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Turning the Tables on Tax Records

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This will not be another column talking about how Romney should accede to Democrat demands to release even more of his tax records, even though he’s already released what’s required, and released the same as McCain, and several other presidents (and candidates) from both sides of the aisle. And I won’t be chiding Romney for missing the bigger point politically, as so many on the right have noted, that he could put all of this behind him, and move on to other issues, just by releasing these records.

To be honest, I think Mitt Romney’s move here could prove to be political brilliance.Pensive Obama Let’s not forget, Romney has been thoroughly vetted throughout his career, he’s not some street activist turned politician with no record to run on; he’s headed the Olympics, several major companies, and was actually voted into the office of governor by some of the most liberal citizens in the nation.

The press has pretty universally derided Senator Reid’s unsubstantiated claims of tax evasion, and no one is credibly claiming that Romney did anything at all illegal or even questionable. Everyone, for the most part, acknowledges that the only reason the Obama campaign is demanding the release of Romney’s taxes, is to try and obtain more details on Romney’s offshore accounts, in order to further cast him as the “rich and out of touch” guy.

But let’s take a step back for a moment. It was Obama who ran with the promise of being the most transparent president in history. The same Barack Obama who, although I don’t doubt is a natural born citizen (whatever that actually even means), spent millions on legal fees hiding all manner of records concerning his education, and of all things, his birth certificate. And that’s not even talking about his record in office. Quoting Jennifer Rubin’s recent opinion piece in The Washington Post:

In fact, the mainstream media has been slow to ‘fess up about the atrocious lack of transparency from an administration that promised to put health-care negotiations on C-SPAN and legislation online before voting for it. This administration has egregiously asserted fake executive privilege claims and refused to answer basic questions about scandals (Fast and Furious, the Egyptian terrorist in the White House). It has kept visitor logs from the public and stonewalled the media.

So what we have here is a president, sitting on 8.3% unemployment, up .1% in the last reading, due to an ever-shrinking workforce, a president who truly does believe in the unAmerican concept of spreading the wealth around, because he believes that the wealthy weren’t totally deserving of their wealth in the first place thanks to the greatness of government services (which of course are by and large paid for by these same wealthy), and believes forwarding such policies will somehow help the economy.

This is a man who ran on transparency and has been anything but; and in the face of that is demanding more than the normal set of tax records from others purely for partisan gains and fodder for his increasingly negative ad campaign. Not to mention all that stuff about changing the politics of Washington and doing things differently, and all of that other hokum we were fed in 2008. The hypocrisy for those of us who are not died-in-the-wool Obama sycophants, is plainly astonishing.

Romney’s positioned himself well to counterattack, but he now needs to pull the trigger, by demanding the release of details on health care negotiations, Fast and Furious, and of course visitor logs. There may not be anything criminal or even unpalatable in any of these documents, but that doesn’t matter; in the great tradition of Democrat political warfare, Romney need only keep asking for the release, the lack of which would prove to be Obama’s burden to shoulder. After all, I suspect most voters care less about what Romney legally did with his money, than what Obama may have done with the voters’ money, and to ill effect, as our current economic situation proves.

The only question is, does the Romney campaign have the cojones to do it?

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    OA –

    I guess it’s pretty common to try to find a way to excuse whatever one’s candidate does that is wrong – and it’s obvious in your article. To excuse Romney for not releasing his tax records is to enable his hypocrisy for when he demanded that Ted Kennedy release his tax returns AND when he demanded that John Kerry’s WIFE release her tax returns!

    Such vast hypocrisy…and you would excuse it all for the purpose of getting rid of Obama.

    And when a presidential candidate refuses to release tax returns when such is a longstanding tradition to show that one is and has been above-board and trustworthy enough (or at least careful enough) to hold the office of POTUS, do you really think there’s nothing to see here, just keep moving along? Tell me, OA, what would the GOP be doing if Obama had refused to release his tax returns, given the lunacy of the birthers (and now those who DEMAND his college transcripts)? But since it’s a white guy with an (R) behind his name, well, THAT makes it all okay, huh?

    OA, if you’ve got the least bit of cynicism in you, read this article about the amnesty from IRS prosecution that US millionaires got after hiding their money in Swiss bank accounts. If this is indeed the case with Romney – who DID have Swiss bank accounts at the time in question – exactly what is the likelihood he’ll EVER release his tax returns?

    Precisely zero…because the hypocrisy he shows by refusing to release his tax returns is preferable to the shame of having illegally used overseas tax havens to avoid paying U.S. taxes…and having received amnesty for it from the OBAMA administration!

  • Arch Conservative

    No hypocrisy on the part of Harry Reid calling for Romney to release his tax records when he’s not released his own though right. I suppose it’s also not hypocritical that Obama picked a tax cheat as his treasury secretary either right. It’s also not hypocritical of Dem politicians who have overseas investments and all kinds of tax shelters set up to paint Romney as some anti American out of touch rich guy because he has aswiss bank account.

    But you’re right Glenn. We’re better off with a guy who’d accuse his opponent of causing a woman to die of cancer.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Um, Arch –

    I don’t know know if you noticed, but Harry Reid is NOT running for POTUS. Neither is Geithner. And I’m not castigating Romney for having a Swiss bank account – I’m simply bringing up that as a possible reason why he doesn’t dare to release his tax returns.

    And FYI, it wasn’t Obama who made that accusation – that was a Super PAC – you know, the exact kind of organization that you were so happy about as a result of Citizens United? Yep! That’s life in Archie World, where money is free speech, corporations and billionaires can spend whatever they want on buying our elections, and anyone who uses those same rules to do what Archie doesn’t like, well, THEY’RE just “scum of the earth” too, I guess.

    Hey Arch – what do you think the Republicans would be saying if McCain had won the election, had kept the growth of government spending at the slowest pace since Eisenhower, had kept federal taxes at their lowest level since the early 1950’s, kept corporate taxes at their lowest level since 1972, successfully ended the Iraq war, killed Osama bin Laden and most of al-Qaeda’s leadership, saved 2M jobs by keeping GM from being sold at the auction block, officially brought us out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, AND just about doubled the level of the Dow Jones Index?

    Hell, y’all would be proclaiming him as the second coming of Reagan, or maybe even Lincoln, and you know it!

    But since it’s Barack Hussein Obama, well, THAT means he’s a Kenyan Muslim out to destroy America!

    And if it had been the Dems who celebrated McCain’s failure to bring the Olympics to America, if it had been the Dems who used the filibuster far more than during any time in American history to stop any and all legislation supported by a President McCain (even ones formerly supported and even sponsored by the Dems), and if the Dems had screamed bloody murder until McCain released his birth certificate (and now his college transcripts), what would y’all on the Right be doing? Fox News and the Right would be a united front accusing the Dems of base treason…and not without reason.

    But because it’s Obama in the White House and it’s the Republicans who are the minority party, well, they can do and say just about anything they want, no matter how false.

    On a different subject, Arch, did you know that the Walton family (of Wal-Mart fame) is richer than the ENTIRE bottom 40% of the American people? And y’all want to cut taxes on the rich even further? How stupid do y’all’s positions have to get before y’all wake up and smell the coffee?

  • Igor

    Here’s an essay on Republican humor.

    Republicans suck at any many things these days. They can’t legislate without consulting with trailer park Jesus or Brooks Brothers Jesus; they can’t scratch their ass without consulting with a guy named Grover. But if there’s one particular area of human enjoyment left that they are downright awful at, or just simply fall flat like German diver Stephen Feck, it’s humor. In order to excel at humor, you need to a) have a sense of humor; b) be self-depreciating and outside the establishment power structure, both of which are so distant from Republicans that not even the Curiosity Rover could find them. Show me a funny conservative and I’ll see your bet with the lost continent of Atlantis, a unicorn, and Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle.

    Enter Jim Roddey

    Long-time Pennsylvania GOP official Jim Roddey reportedly got a raucous reception yesterday when he labeled a supporter of President Obama as someone who is “mentally retarded.” No word yet if he fell down to mock people with cerebral palsy.

    “There was a disappointment tonight. I was very embarrassed,” Roddey told the crowd at an election night party, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I was in this parking lot and there was a man looking for a space to park, and I found a space for him. And I felt badly , he looked like he was sort of in distress. And I said, ‘Sir, here’s a place.’ And he said, ‘That’s a handicapped space.’ I said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I saw that Obama sticker and I thought you were mentally retarded.’” (Huffington Post)

    Yes, anyone who would support the guy who actually killed Bin Laden, can pronounce nuclear without having a seizure, thinks gays should be able to just as miserable as heterosexual couples, and has attempted to clean up Wall Street and the previous administration’s economic shitstorm – over the guy who doesn’t even know what he believes day by day and can’t even tell the American electorate how he earned all of his millions by releasing all of his tax returns is most certainly mentally retarded.

    The bigger question is where’s good old Spongebrain Squarehair from Alaska and all of her self-righteous, syntax-slaughtering indignation? This is a woman who after all went after a freaking cartoon over its supposed insensitivity towards mentally deficient individuals as well as unleashed her unholy caribou Barbie hell on Rahm Emanuel after he used the word retarded. Perhaps it was because the joke was made by a fellow Republican so it’s totally cool.

    In short, this is what happens when politicians try to be comedians: they forget their primary purpose in life is to be lying scumbags and to kiss the electorate’s ass around reelection time. But that Snowwhite trash has yet to come out against Roddey’s joke proves once again that she is nothing more than a manufactured partisan shill, who uses her special needs kid as a political prop whenever it suits her and her freak show of a family.

  • The Obnoxious American


    With all due respect, this comment and others like it in your post is completely inaccurate:

    ” To excuse Romney for not releasing his tax records… ”

    Romney has released his tax records. He just hasn’t released the 10 years worth of returns now being requested. I’m not sure if you read the entire article but perhaps you missed the point I made, in the first sentence of the article, where I said:

    “This will not be another column talking about how Romney should accede to Democrat demands to release even more of his tax records, even though he’s already released what’s required, and released the same as McCain, and several other presidents (and candidates) from both sides of the aisle.”

    Let’s debate on the factual issues, shall we? I don’t offer petty distortions and untruths, and you don’t either. Sound fair?

  • The Obnoxious American


    For someone who seems to support a party with such laureats as Obama, Reid, Al Franken and Charlie Rangel, you may want to reconsider posting anything that says, “In short, this is what happens when politicians try to be comedians:”

  • Arch Conservative

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Reid and Geitner are not running for president? Yeah that makes sense. Reid is only the leader of the Senate and Geitner was only the secretary of the treasury. it doesn’t matter that one is a hypocrite who won’t release his own tax records while the other is a tax cheat. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    I suppose it wouldnt matter if we delved into the backgrounds of all those leftist politicians criticizing Romney for having overseas investments and found that they actually have foreign investments and bank accounts themselves right Glenn. The bottom line with you is that the ends justify the means when promoting and advancing the leftist agenda and nothing will stand in the way of that, not truth, not honesty, not fairness, not objectivity, not the lives of others who disagree with you…NOTHING!

    Next, the cancer ad. Obama’s campaign actually denied knowing the guy then admitted knowing him and hearing his little story and using it in one of their own ads prior to this one. Not only that but Obama does not even have the decency to at least say the ad is a little over the top and he does not believe Romney was responsible for the woman’s death.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]!

  • Attack ads are sorta fun and shouldn’t be too difficult for Republicans to put together. For example, how many people know that if President Obama gets another four years in office nearly ten million people will die? Or that there was almost certainly a longer than ten year period during which young Master Barack neither paid Federal taxes nor even filed a return?

  • Igor

    Dan: I don’t believe any ofthat. Do you have good citations?

  • Igor, the linked article provides the very best.

  • For example, how many people know that if President Obama gets another four years in office nearly ten million people will die? Or that there was almost certainly a longer than ten year period during which young Master Barack neither paid Federal taxes nor even filed a return?

    Or, even more damning, how about the Fact – Fact! – that in 2009, President Obama callously turned his back on approximately 6,999,999 cats and dogs who were languishing in shelters and pounds?

    Anyone who would abandon so many innocent defenseless kitties and puppies must certainly be a Very Bad Person.

  • Zingzing

    Or the fact that every week to ten days under sheik obama’s reign, nearly 3 billion toenails are cruelly clipped and left to rot in the garbage bins of America? Of AMERICA!?

  • Igor

    It’s an atrocity!

  • Igor

    I ask for a citation and get a screaming editorial.

  • In re #14 — I suppose we write and understand the English language differently.