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Turning Forty – Mid-Life Crisis: Uranus Opposite Natal Uranus: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

I will soon be turning 40. I never thought I would go through a mid-life crisis phase, but I feel I may be in the depths of one. I married at the age of 19 and we've been married for almost 21 years. We have two wonderful teen-age daughters and I will graduate college in December.

With all this great stuff going on in my life, why do I feel so empty? I feel suffocated and tied down. I went to the movies last night… alone again. My husband works out of town and the girls are always with their friends. More and more I am finding myself alone, and my eyes are beginning to wander. Recently I've lost 15 pounds, changed my hair style and bought some nicer clothes. I am seriously headed for trouble if I can't pull myself back together.

Please help!! What am I to do?

Turning Forty

uranus symbolDear Forty,

There is nothing wrong with losing weight, getting a nice haircut and dressing well! What society calls a mid-life crisis, astrologers call the Uranus opposition… and I think you should embrace the change.

And society says these 40-year olds are trying to be 20, but that’s not it. At the time of the Uranus opposition, you realize your time on this planet is limited and there is an urge to break out of a rut – which is exactly what you are doing. And since your transit is applying, you can expect more of the same, so I would expect to continue to progress in this direction… thank goodness!

It’s sort of like re-booting your computer. You’ve got all this gunk and baggage and you want to dump it and live free. And why shouldn’t you? You’ve raised your kids! You’ve shown up for 20 years!

Now specific to your wandering eye, so what? You are noticing others and they are noticing you. This does not mean you are going to act on anything. Maybe it just means you’re becoming more vitally alive.

So I say, just keep doing what you’re doing and allow things to unfold. Go to the movies. If you tire of going alone… if there a void, eventually the universe will fill it. And when you’re talking about Uranus, it will always be in the most unexpected way. So please. Try to relax and enjoy this transition. You are going to be fine. In fact, you are going to be better than ever. It is okay to be free.

Good luck.

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  • Claude

    I believe what your are going through is a normal phase in life. Man also do feel the same at times, especially if you haven’t had other relationship during one’s engagement. I think you have managed to keep a good family, but now you need to look at the bigger picture than what you have missed during the 21 years. Your family is the most important asset that you have and please beleiev me or not a lot of people would love to have a family like yours.
    You are surely accomplishes God’s will. What you need to do now is to talk to you partner and discuss your feelings. Things should work out I’m sure.

    Thanks for reading.


  • I can totally relate to the crisis in your life. I too was married young and now have two teenagers. Our family has moved to a different state, the children have their lives and my husband enjoys his job. I flet alone and lost for years but now I have given up my depression mode and started an education mode. You can only feel better about yourself when you start doing things for yourself. You have a life too and now is the time to start living it.