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Turns Out, Looks Do Matter in Sports Broadcasting

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It’s just human nature and in any facet of sports it also rings true. Looks matter. I gauge it kind of like the Fujita-Pearson scale measures tornadoes. A 5 is someone you’d just like to punch in the face. Whereas a 1 or 2 is someone who just makes you shake your head and mumble incoherently to yourself. For example, Matt Kriegel, sportswriter for Foxsports.com. Besides being Danny Bonaduce’s twin brother, his publicity photo seriously makes you wanna smack him in the kisser.

Here are a couple more examples, the first of which is Scott Van Pelt of ESPN and ESPNRadio.com. He just looks like the kind of guy you could sit and drink a few cold ones with and maybe go shoot some hoops with. He’s a 1.5 on the scale. However, his radio teammate Colin Cowherd, from The Herd on ESPNRadio.com, is someone you’d just like to stuff in the basket headfirst, with a two-handed flush. Clearly—a nail down the furniture—he’s a room rattling 4.5 on the Fujita. Then there are those who barely even move the needle, like NBC’s iconic stalwart, Bob Costas, who comes across at times like he really could care about your enlarged prostate if you foolishly chose to tell him about it.

Then there are those who are in between. Case in point, Greg Gumbel of CBS Sports. This is the guy who makes you audibly talk to your TV, imploring him to clear his throat because that constant little rasp, in his not so dulcet tones is driving you insane. Or ESPN’s Monday Night Football sideline ringleader, Stuart Scott, who always has that look that makes you wonder what he thinks he knows that you don’t. Both are 4.5’s based on the fact that they irritate the hell out of you and you’re not sure why. USC’s Lane Kiffin, Denver Broncos ex-coach Josh McDaniels, and TNT’s Craig Sager all get honorable mentions.

And finally there are those who just don’t rate on the scale because they’ve broken the mold. NBC’s Football Night in America sideline reporter Andrea Kramer is the epitome of this category. Have you ever noticed that she constantly looks like she has just seen a Yeti behind her cameraman eating Jack Links Beef Jerky or possibly realized that her cameraman is the mystery gunman from the grassy knoll?

It just goes to show that looks do matter. I’ve worked for 30 plus years in radio for a reason. Ever wonder why I don’t post a picture on my bio? Well wonder no more. I don’t like to get punched.

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