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Tv-B-Gone Turns Off Any TV Around You!

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Apparently there are alot of folks out there who want to turn off TVs.

A new key chain gadget that lets people turn off most TVs — anywhere from airports to restaurants — is selling at a faster clip than it would take most people to surf the channels on their boob tubes.

Hundreds of orders for Altman’s $14.99 TV-B-Gone gadget poured in one day earlier this week after the tiny remote control was announced in Wired magazine and other online media outlets. At times, the unexpected attention overloaded and crashed the Web site of his company, Cornfield Electronics.

Can you see it now next time you are in a Electronic’s store and all the TV’s shut off.

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  • Old idea, waste of money. After turning off few tv’s you will get bored and trash you gadget.
    Similar remotes are avaiable since longer time on the market, but smarter (www.tv-b-off.com)
    not only you can turn off the tv but you can use it on you travel to change channels or adjust the volume.
    Think before you buy.

  • ali

    Great I got one.
    This product is much more useful. Why turning a public tv off, if you can control it.
    Last weekend I enjoyed my time in a local bar, where I had the full control over their tv.
    Instead of watching boring sport I switched to a chick flick. Immediately I had some college girls around me who checked out the program on tv.
    Guess what.

    tv-b-off.com is cool
    Get it I believe its available at

  • a

    Interesting Idea >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>