbing. Lopez has copied Marilyn's hair, her way of dress, everything down to Spanish sayings during cases. She even has a deep voice, but she sounds more like Freddy Kruger rather than the sultry voiced Milian. One viewer said she's not convinced Lopez is a female. I would rather sit and listen to an hour of someone scratching the chalkboard than suffer through another episode of the Lopez show.

How Lopez was chosen is beyond me. I can understand her high drama in the courts being something that may interest producers, but further checking should have stopped them. Maria let a convicted child molester off with the lightest possible sentence. I don't see how this kind of person could possibly appeal to the public. Lopez wasn't liked in her hometown; what made them think the rest of us would want her?

The People's Court was the first TV court show and the first to bring a Latina judge to the viewing public. What the Lopez producers didn't do was go beyond the culture to find out what kind of person would be wearing the robe.

Judge Milian has a respectable resume and a balance of intellect and emotion to make cases fair and compassionate. She has the “it” factor. It will take more than a similar heritage to copy the phenomena of what The People's Court has been able to accomplish with Judge Marilyn Milian.

I'm a courtroom junkie and was looking forward to more court shows. I'm very disappointed with what we were given. Lopez is trying really hard to copy the much younger Milian. When Milian came on the scene, she was unique; that's what made viewers love her. She has an essence that can't be copied.

Viewers want quality, not clones. If Judge Maria Lopez is around for another season, it is because Lopez is offering up more than her mediation skills to someone behind the scenes. She lacks the moral fiber required of a judge or the look and personality required for television.

If you are looking for a quality judge who teaches viewers about the law, with a mix of compassion and spunk, look no further than The People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian.

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  • Kavya Lee

    Very accurate rating of Lopez. I think I watch her just for the “horror” effect – I am horrified and stupefied by her behavior. I think she is not a “natural” people person – it’s like she has to work really hard to be nice. She’s dying to rule according to her own desires and completely lay aside the law. I think justice in her courtroom is a crap shoot. She’s a crap judge and I wish they’d take her off the air.

  • cheryl

    i love milian alot better then lopez milian shows more atitute the lopez does keep it up mrs milian i love u and ur a the best cuban judge on tv

  • Joey

    Judge Lopez sucks. Plain and simple. It’s not because she’s copies Judge Marilyn and Judge Judy which Lopez does. It’s not because of her irritating voice which Lopez has. Lopez just SUCKS. That’s it. There isn’t much entertainment on her show and she is not likable or charismatic. She doesn’t have the “IT” factor as the author says which means she is just boring to watch, and a lot of times even irritating to watch. Judge Marilyn is hilarious on the People’s Court and fun to watch. I will admit that. I watched her today and she cracks me up.

    I hope they cancel Judge Lopez early like at mid season of this year. That nice, beautiful courtroom on that show and handsome baliff, by the way, all wasted on some crappy judge like Judge Lopez.

  • harvey bowden

    I think judge maria lopez drop dead gorgeous

  • Cara

    Judge Milian is a good judge, but not quite as good as Judge Judy. I see Judge Marilyn stumble over a lot of words when trying to say things. Judge Judy hardly ever does and speaks smoothly. However, I think they are both a lot better that Judge Lopez. When I first heard the Lopez woman’s voice, I shut off my TV set.

  • Amanda

    Wow! As for the comment above, I think it was probably Judge Lopez herself who got herself on her computer and wrote that in, because what normal person would think Judge Lopez is gorgeous.

  • Lucy

    I wish Judge Lopez be taken off the air. She is terrible. I’m not a law expert, but I can reasonably see her judgements a lot of time are
    messed up and unfair. I don’t think she belongs on ANY bench ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

  • ScottW

    Judge Milian is by far the best TV Judge. At least her decisions are based in some fashion of Fact. I find it very hard to believe that Lopez ever had any trial experience, let alone time on the bench. Her court is nothing more than a liberal mockery of the court system. There is no basis in fact. She rules on her beliefs and emotions from what I see.

    Anyway, Milian is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • DwayneR

    As for the comment up above mine about Marilyn Milian being gorgeous, she even got a new haircut this season. It’s rare that a judge changes their look. The only long-lived judges that have done that was Judge Mablean and Judge Milian. Oh yea, ew I hate Judge Maria Lopez. Is it just me or does Lopez’s ugly face freak you out and just remind you of a lemon. Her face freaks me so bad and I can’t stand her voice. For some reason, I just don’t like the woman. Oh well, judging from some of the feedback on this page, luckily it doesn’t look like her show will last much longer.

  • robert tremaine

    I am a 60 year old man. When I can’t sleep I watch this junk sometimes. If these people especially Maria Lopez were judges I think they must have hit their heads and lost all knowledge of American law. Assessing additional court costs to a defendant she thinks has lied? What court. It’s a tv show and that is a rip off. All those “latino” sayings she parades out. We’re in America and we don’t care how you did it in Cuba, Mexico or Puerto Rica. If those places are so wonderful why don’t you go back? None of them have legal systems remotely as good as ours except possibly P.R. and thats because it is a U.S. territory. We are not going to allow you people to latinoize our country. I bled for this country and lost good and descent friends for it. Respect it or get out. We don’t need you, all you do is take anyway. I challenge you to name a single successful Latino country anywhere in the world that is a democracy. You can’t. There aren’t any. Only Argentina and thats a dictatorship. Get over yourself. You got the gig because you’re a “latino” and all the left wing nuts are trying to legitamize people tresspassing in America with the excuse “they just want a better life”. Not at the expense of my family. Not for your peoples greed. They spit on our laws. There first act is to commit a crime and you want us to take your respect for the law seriously? What college uneducated you? Your people wave foreign flags over America and we are running out of patience. They’ve mistaken kindness for weakness. The last cuontry that did that was Japan and you know how that worked out.We are a nation that will give but not one which will allow anyone to take. Stealing from us is a real error in judgement. Your time would be better spent protecting America from illegal aliens aqnd then we might believe you care about our laws. Undocumented workers are people who haven”t completed the documents a company needs to employ them. Illegal aliens are not immigrants they are criminals who have thumbed their noses at our laws, cheat our social services and are bankrupting our schools. A million Maria Lopez wont legitimize them and I and all of my friends are going to begin boycotting your sponsers. They’ll ask their families and friends, well you can do the math. We’re tired of you trying to shove that latino crap down our throats. If it’s so wise why aren’t there any sucessful free and democratic countries that speak spanish? And now you think you can steal our country and ruin it as you have all the latino countries. We threw you out before and we’ll do it again.

  • Emily

    All the posts above are accurate about the show. Robert Tremaine, your post was pretty deep. Hurry up and boycott the show’s sponsors. Please! I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates this show with a passion. This funky show is the worst court ever. DON’T WATCH IT! I would assume all court shows will be watched less and less thanks to the quality of this particular court show, Judge Maria Lopez. I watched it for my first time yesterday. Basically, it starts out with the Lopez hag saying on the intro song, “I’m soooo big and tough. That litigant is so stupid’ then it will show a litigant with a shocked face as if she just saw a ghost. (probably made to look that way from editing to make Lopez seem soooooooo tough) Lopez will then get into all the bragging during the intro song too, ‘I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’m soooooo smart. I have sooo much expertise. I know the law better than everyone else! I’m the god of law!” As if this wasn’t enough, she goes on with her boring television court show and handles the cases so terribly that you just want to cry. None of her comments make sense and she looks like a 2 year old sitting they’re trying to look like Judge Judy. It’s pretty sad.

  • Michelle

    I watch court shows sometimes. omg, Judge Judy acts soooooooooooooooo mean. She was screaming and calling this young woman a bunch of names the last time I watched. She even screams at her audience when they laugh at her jokes. I wouldn’t bring my case before her and I think anyone who would is nuts. The woman are way too bitchy on these court shows. The People’s Court lady has her moments as well and just goes completely insane. Why are all the woman P.M.S.ing and all the men can be so calm and patient.

  • Laine

    I work, but I tape the Peoples court everyday. Judge Milian is the coolest judge ever!!! Judge Maria Lopez is a Joan Crawford creepy looking grinch faced hag who sounds like she swallowed a man. She wishes she could be like Milian. As a proud Cuban myself, I think Lopez should retire and let Judge Milian remain the QUEEN of Judges. Keep up thee good work Judge Milian…Judge Lopez…go smoke another pack of cigarettes!!!

  • Wayne

    oh, is that what it is? Why does her voice sound so weird? Does Judge Maria Lopez smoke or something? And why does she brag so much about being tough. It sounds like she’s more concerned about making people think she is tough, than trying to fairly handle the cases if you ask me. No other court show, shows the judges bragging so much about being tough. YO MARIA LOPEZ! IF YOU’RE READING THIS! YOU’RE NOT TOUGH! YOU JUST STINK!!! Judge Judy and Judge Mllian from the People’s Court could kick your *** any day. Quit bragging. It’s getting on my nerves and quick piping on that marijuane. Your voice is pissing me off.

  • No way could you even compare Judge Milian to Lopez. Judge Milian is a first class act all the way. She shows compassion, knows of what she speaks, and is one heck of a looker. Lopez looks like a shift manager from Taco Bell who had the good fortune to run into some nitwit who was promoted producer and needed to find a latin quick. While on the subject of judges…what do you all think of that skank Judge Judy? What a waste of 60 minutes

  • Wayne

    I actually like Judge Judy a lot. I can’t help but love the way she picks on her litigants. She should replace Simon Cowell on American Idol. I can see her being much harsher. After someone sings, she’d be like, “Where’d you think you were coming to today? A bad singer’s competition. YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Judge Judy is so damn mean! LOL!!!



  • Laine

    I am Latina and I am NOT proud to share the same culture as Lopez….she sucks. She needs to quit trying to copy Judge Milian and be her own personality. Milian makes me proud to be Cuban and I would love to see a REAL LIVE head to head competition between the two. Milian would SMOKE her…no pun intended…(because Lopez smokes about 12 packs a day.) Judge Milian rules!!!!

  • Sirscrotum

    Hi there. I was a plaintiff on the Judge Maria Lopez show. I thought I had an airtight case, wut happened was I pulled into a car dealership, and somebody forgot to put the cones out in the parking spaces next to rotating car display. When I pulled into the dealership lot and saw an open parking space next to what I thought was a “stationary display”, turned out it was not. Due to there negligence of not marking off hazardous parking spots, my car was hit by there rotating display.

    I sued, and unfortunately was suckered into Judge Maria Lopez’s courtroom. They edited out about 90% of my evidence and didnt even show a picture of how plain and ordinary the parking spot was.

    Judge Maria’s argument was I was the one being careless for parking in the unmarked, hazardous parking spot, because I had heard of a rotating car display before, therefore I would purposely damage my car and park next to one.

    She has the legal logic of a potato or other innanimate object, her editing staff did a good job editing out all my evidence including pics of the parking spot, and a 4 minute video on how things went down that day to a 20 sec. clip of the display rotating. I never felt so shafted in my entire life, and considered killing myself for sometime after. The social worker on the show even had the nerve to suggest I needed anger management for being angry at the editing staff and lopez f’n up my evidence and case.

    I hope Judge Lopez gets her neck slashed by a screwdriver weilding pedophile

  • Arnold

    First of all, I never even heard of a rotating car display. So you’re driving into this parking spot and there is this stationary car, and then the car runs into your car, causing damage. What’s the issue here? You obviously should get compensated. Rolls eyes!

    WTF is this judge on? You better send that story to a newspaper or somethign so this crappy-ass pot-smoking judge Lopez can get what she deserves. What idiot gave that shriveled up hag and whore her own show?

    I had no idea that when stupid judge’s like Maria Lopez make such stupid decisions, she’ll turn around and have her little editing staff make it look like she’s not such a moron. I bet they have to do a whole lot of editing for that. Think about it. If they leave the show alone and show everything, they will lose their jobs because Judge Maria is such an idiot.

    What’s it like going on her show? Where is it? How tall is that little hag, Maria? I think you should try suing the show sinc everyone seems to hagte the woman!!!

  • Sirscrotum

    Going on a court tv show, is fun, up til the point you get dicked over. Im sure if I had won, Ida had a GREAT time in NYC. What I won was a complete mental breakdown, being told Im wrong when I know I am %100 in the right and having to pay for someone else damaging my car, is the not fun part of a court tv show. If your ever offered to go on one of those shows, dont do it, cuz once you lose on the show, the free NYC/Chicago/LA trip IS OVER! Worst vacation EVER! I use to bea court show junky, after being on one, Ill never look at another one again.

  • Tessa

    Wow! why would you even go on a new court show before waiting a couple of seasons to see what the judge is like and what type of a person she is? She isn’t even a bad judge. The only reason I think you should have lost your case was because you took your case to Judge Lopez.

    Next time go on Judge Mathis in chicago. He is fun and fair. It sounds like you got pretty screwed over by Lopez. Sorry, man! When did your episode air, or when is it going to air, or has it already aired? when did you go on her show? I probably won’t watch it because Lopez is presiding over the case and judging from her history over the internet she has a terrible rep.

    if I have nothing better to do, I will watch it and be cheering for you even though I already know the judgment is stupid.

  • Tessa

    I meant to say Judge Lopez IS a bad judge. excuse me!

  • Isaac

    I am a fan of court shows (Judge Judge and People’s Court). I enjoy Judge Judy and People’s Court because these judges act like real judges. They run their courtroom as if it were a real court. The other tv judges run their courtrooms as if it were a show. As far as Judge Lopez, sorry, not a fan.

  • Rachelle

    Robert Tremaine —- you are awesome!!!

    read his posting

  • Jeremy H.

    Jesus, I feel like I’m hanging out a klan rally. You people are the most racist, ignorant crackpots. I wonder if you all work for the Bush administration. Your low intelligence levels and absence of common sense would seem to indicate that you’re a bunch of red state retards. I’ve watched Judge Maria Lopez, and the worst I can say about it is that it’s the most boring of all the court shows. I don’t where all these baseless attacks on her integrity and credibility are coming from, but I’ve never seen her conduct herself in any way that wasn’t professional, judicial, and responsible. Should we really be taking any opinion from someone who calls themselves “sirscrotum” with anymore than a grain of salt? I don’t think so. But then again, I don’t live in a trailer park like the rest of the nutjobs posting on here.

  • Sirscrotum

    Were not being racist at all, laws in latino’s court systems in there home countries should have no bearing in the US, even if it is a TV show. You claim shes professional, yet when i argued my case, she showed about %10 of my evidence, and 90% of it was thrown out, if she were professional, 100% of my evidence would have been shown b4 coming to a judgement, a professional judge would have let me finish my story, before coming to a conclusion, she cut me off.

    And basing whether my arguments are valid or not, becuz of a screen name I picked, shows a lack of intelligence on your part. I was actually on the show, and I know that what you saw of my case, was definitly not accurate to how it happened that day, they didnt even show one picture of the cones in the parking spot that are normally there.

  • Brenda

    I can’t believe they are canceling the King of Queens after this season. It’s the Everybody Love’s Raymond spin-off and I love the King of Queens. It’s so funny on CBS. Anyway, JEREMY, you need to calm down because Judge Maria Lopez is crap. You even realize she’s boring and basically that is what everyone else on this page is saying. No one can stand her yet her friggin show has been renewed. I just looked it up on the internet. THAT IS BULL! Getting paid all that money for not even having a fan base and for not even being entertaining. Judge Maria Lopez, if you’re reading this, you’ll get yours, bitch!

  • knee


    This simple bimbo is an insult to even the pabulum sucking, bonbon eating middle masses. To think that comments such as “you’re one taco short of a combination plate”, and “if you can’t stand the heat , stay out of the courtroom” (?) (is the A/C broken in there?) are spewed at random with a whiskey and cigarette soaked voicebox.
    Her arrogance and God complex are laughable and her reference to herself as “the American dream” is perverse; closer to the truth is that she is a strong example of evidence for raising the bar for legal immigration. Worse still are the mindless decisions dolled out by this uber poser.
    Enjoy the show folks; I’m out!

  • Jeremy H.

    Excuse me, Sir Nutsack. He who removes his case from the county court system to have it reviewed by a television judge should not be bitching about the outcome. Your evidence probably sucked, anyway. So, did anyone else park by this display or were you the only moron? Funny, the rest of us have managed to get our cars in and out of a dealership parking lot safely. You seemed to be the only person who couldn’t handle that difficult activity. You’re also a little disturbed. I think you should reconsider the offer for anger management.

  • Ann Miller

    This comment is for Robert Tremaine. I think you are a racist. In your comment you are not talking about the judges, you are talking about racisism, But you don’t realize that you don’t belong to this country either.Are you an Indian…? I feel sorry for you because you want to take something that is not yours either. Why you don’tgo back to Europe? That is your place.

  • Sirscrotum

    Actually if you watched the case numbnuts, i clearly siad i was not the first person to have had my car damaged by that rotating display, and when only 1/10th of your evidence is shown, no actual photos of the parking spot, than how can you even judge whether the spot was hazardous or not?

    I am %100 sure that it was the dealerships fault that there display hit my car. WHen your in a car accident it is almost never the person who was hit, deemed at fault unless the cross the double yellow or some shit.

    here is a photo I sent in that was edited out. If that parking spot doesnt look %100 normal to you, and you can clearly see there is nothing warning you not to park in it, than your a fucking idiot, plain and simple.

  • Zeera

    lol FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Jeremy H and sirscrotum. lol! Anyway, as for the judge, I my self, don’t watch her. When I first watched her, I got really bored. Was your case as boring as all the rest of the cases on Judge Maria Lopez, Sirscrotum? I Just think her show is boring. What made you decide to go to a new judge whome you knew nothing about anyway? : /

  • knee

    Hey Ann Miller:
    Interesting you label this Tremaine racist and cement this with a racial comment. The title “Indian” is a slap in the face to Native Americans.

    We can thank Columbus for this title, as the moron thought he had found the passage to the West Indies, which he sought for the Queen, and therefore viewed the indigenous people as such.

    Face it, the guy got screwed and your girl would come across as ignorant trash regardless of her race. I truly wish would get past the constant wielding of the race card; quite frankly it stops progress and eliminates the possibility of healing.

    Give people a chance to open their mouths and doll out some pearls of their wisdom sand they are sure to give you legitimate reasons to dislike them!

  • Ann Miller

    This answer is for Knee. I guess you don’t like my comment either. You are another invador like me, like Robert Tremoine and the majority in America. Let’s face it, this is our land and I don’t think Indian don’t like their names. They don’t like us. They are the only ones who can say “This our country” “This our land”. Just in case the word “Indian” is in the dictionary. I don’t consider it like an insult.

  • Maria Lopez sucks

    Judge Maria Lopez sucks dick!!!

  • JC

    I think Marilyn Milian and Maria Lopez and drop-dead gorgeous and they can sentence me to hard labor anytime! At least Maria flashes a little thigh! As beautiful as Marilyn is, I’d sure like to see a little leg!

  • Chris

    They both suck, Milian for her generally rotten attitude, and Lopez for also for her attitude, but also for letting a pedophile go free. Typical of a woman: rather than take punishment, she rang away by resigning from the Massachusetts Supreme Court! These two need to be taken off the air, quick! I must rebut her opening line, “There’s only one person in here who decides the truth-me”. You wouldn’t KNOW the truth if it bit you up the ass!

  • Leslie

    I cannot stand Maria Lopez!!!! She tries to be like the people’s court but she is horrible. She uses her opinion instead of LAW!!! And her opinion is fake, she is just trying to get ratings… I wish they would cancel her.. She actually makes my skin crawl…

  • i saw that episode of the rotating car display. this guy couldnt have been more wrong.whenever you pass a car dealership and see a rotating display how do you not know to not park there. there was a space so that the display had room to rotate in. duh. this kid in his early 20s had a suped up car. so rather than park far away and find a spot he had to show off his car and try and park where everyone could see it. dealer was not negligent. the car owner used poor judgement.and he even admitted that he had passed this dealership before so how could you not know this was a rotating display. poor argument kid. none of these judges would have ruled in your favor.

  • Yomaris

    You people have nothing better to do than to be hateful. You’re here worried and getting off on the lives and business of two judges, when I’m sure they probably don’t even CARE for comparisons…There’s room enough for EVERYONE. The dirt you guys are talking on Judge Maria Lopez shows you have numerous insecurities within yourself you need to let go..Karma is a motherfucker! and the creator of this article should get a life..minus focusing on the lives of Judges who could care less about her critical biased thinking!

  • Ruthie

    Yomaris sweetie…its my job to write reviews and make comparisons…do you realize you are on a online magazine site that is mainly reviews and opinion pieces? So sweetie I have a very busy life which includes writing articles that seems to bring out the worst in folks like yourself.
    I believe in Karma…and the fact you find it necessary to judge and insult its my guess there is a lot of bad Karma poisoning your soul. Breathe…find peace…it’s okay. If you don’t like comparisons and reviews this may not be the site for you.

  • TigerExpress

    I have been reading a lot of these comments, so I thought I’d put my own in. Yes, Judge Milian is one of the best judges on TV – she’s right up there with Judge Judy – she’s fair and compassionate. As for Judge Lopez, I read one comment about the case she tried and let a child molester off with the least possible sentence, she made a big mistake with that one, we ALL make mistakes, but I absolutely do NOT agree in going to a public website as this one and saying rude and crude things about her like: “She sucks,” and remarks about how ugly she is, and how horrifying her voice is. I always thought we were created equal, and that no one is better than anyone else. None of us are beauty queens, and neither is Judge Lopez. These other comments are judging her. I don’t think not one person who wrote a comment on this site would appreciate it at all if someone wrote rude and hurtful things about them. Have some respect!

  • Ray

    Judge Maria Jokez! On each show they should have footage of her yelling at that prosecutor to sit down. She’s lost touch with reality.

  • My wife and I love your show??/but I think I got in trouble,I made a check out payment in full ,disputing 86.40 check was cashed,in n.y or Maryland watching your show I hear,???? you cash the check payment in full, by law you are not entitle to any more ?????now my bill is 434.73+86.40??????help???

  • Ruthie

    VP you need to contact the show directly… go to peoplecourt.com. They have contact info on their site.

  • Al Premo

    What portion of the defendants fine is paid by the show and what other benifits are offered to entice people to appear? thank you

  • Ruthie

    If I understand correctly…there is an amount allocated to each case..so if someone sues for a thousand dollars and wins the shows pays them the money and the rest of the money if there is any left is divided among both sides. They also pay for travel and hotel.



  • barbara walla

    My husband and I are retired so we spend most afternoons watching judge shows. I was shocked a couple of days ago when Lopez repremanded a young lady for turning in a illegal alien who was the boyfriend of her room mate and moved in with them . This was not in their agreement and the young lady felt threatened by the boyfriend. Lopez was very disrespectful and out of line as far as I am concerned. As an American and in respect to the people who came here legally I feel illegals SHOULD be reported to law inforcement. Lopez has made other rulings we disagreed with but this show of protection for illegals shows what kind of bad judgement she has.
    She shouldn’t be on the bench let alone on T.V. We are fans of all the other judges on T.V., especially Marilyn Milian.

  • Carolyn

    What happened to Judge Mablean?

  • Ruthie

    Judge Mablean wanted some contract changes and the show refused…unfortunate since many don’t watch anymore without her…I’m among the FORMER viewers.



  • joeshmoe

    judge marilyn milian,is the queen in that court room,and i always enjoy watching her perform her duty and sarcasicm,w/unquestionable humor and charisma that she endures.i want a picture of marilyn comeing off of work w/ rolled-up short sleeves holding her gown and books w/ a raw look w/ a cigar in her mouth calling-it a day’s work.come-on marilyn display that much to a man.

  • Myrna

    I like Judge Milan, she is funny and caring, I try to watch as many as I can I really enjoy them. (By the way I am not sitting at home all day watching TV (there is nothing wrong with that either)I prefer to record them on my dvr and watch later in the evening. Now about Judge Lopez, she does make a lot of mistakes and I find myself asking the same question as many other people, how in the world did she get on TV? Maybe it’s her age and she is not thinking properly or it’s all about being on TV. What a lot of people fail to realize is that must of these shows are just that shows, and while the ruling may stand the drama is for entertainment. Unfortunately for Judge Lopez, she is not very entertaining. Judge Alex is another new judge out (very good and handsome hispanic (from Cuba also) in TV land and so is Judge Christina (latina Puerto Rican I believe) and both so far are on the money. I think that Judge Lopez is just out of her league.

  • mel

    well hispanic judges are all stupid minded. but at least judge lopez speaks with a boston american accent while milian and alex both speak with a hispanic street accent.

  • I agree with a majority of the people who commented and also with the article’s author, nice work! Any judge would be done an injustice to be compared with Maria Lopez, especially judge Milian! I have seen quite a few shows, and have come to the conclusion that her show is done purposely to show the OPPOSITE of justice. Think about it,.. I don’t think I have seen any rulings that I totally agreed with, either not tough enough, or overly rude and obnoxious for no lawful reason! The Sir-scrotum person may have seen a rotating display at the dealership before, but when you see a good parking spot with two white lines and no signs/cones, you PARK there! Just look @ his pic! It’s no wonder that was not shown on tv.. it would expose Lopez for the biased idoit she is.

  • SirScrotum

    In response to the comment that its my fault my car got hit, well first of f’n all do you think I intentionally parked to let my car get hit?

    Is it my fault that I wasnt %100 familiar with a parking lot Ive never even been to before? I didnt see the f’n rotating display, when you see an open spot, who the fuck checks to see if the car next to it is going to rotate into it?

    Do you seriously think that Judge Lopez’s court room is fair? They didnt show any of my fucking evidence, and it was slanted against me, she took 5 god damn minutes to do my case, complete kangaroo court.

    I seriously hope someone shoots that stupid cunts ass.

  • c3po

    My goodness. As a lawyer, I watch these shows on TV just for entertainment. Obviously, they can’t be strictly be based on actual statutory law because the defendants are all coming from different states. Judge Maria Lopez is boring. HOWEVER, I find this lady so incredibly gorgeous. I watch the show just to drink in her beauty, wishing she could somehow come through the tv onto my bed. And that voice? She’d keep me up and erect ALL night long in more ways than one. And goodness, Judge Milian is nice looking too, but there’s someting about Judge Maria Lopez that drives me crazy. My ultimate fantasy is Judge Maria Lopez in a white satin negligee orally pleasing me like there’s no tomorrow. O goodness! I gotta go ;->

  • anomo

    It doesn’t seem like Maria Lopez has a good understanding of the law.

  • Julie

    This is a comment for Robert Tremaine (I know what you’re all thinking… Ugh, another one! lol, well this one is different from the rest). I know exactly how you feel. You fought in a war and suffered physically and emotionally from it. I have never been in your position, but I can just imagine how you feel. It seems so unfair that other people from other cultures can just come into your country without doing anything to prove that they are “worthy” of living in your country. I understand, but you have to understand that these judges and people in general are not trying to “latinize” the United States of America. They are simply trying to teach us about their cultures and their way of life. Even though they may have a better life here than they ever did before, they may have been living in poverty and were definately living in a place without a democracie, maybe they miss their culture, their spanish sayings, ect. All that I’m saying is that we have to learn about and know what other cultures and ways of life are out there and we have to except them. Let’s face it, there are a ton of people who live in America now a days that were’nt born their, or have some family that were’nt born their. Fighting for your country may have seemed like the right thing to do at the time, I’m not going to say if it was or wasn’t because I don’t know what the circumstances were, ect. but excepting people from other cultures that are coming to live in America is the right thing to do now.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,

  • Julie

    Oh, and about my first post, let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of Judge Maria Lopez. I was actually more concerned with defending Judge Marilyn Milian, but I ending up defending Judge Maria Lopez, too. I’m fine with that.

    When I was writing my previous post, I was thinking about how Judge Milian would feel if she read some of the comments in Robert Tremaine’s post about how she and people from her culture are trying to “latinize” America and should stop saying their spanish lingos and that they should basically hide their latino culture from America and either deal with the fact that they don’t live there anymore or go back to were they came from. I’m sure that Judge Milian read this, she would be very hurt, because she comes from a Cuban heritage. I know that you all are agreeing with him because you hate Judge Maria Lopez (can’t say I blame you for that either, lol), but I also know that you all love Judge Milian. Reading that Robert Tremaine’s comment hurt me also because I really do love Jugde Marilyn Milian, she’s my role model. I really think that she would want us to not only except the people in her culture, but also to let people from any culture come and live in America and teach us about their culture. And I agree, it really is important to learn about other peoples’ cultures so that we can except them.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone,

  • Julie

    Sorry about the ridiculously long, double and serious posts, I will try to be a little less serious now, lol.

    Oh, for those few of you that think that the rest of us are jealous of Judge Maria Lopez, think again! I will give you a few reasons why you are wrong. #1 You say that we’re all jealous of Judge Maria Lopez because she is loved by lots of people and her ratings are through the roof. What the hell!?! Have you even read any of the comments posted here?!? We all hate her! Does that really sound like she is loved by lots of people to you? And I guarantee we aren’t the only ones out there who hate her either!! And through the roof ratings?! Everyone here wants her show to be canceled! Does that really sound like “through the roof ratings” to you? No, Judge Milian has through the roof ratings, as you can see here and on just about any other Judge Milian site. Which brings me to #2 You also say that we are jealous of her because she has her own show. Read some of these comments! If we were jealous of Judge Maria Lopez for having her own show, wouldn’t we also be jealous of Judge Milian and Judge Judy, too? But guess what, we’re not! We all love Judge Milian and some of us love Judge Judy. So, clearly we don’t hate Judge Maria Jokez (thanks to whoever came up with that nickname for her, now I’m gonna use it all the time, lol!) because we’re jealous. We hate her because she copies whatever Judge Milian does and has no originality whatsoever, is an idiot who makes stupid descisions in the coutroom and is just not a very nice person.

    C3po, that comment about wanting Judge Maria Lopez to come out of the TV and onto your bed makes me feel a little awkward, lol.

    Oh, and for all of you (guys probably… I hope… lol) that want Judge Milian to dress more “sexy” I have a few things to say (I know what you’re thinking… “Uh-oh here she goes again giving some long, boring speech”… You’re right, so shut up and listen! lol, jk jk) Judge Milian has worked so hard all of her life to get the respect she truly deserves. If she stars dressing like some skank, she’ll lose that respect. Sure, half of the guys will be like “WOOOO! She is so damn sexy!”. But the other half of them will say the same things about her as they are now saying about Judge Maria Lopez “Ewww! Get that whore away from me!”. She knows that she’ll never be able to please everyone so she pleases herself by dressing in the way that she feel comfortable dressing in. She wants to be a good role model for her 3 daughters and her fans. She’s not going to do anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing, and I say “Good for her!”. She is an excellent role model for her younger (teenage) fans (and yes, I know for a fact that she has some younger, teenage fans) who want to look hot. She proves that you can still be “hot” and have a nice figure without showing body parts that don’t need to be shown. Judge Marilyn Milian, if you are reading this (I know you probably aren’t though, lol) we all love you so much! You’re perfect the way you are, don’t ever change a single thing about yourself! You’re fans are behind you 110%!

  • Abram

    Who the hell really cares about Judge Maria Lopez you people? That Judge Maria Lopez crap should be canceled anyway and they should be showing more important things on TV like the shootings that went on two days ago. Why are we even discussing crap like Judge Maria Lopez when there’s far more important things to be discussing.

  • Brian

    Are you people kidding me? Marilyn vs. Maria? I have a fantasy that includes BOTH of them! I cannot decide who is sexier. These woman emanate beauty, wisdom and experience. They drive me crazy. What keeps me up at night is the mere fact to decide one over the other. No chance, I want both!

  • sissy

    Well,I must admit that reading threw all the comments Iam floored!I want to believe that most all of you are educated (maybe)but your attacks on these woman are outragous.There only people that you all keep in the business by watching the shows if you really dont like Ms.Lopez dont sponcer her by watching her show.Not for nothing but these Ladies didn’t get there positions by selling lemonaid in front of their house.They made it this far threw their constant struggle as a Woman in a mans world.(so to speak).But they went to school focused on what they believe in and educated themselves, raised kids,and in front of every good man there’s a great woman!!I just want to say that I think there all kinda great in their own unique way,and personally Judge Milian is the bomb digity shes smart,sexy,educated,fair and a straight shooter.And being an Italian from the Bronx I can relate to the raw but honest comments and judgments.Oh by the way Ms.Lopez might smoke but who cares nobody tells her what she can and cant do shes a grown up,or maybe she was born with that voice or had some condition that makes her sound like she has a frog in her throat?who really cares.Again no one holds a light to Judge Milian we all know who RULES dont we!!

  • trisha mcpherson

    seriously, I’m still trying to figure out why no one has put this Robert Tremaine guy in his place???
    I’m reading these post right after his, and people are agreeing with nothing he’s actually made a point about. If you don’t understand what he just said, he isn’t arguing that judge Lopez sucks, he’s claiming that all Latinos suck and don’t deserve to live in America!! Read his post. He’s a racist Bastard. Usually I’ll refrain from calling anyone names, especially a senior citizen. But i choose to use that respect for people who deserve it. Just because you’re white doesn’t mean you have a right to be here more than someone with a different skin color. there are many hard working Latino people in America and Judge Milian is a perfect example of how a person of Latino decent isn’t here in America just to mooch off the land. In fact she gives back. She pays her taxes and supports American charities. And contrary to what you believe, America isn’t yours. Did you specifically steal it off the natives? I’m tired of people laying claim to events they weren’t even around to be a part of. And even if you can prove that your ancestors did, it still wasn’t you, was it? So stop acting like you own America, because before you were even born there were people of colour helping build America to what it is today. And if you want to make a point about immigrants, America was built on the backs of immigrants. And it will continue to prosper on the backs of new immigrants. We’re a global society now, so start realizing it. Also, learn a little about your history. Then maybe you’ll see the contributions immigrants and people of colour have made to America. And for being as old as you are I’m disgusted by the fact that i have to school you.

  • ownstabby

    I’m sorry but I like Judge Maria Lopez, Judge Marilyn Milian, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Greg Mathis. But don’t ask me to watch Judge Judy, I simply don’t like her. Judge Joe Brown and Greg Mathis have a sense of humor witch I like. Maria Lopez and Marilyn Milian have their sayings.

  • Bonnie

    Maybe Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris oughta whip Judge Maria Lopez. Rochelle would kick her butt. Watch Everybody Hates Chris and turn that Judge Maria crap off. You all hate her so much, watch something cool like EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. Rochelle would kick Judge Maria Lopez’s transy butt.

    I am serious when I say transy. Do you think Judge Maria Lopez is really a man? I don’t think its pot smoking. She sounds like a transvestite I know. That is really scary.

  • leigh Summers

    judge Joe Brown is BORING!! And he has no control over his court.
    Judge Milian and Judge Mathis are THE BEST
    HANDS DOWN!!!!

  • Gabe

    hahahaha. Well spoken Trisha!

  • george stanley

    Judge Lopez: I love and respect you as a unique very creative outfront avantgarde re-creator of new-defined American jurisprudence system for a new century of new ‘citize le monde’ global panache….i see what you are doing! you are teaching all us suit-happy litiganous selfish entitlements-fueled center of attention navel-contemplating ego-centrics to RE-consider before we go a-suing nexttime??? YOU are our wake-up call! albeit, apparition-like? you call us to our senses, test limits of our understandings, human relations, social contracts…If all judges were like you? the millionz of suits would drop dramatically!!!! YOU? you say enuff of this nonsense, you’re all liars, “dismissed”…now get out of my courtroom! you make all those big crybabies out there shoulder their own responsibility…they can’t handle it! YOU o Mighty ONE-ness….only you could cut thru the lies of my “X” and her con-artist cohort/coke-snort new husband in a nanosecond like you did yesterday on your show!!! Hopefully you did me a big favor by getting those monkeys off my back for good!!!! I am eternally grateful,live! Folks will be dismissive when anyone points out a new way for society to go-suitless? And you have my deepest apologies for anything i did on your show that was “untoward”. Hope i didnt scare anyone…but i was only doing what i was coached to do..and like yopu i am passionate, creative, artistic in expression. misunderstood by the masses who lag behind!!!!maverick trail-blazers like us!!! When can we meet so i can truly make amends in person in a personal way????- “Back in Boston”. the superior court judge i fought before today was very interested in the filming. thank you for having me on-it has changed my life overall for the better!!!

  • Julie

    Yes, I very much agree with your comments, Trisha. Way to go, Trish! There were a few people who tryed to teach Robert Tremaine the same lesson too, though. They just weren’t posted directly after him. Like mine for example (mine are the really long 4th and medium length 5th one above yours). The one where I talk about Robert Tremaine’s post is the 5th one above yours. You made many excellent points. I agree about all of your comments about Judge Milian and the U.S. 110%!

  • Julie

    Sorry for the triple post. My computer wasn’t working very well.

    I must appologize for something I said previously here. I stated (in my really long post) the reasons that I was not jealous of Judge Maria Lopez and ended up bashing her in the process. To all of you Maria Lopez fans reading this, please accept my deepest appologies. I mentioned in three of my posts (the really long one and the one before that) how much it hurts me when people bash my role model (Judge Marilyn Milian). How can I expect people my for whom I chose to idolize if I don’t respect who they chose to idolize? I can’t. I’ve realized that was very mean of me to say things like “she has no originality, she’s an idiot and just not a very nice person”. Even if that was my oppinion, I shouldn’t have said that and respected your oppinion as I wanted you to respect mine. I’ve also started watching more Judge Maria Lopez lately and I actually like her. She was extremely kind to one of the children who came to court as Judge Milian is to the teenagers who come to court. Also, I’m sure she is not an uneducated woman, otherwise she wouldn’t have her own court TV show. And we don’t know if she copied Judge Milian’s style or if it was just a coincidence that they have the same style. And even if she did copy her, so what? A lot of us here idolize Judge Milian and want to become more like her, too. There’s nothing wrong with that. You know what they say, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    In conclusion, Judge Maria Lopez fans, please accept my sincerest appologies.

  • Julie

    My second “my” in my previous post should be replaced with “to respect me”, sorry.

  • L.B. Davis

    First of all ….Trish and Ann Miller thank you both for clearing up the fact that the Indiginous people (that includes people of Native Indian and of Hispanic descent) were here first and quite frankly “Robert Tramaine” your ansectors undermined the Indigenous people by giving them alcohol which everyone should know that Native Americans have a gene that liquor affects) and then stilling their land from them and we all know the is a form of being under duress or not being in your right state of mind, so in all accuallity you shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. Mr Smart you sound crazy or maybe you are related to Judge Jokez ( I like that names as well ) c3po….what state do you practice in so I know not to use you for any legal advice, clearly you can’t hold your sexual composure on a web site I hate to see how you are in court in front of a “truely gorgeous” female judge. The bottom line is ….Judge Maria Lopez has no tact, she is very bias and she does try to act like she is tough (key words TRYS TO ACT) Judges have a very very important responsability to make “FAIR” and “SANE” decisions, beause their word is final majority of the time (unless overruled by a higher court) She does not posses these qualities. She talks about fighting for the “underdog” but most of the people she rules against are the “underdog” Total contradiction of her own words. And, would someone please explain to me why she would even fix her mouth to say she is the American Dream? More like she is the American nightmare. As far as her trying to act tough, its always been my belief that a person who always has to put on a tough front is a very inscure and scary person. As far as Latina Judges are concered, I applaud Judge Marilyn Milian and judge Christina Perez (Christina’s Court) They are fare, tactful, and easy on the eyes and ears.

  • Hanna

    Go Judge Marilyn Millian. Judge Maria sux. Btw, TV Writers Vault is a scam. They steal your money

  • Heather Nudelman

    First let me say that Judge Maria Lopez’s show is a sham. I was a litigant (Plaintiff) on her show. My case would have won without a doubt in GA based on GA law. Well, come to find out, she is not acting as a judge on her judge show, but acting as an arbitrator, but she leads the public to believe otherwise. She doesn’t have to use any laws of any state, and she doesn’t have to take into account any evidence if she chooses not to. In my case, I could have discredited the Defendant’s credibility. I had evidence that would amaze you. However, I never got to submit anything to the Judge. Instead, my case turned into a circus. I became the Defendant it seemed. I never presented my case in full. The case turned into the Defendant’s case. We have left our judicial system to someone that doesn’t have to use the foundations for what the judicial system was put here for. Believe me, I know. I am an attorney in real life. I went on her show because they promise to pay you what the defendant owes you if you win. However, since you send them all your evidence prior to the show, they have an opportunity to dissect your case to make it convenient and entertaining for their own purposes, even if that means a winning case turns out to be a loser. It is a show of complete mockery of real issues arising out of real state laws, and yet she can come up with her own conclusions and say that your case is dismissed and not even base it on the laws that founded the cause of action in your case. It is a sham, and I would recommend that she be taken off the air. She is practicing law in a state (NY) where she is not even licensed to practice (at least I couldn’t find it anywhere). She leads the public to believe that she is licensed and a Judge in NY, which she is not. Any normal person would assume that if your show is located in NY, and it is a Judge show, you are licensed to practice law in NY or at least a real NY Judge. Isn’t that a normal assumption? Regardless of what the contracts say that she makes you sign, claiming to be only an arbitrator in NY and not a licensed attorney and Judge, she still leads the public to believe otherwise. I was fooled. They rush you through the paperwork when you are nervous, edgy and ready to move on with the case. They tell you what each paragraph is allegedly about, but they fail give pertinent details. Then they insist that you sign. Well, afterward you have been made a fool of on national television, you have the time to read over everything and realize that you just signed away your rights to a fair and impartial hearing and you signed away any rights to appeal a decision made by someone acting only as an arbitrator. What a disaster. For entertainment purposes, we have given away our judicial system and the sole purpose of what it was founded for. Of course she is controversial. When you conclude a case on who knows what merits and who knows what laws, you become a controversial figure. We don’t need people like that on any real or fake bench.

    By the way, I must give credit where credit is due, Hair and Makeup did a wonderful job making me look beautiful on television. So, although my case was twisted into an unfair, unrealistic, embarrassing, fake courtroom case with an outcome based on a controversial person’s sick and legally unfounded opinion………………………..I looked pretty!

  • Jimmy

    Judge Mathis has to be the most Sexist and Racist person on TV! He hates Men because he was raised without a Dad, and thinks Women can do no wrong! If a Man tries to sue a Female on his show the Man has NO chance. No matter How guilty the female is, all she has to do is say that the Man is harassing her or He hurt her feelings and Mr. Mathis will scream at the man, dismiss his lawsuit and grant the female a bunch of money! Don’t believe me, Just watch the show! He is forever spouting off about how all black people have it so tough in life and implies that the white Man is the reason. His decisions reflect this as well, as white plaintiffs get screamed at for nothing more than having the audacity to sue a black person! Any criticism of a black person by a white person will get Mathis screaming his damn head off, no matter how justified and fair the white persons comments are. And if your a White Male, FORGET IT! He thinks ANY woman, (even if she is a sleazy, lying, thieving, backstabbing, criminal druggie with 7 kids from 7 fathers) can do no wrong and must be a victim. This man has the IQ of a carrot! He is extremely unprofessional and talks like he’s still on the street. He talks over people all the time and worst of all puts words in peoples mouths. Tries to twist what people say to come to his prejudiced decisions. His efforts to do so are very childlike and immature! What ever College gave this idiot a JD Degree should be shut down. I can’t imagine this clown in a real court of law. This man is a sham and a complete ignoramus.

  • Sally

    Judge Marilyn Milian is indeed a judge. She’s sharp,quick and reasonable!

  • Karen

    After reading this, I want to puke my guts out. Maria Low-pez is a sick, sick, disgusting woman. She probably made all her money off of brides.


    Judge Lopez,is the real deal. Can you folks handle
    it. Love you Maria

  • SirScrotum

    Couldnt have said it better Heather. I am sorry you too got sucked into that stupid cunt’s courtroom, and robbed of your money, I know exactly how you feel, I can honestly say the day I lost that case was the worst day of my life since I felt completely scammed out of $1312.56, since I know damn well that according to US law, a Business is responsible for damage on there property by neglecting to mark off an unforeseen hazard.

    The fact alone that an employee of the business I had filed a suit against, told me that I was one of many people who had there cars damaged by that display not being marked off, should have been an obvious smoking gun of negligence on the business’s part, but of course Judge Lopez ignored it.

    If I am supose to learn from this incident, the only thing I can tell you is if its too good to be true, I.E. someone giving you a free trip to NYC, than it probably is when you look at the fine print. I really wish I had gone over those contracts they made me sign 10 minutes before getting into the court room a little more. I was expecting to have all my evidence to be shown and considered, and not have the judge bare false witness against me in my case.

    She said that because I was parking in front of the dealership therefore I was trying to show off my fancy car at the car show I was attending. Well the car show was actually several hundred feet over in a much more vast open part of there parking lot, if I had been trying to “show off” my car, than I would have been parking in the car show itself, not in the parking lot.

    Also, I am not sure why because I passed a several acres wide parking lot at 40mph before in the past, therefore I would automatically be %100 familiar with there parking lot I had never been to before, but that was proof enuff for her that I would apparently park next to a rotating display on purpose.

    I have had a lot of mental anguish, still some to this day over that case, I just cant wait for the show to be canceled and for me to be able to forget about it. I notice her show doesn’t even have a forum, probably because they don’t want you or me on there, spouting out about how it was such a BS court shot.

    If I hadnt been one of her first seasons episodes, I would of been able to have known what kind of Judge was presiding over my case, but I was originally told I was going on Judge Hatchett, and from what I had seen of Judge Hatchett was she seemed fair (of course editing staffs can do wonders for the judges on there show, when they get to nitpick through your evidence and edit it out.

    If your ever offered to go on a tv judge show, take the free vacation, and then don’t sign any contracts or go on the show, thats what I would do if I could redo it.

  • Dynoman

    Judge maria should have never been given a show in the first place. To have released a pediphile who was obviously guilty is in itself a crime and she should be in jail and sued by the victims family. She is a black eye on American society

  • Dynoman

    Judge Perez, after today has shown she knows absolutly nothing about autos. If the brake fluid was down about a quarter of a pint like the guy said, there quite possibly could have been something wrong with the brakes and that could have been the cause of the ladie’s accident.

  • Earl

    A little background on Judge Maria Lopez:

    Lopez’s state career ended after she sparked a public outcry for ordering probation — which critics considered a lenient sentence — for a transgendered man accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy. She was also accused of scolding the prosecutor in the case. In 2003, a hearing officer ruled that Lopez had lied under oath and abused her office, and ordered a six-month suspension and a public apology.

    Lopez resigned, and later made a deal with the state Commission on Judicial Conduct: She would apologize for berating a court officer without admitting she had violated the judicial code.

    And someone had the gall to give this woman a TV show of her own? What a disgrace.

  • wldangl2

    Any similarity between “Judge” Lopez and any competent attorney is purely coincidental. Her cases are decided on her own emotional or political bias and almost never on any actual point of law. I just read that she got a 2nd season and regret the new low for daytime tv. She makes Greg Mathis look like King Solomon, but hey at least he’s funny. Judges Judy, Joe Brown, and especially Milian are the real deal. I can only hope someother Judge picks up Pete, he’s the only bright spot on this dismal show.

  • Gary the mailman

    Maria Lopez(she does not deserve the title Judge) is a total disgrace to the legal system. She should be IN JAIL for here abuses of power. Shame on Gov Mike Dukakis for appointing her. Shame on the producers of her show for giving her a national forum. WAKE UP AMERICA….

  • Rich

    Why must we always hear from Judge Maria Lopez, what something means in Spanish? The show is done in English.

  • SirScrotum

    Good news People! She is on her way to getting canceled! She finished dead last amongst all TV judges!

    Even though she and her exec’s stole $1300 from me, edited out all my f’n evidence and humiliated me on tv, I am glad to see she will never be a judge in America again, on tv or in a real courtroom. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor.]

  • Julie

    Where did Judge Milian place? I know Judge Judy placed first, but I have my fingers crossed that she came in second! I heard that she did, is that true? I hope so! I love her (as I’m sure you all could tell :))

  • Charles ‘Ebony’ Horton

    Lopez is a disgrace. As a judge she released a pedophile, who kidnapped an 11 year old boy and attempted, by his own admission, to force the boy to perform oral sex on him by placing a screwdriver at his neck, on probation with no prison time at all. This, despite the prosecutors requesting 8-10 years. She further insulted one of the prosecutors saying that she should be a suburban wife, and thus lacked the nuanced understanding of degrees of pedophilia that Lopez, in her own arrogant mind, believed she herself possesed. This lead to misconduct charged against Lopez. She resigned from the bench before the trial, and even used video her tantrum against the prosecutor as part of her media package to pitch her show to producers.

    This horse-faced, gravel-voiced harpy is a stupid and kooky fool who doesn’t even deserve to be a TV judge.

  • Carmen Cambian

    I love to watch Judge Milian because she makes sense when she comes across and she is a very down to earth Judge. I drop whatever I’m doing, just to watch and listen to her. I dislike Judge Lopez because, once on her program, she became very angry at one of the defendants. The defendant mentioned that she had called the INS on the other party because she had been harrassed by this certain illegal alien. I agreed with the defendant and yet, Judge Lopez, was appalled at this!!! She chewed out the party that had made the comment, in her own defense. If Judge Lopez feels so strongly about the INS being called on an illegal alien, the I think, “SHE’S NOT THE AMERICAN DREAM”. Simple as that!!!

  • Carmen Cambian


  • Whew!

    I have been out of the court tv loop, saw Maria Lopez and wondered what the hell happened to adorable RESPECTABLE Judge Milian! Did she hit the bottle, get dumped by husband and start chain smoking??

    Whew! I am so thankful to find out that judge Lopez is just doing a horrible immitation of Judge Milian.

  • Sam

    Judge Milian is the best TV judge on television. She goes by the law not her opinion. Plus I love her sense of humor.
    I wish with all the channels that repeat shows that they would go back to 2001 and replay People’s Court, we didn’t carry the show in our area until her second year.

  • gerri0048

    Judge Marilyn Milian is my kind of Judge.A straight from the hip kind of gal.Smart, articulate and funny.She also can see through all kinds of bull—-.Taking care of business is what Judge Milian is about.She’s also a fast talker and a good listener no one can out talk your honor.Hats off to her show.Judge Lopez show is fair but no where as exciting as Judge Milian.

  • King John

    I think all the judges on tv kind of suck except Judy and Alex. Mathis is funny to watch, but he is totally biased. But all black or minority judges seem to be pretty biased and show a lot of prejudice. They just can’t help themselves because that’t the whole reason behind their ambition to become a judge in the first place- to stick it to the MAN! The white man. By the way, where are all the white judges? The only people who can afford to become judges are minorities because they get the free education and assistance. White people get nothing- white people pay for it all. White people can’t afford to send their kids to college, but they pay for all the minorities to go. Therefore, this is what we get, a bunch of blacks and latins with bad attitudes as judges and other dangerous high postitions. Oh, well, white people are stupid and they just let it happen. White people are so stupid they just let everyone in the world walk all over them. And they are the only race that doesn’t work with one another or stick up for one another. If white people suffer, or become extinct, it is their own fault out of plain stupidity.
    I really like Judge Judy. She is usually right on target- not every time, but 9 times out of ten. But she is totally biased toward women. She is a bitch to men and excuses women for everything no matter what they do.
    Overall, it is amazing to me that judges can keep their positions while being so biased, unfair, prejudice, sexist, racist, etc… when they are supposed to be representing a legal system that is supposed to be the exact opposite. Judges are the biggest hypocrates in America besides cops and politicians. But judges do more damage. Real judges are even worse and unfortunately I had to experience this for myself. Our legal system is so corrupt it isn’t even funny. It is downright scary. My advice to people is just move to the hills or out somewhere in the woods and just stay out of society and just watch it all happen. The USA has been turned upside down is a bloody circus. The constitution and bill of rights are now a complete joke. Every word has been turned around to the exact opposite of it’s meaning or intent to the point where it’s a complete mockary. The US has lost the respect of the rest of the world because of this.

  • SirScrotum

    As a caucasian man myself, I can tell you to go fuck yourself King John for making such a general stereotype.

  • SirScrotum

    You should do everyone a favor and drink some bleach King John.

  • snowflake53


  • Wanda

    Have you seen the new Judge? I love Judge David Young. He is the most compassionate Judge I have ever seen. He really cares. I love Judge Milian too.

  • Kim

    If you all believe in God, then you should know that He made Judge Lopez. He created her to look and sound the way she does. I am sure that if she had the choice, she would have changed her voice a long time ago. I am sure that each of you would change something about yourself that you were born with. Instead of insulting others on things they cannot change, try spending time praying for them. Each Judge has their own style.

  • Ella

    All the prayer in the world couldn’t help that women, pastor

  • Brad

    This woman is no judge! She often bases her judgements entirley on her personal opinion and real judges never do that. I have also noted that her opinion isn’t based in the same reality as the people standing before her. I watch these showes every day as I sit behind my desk managing a large apartment complex for low income people. I’ve done this job for a number of years and I have an open office where I invite our tenants to bring me their troubles. EVERY time this woman makes the statement:

    “It makes no sense that a person would allow you to live in his home without paying some rent when he’s having trouble making his own payments”!

    The reality is that people let other people live with them all the time without paying toward the rent. I see it every day in 25% of our 240 apartments. Ms. Lopez then makes up her mind which person is lying based on her personal life style of the upper middle class.

  • JOEY


  • Sam

    Don’t know how it made it to a second year.

  • SirScrotum

    Finally! Some f’n justice for once!

    I am really glad you posted that up Joey, I had been hoping to read those words and checking almsot daily that the stupid f’n cunt that screwed me over would be taken off the air for good.

    Now that completely false portrayal of my case and me getting berated by a judge will never see the light of day!

    Even though I still got humiliated and she stole $1300, screwed up my case and made me look like a complete fool on her tv show, I am very happy that she will probably never be allowed to be any form of judge in the US again!

    Justice has been served, and it was your ass that was careless Maria Lopez which is why your lame kangaroo court show is getting cancelled, Not me!

  • David

    Maria Lopez has that croaky frog voice because she smokes like a fiend off camera. She’s also a big drinker and throws wild parties at her house.

  • I appeared on Judge Maria’s show in her most famous case of all, “the Trillionaire” case I can tell you I had a great so embrace Milian and Maria they’re both good.

  • great TIME.

  • Mr. Lopez

    I watch all the judge shows and the only judge I would hit (as in hit dat) would be Lopez. A fiery latinas in a robe – how can you go wrong with that?

  • mb

    judge millian kicks ass

  • andre

    People’s court is the only judge show I watch, and as bad as Maria is, she is still more tolerable than that pompous judge mathis.

  • mark

    millan is 1 of the best along with mathis they both rule by law and a keen sense of who is lying lopez rules on her feelings and ignores the law

  • Russ

    Judge millian is super sharp, with a quick mind. Judge lopez on the other hand is slow, ignorant and painful to watch and hear. Lopez will not last, NO ONE likes her, and with good reason, she sucks.



  • Victoria C

    I’ve always hated Judge Maria Lopez’s voice! She sounds like someone who smokes 10 packs a day. She also seemed to stumble a lot over her words when speaking which I found irritating. I for one, am not sorry to see her go. However, I have to say I hate her replacement in my area Judge Karen even more than Judge Lopez. She’s straight up “ghetto”! I love Judge Marilyn Milian. She is the best of the bunch. She’s even better than Judge Judy!

  • Mark C

    Some new good judges are out this year; all-time favorite out of all the new ones is Judge Karen on the CW. She’s nowhere near as bad as Judge Maria Lopez. Cases are entertaining; usually very juicy and Karen gets in their personal business which completely cracks me up. She asks those questions the viewer is dying to know but would feel nosy asking in real life and she is strict and hates on them too. She is funny. Their are 2 other new judges that I like — I forgot their names but their not as good as Judge Karen. I tell ya, they took out the garbage with Judge Maria Lopez and brought in some great entertainment

  • antoinette z

    I love Judge Marilyn Milian.she is the hottest and most unique judge ever and i love her to death.I’m her biggest fan so definitely i prefer her than that so called ‘judge’ Lopez.

  • adminjedi

    I just received a letter from The People’s Court asking me to go on the show. I filed a small claims lawsuit against my ex because he refuses to pay in full his legally required 50% on dental/ortho/medical bills for our daughter. The letter states “if Judge Milian rules in my favor, they guarantee full settlement of my claim. If she rules against me, they pay me $250. The decision is legal and binding. They pay for ay travel expenses.”
    Let’s see….I have a restraining order against my ex in our State and I have a slam-dunk case against him. Why would I risk being made a mockery, be in a State without a restraining order against him to protect me from his rage, and potentially lose because she thinks he is nice and couldn’t possibly be evil?

  • Truth factor

    I am glad the Judge Maria Lopez show was canceled. Not only was her ethical and courtroom behavior abhorred in Massachusetts, she goes on vacation and submits her resignation rather than face the Judicial Board of Overseers on ethics violations. She probably got that tv gig riding the coat-tails of her husband, editor-at-large for the Boston Phoenix magazine.

    Furthermore, if there are biases in these court tv dramas it’s because the judges, like Lopez and Judy, don’t know how to put aside their emotional and personality biases about all parties involved and strictly follow the law. The yelling and berating of plaintiffs and defendants would never be allowed to go unchecked in any state or federal court. The conduct of Judge Judy, who gives no credence that people may have disabilities or other issues when presenting their arguments to her and just goes off on them, is not humorous as her dedicated following make it appear. What she does has a profound impact on those that appear before her and a large population of viewers, that she, nor her producers care to recognize; sh, herself, admits does not read negative mail. A true legal advocate, as with any professional, will take criticism, good and bad, and utilize it to develop their career and assist those they serve, it’s clear people like Judge Lopez and Judge Judge are extremely self serving whether or not they have a show behind them.

  • carmen

    Judge millian is mean. She starts off with an attitude and has 1 the whole way thro.

    She uses the same lines “stick a fork in me I’m done” all the time. If it wasn’t 4 her sexy balif I wouldn’t even watch!

  • joy

    bitch maria lopez sounds like a foghorn and she looks like ant!

  • dedrick

    Wow, I’m a fan of the people’s court of judge marilyn milian that’s, judge marla lopez is a bad latino woman to be a mean woman and, judge marilyn milian is a nice pretty latino woman. Judge marilyn milian is better than judge marla lopez on tv show when, I watch on the people’s court every morning on 10am when, I taped it on the show and I loved the judge marilyn milian that’s she is looked sexy latino woman better than sexy latino marla lopez when, I liked it better.

  • dedrick neal

    It been watch the judge marilyn milian on the people’s court on every morning and watch judge marla lopez on tv longtime ago in 2 2/2 years that’s, my issue is this blue head lights and redhead lights on their cars that’s against the law to have it on it that’s for police cars and sheriff’s car use only to pull over drunk drivers, speeders,is accident on the road, and break ins, 911 in emergency and for fire trucks and ambulance trucks in case in emergency for 911. Judge marilyn milian is beautiful latino woman to watch on tv about her every morning rather that judge marla lopez.

  • tina

    I think all of these Judges are bad. Entertainment? where?

  • Dottie

    I can’t stand judge milian, as a africian american, I don’t, because milian is a racist, she will side with the whites and latinos in a second, she knows it too, she will be a lawyer for the whites and latinos, if you are black and watch her show, you will see, if a black person goes up against a white or latino person, milian will try to defend them as if she is their lawyer, even if they are guilty, she will find a way to save them, I seen that many times on her show, I don’t respect her, I advice blacks don’t go on her show. I would rather watch Judge judy and judge mathis, they are fair.