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Turks and Caicos Political Blogging Activists Make New Accusations

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In a letter to a mainstream media outlet in the Turks and Caicos Islands, reporters are accused of supporting political parties in the Islands. The open media letter authored by an individual called Evan Williams September 21, makes this claim.

I am honored to also be "called out" by Mr. Williams in this letter, which classes me with the likes of Anthony L. Hall, whom I respect. However, at this time, I will also briefly take exception to the general (mis) characterisations found in Mr. Williams' letter.

In general, I have no choice but to flatly disagree that we are all on the same side of "truth," as the author suggests. "Truth" appears to be a commodity which Shaun Malcolm and TCI Journal have fatal difficulty defining.

The individuals and groups who have voiced various reasons for finding TCI Journal unlawful, offensive or at least distasteful, do not have any political party affiliations whatsoever. Though TCI Journal and its supporting activists or anarchists would like its readers to believe that dissenters have "pro-PDM and PNP agendas," that is plainly false, albeit convenient.

Certainly, I do not pretend to speak for every person involved, but those who wish for   TCI Journal's attack-blogging to cease are average and hard working people merely making the most of the current political climate. Their families, employment and the economy are at the forefront of their agendas, not PDM or PNP or ABC or 123 …

One of my readers sent me a quote from a hero of mine, Colin Powell, " … part of our agenda is to find a political way to go forward." I share that quote with my readers because it epitomises the average opinion of my readers and the tone of the comments that I receive from border-line desperate Turks and Caicos citizens fearing destabilisation at the hands of political opportunists such TCI Journal and its characters.

I am not sure if I feel it laughable or dangerous that TCI Journal hails itself as the defining voice of a revolution. I am leaning on the side of dangerous. That they claim to fear reprisal, now that is laughable. People, like me, are the ones who fear reprisal; any single person who disagrees or dislikes its opinions and rhetoric are potential targets. And "target" is a word that I use politely. I believe that there's another name for those who purport to seek truth and transparency, yet cannot muster enough courage to reveal their own identities, retreating from attacks behind character names.

I do not care to dignify a response to any accusation that those who are against TCI Journal's rhetoric are in favor of Michael Misick. That is plainly a belligerent rant.   The choice between Michael Misick and the politics of TCI Journal is no choice at all. Several viable alternative venues of peace and freedom are happily in the center of the two options.

Turks and Caicos citizens and world citizens should not confuse TCI Journal's "stories" or "letters" with real news or media. TCI Journal: your 20 minutes of fame has worn out its welcome, like bad fish and house guests.

It would be undignified to attack the character or question the agenda of Shaun Malcolm.  Certainly he is of no consequence and can be marginalised in the long run. In any event, Malcolm will have his hands full with legal matters in the near future, as I have read along with everyone else. It just would not be fair to attack a man who is already down.

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  • R.F.Houseman

    Carl, I support your comment 100%. Foreign investors pour millions into the TCI economy annually. The TCI Government benefits greatly from these investor dollars. Without Foreign Investors the TCI economy would no doubt collapse.

    In life we have to give and take, one cannot have their have their cake and eat it too. We in the TCI cannot tell investors what they must do and can’t do. So long as they are working within the confines of the law then people like Shaun Malcolm should leave developer investors to grow our country.

    Shaun Malcolm and the TCI Journal do not speak for the people of this country. The noises that they are making are for personal gain only, time will reveal everything. One should take notice that the TCI Journal only go after certain developers, anyone notice that Beaches has always been given a free ride, I wonder if its because that they were Shaun Malcolm’s last employer and that he is still on Beaches payroll. I am wondering…..

  • Brittany Jolly

    I think we have moved away from the point people. Does anyone realise how dangerous it is for people to sit in anynonimity while making slanderous attacks on others, then attack every one that sees through their agenda. Mr. Burke please be encouraged you are doing a good job and it is about time that people see the TCI Journal for who they really are. I believe that enough has been said about shaun malcolm so i will not say any more. I will simply remind you of, Kirk Franklyn, The mass choir, Skyking, the PNP and the PDM, they all have one thing in common. we remember and will not forget

  • Carl

    Investors, developers, business people: they are tourism. Why do we put them in the spotlight and blame them for Misick. Why do we give so much credit to malcolm? why? He will never stop looking for trouble. How are our lives better now? How are things better? Answer that? We had governmental support, we had freedoms — we will make the best of this new political climate, but we do not thank Shaun Malcolm. We are scared for our economy and political turmoil. That we can thank Shaun malcolm for. Thanks for that. But we didn’t need it. What is Shaun Malcolm getting out of this? What? Money? Ego? affluence? Bragging rights? Nobody respects him. Nobody. I don’t know one single person who finds him the least bit intelligent or respectable. In fact, he’s an embarassment to TCI. Leave the developers and investors alone. They are not here to cause trouble. They are here to give TCI some economic boosts which is much needed since UK took our constitution. Good gravy. Nobody wants Shaun to speak for us.

  • J.L

    LOL.. I just have to laugh and shake my head as I read some of the comments made about Shaun Malcolm…
    But let me tell you that half of you will eat your words one day.
    Mr, Houseman, I read some of your comments..I am soo HEATED Right NOW, that I dont know where to begin..those of you who dig into Shaun’s personal life…make sure you protect your glass windows or dont throw any rocks at all…
    Mr Levard why are you so interested in finding out if Shaun is having an affair with Mr Berke? what you trying to see if there is some way that you can get a piece of the action or someting ( which I know is not going on!) really mature of you! when the media houses were instructed to blacklist shaun and others from speaking freely..where were you? how come you didnt speak about it? where were your comments? You “heard today about the contractors”.hearsay, that is exactly how rumours spread!!!
    Mr Higgs, like hell it will happen..not as long as there is breath in any Turks and caicos Islander will that happen.

    WHO..TELL ME WHO Will stand up for Turks and Caicos Islanders when some investors tries to take advantage of the local ppl? Please answer that question for me Mr M.E Missick!!! Let me tell you, I know of local Turks and Caicos islanders who are looked down upon by investors, there are even local people who trod down on our own all because of money!!

    Mr Houseman, how do you know that he did not earn an honest dollar? Please share with the world.

    It may hurt but I am afraid it was going on too long and someone had to speak up.

    You know what I call all of you? Cowards…Clive, just like how you could slate Shaun now, you should have been doing that when the previous government was making a mock of our country.

  • R.F.Houseman

    The Turks & Caicos is located approximately 575 miles southeast of Miami or just at the end of the Bahamian chain of Islands. Yeah, its really nice here, but the politics are no different from other countries.

    Last weekend, I spend the day on a private cay with my girlfriend. We were the only ones there, how cool is that. It was amazing, there are not many places in the world left where you can find solitude.

    Come join us for a visit one day, but you have to see at least 3 Islands to appreciate the people.

  • Clavos

    The Turks and Caicos (a lovely place) are southeast of Miami, not northeast.

  • I don’t think there was any put down intended, R.F. Why take exception to a new bit of knowledge? If you think Mr. Rose is on fire now, you haven’t seen him yet.

  • R.F.Houseman

    There we go again, can’t we all just get along. Fizzy, Tizzy whats the difference? We say Fizzy you say Tizzy, who cares. There cultural difference throughout the world.

    Lets talk about real issues and not those adjectives that mean very little in the end.

    Have a nice day Chris, I recommend you drinking some ice water to cool yourself off as you are on fire, only kidding my friend try not to get in a fizzy-tizzy today. LOL

  • Christopher Rose is indeed my real name; I am not in a fizzy – although we say tizzy in my neck of the woods – and I appreciate your understanding.

  • R.F.Houseman

    Thanks Mr.Rose/Editor, if that is even your real name. Nonetheless, I do understand where you are coming from in regards to use of individual names. I am cool with sticking to the issues and presenting the facts. If only the TCI Journal would do the same.

    No need to get in a fizzy, I understand your point of view and you are correct in setting the rules of the game at this point.



  • Hi, I am the Comments Editor for this site.

    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of anybody’s argument, this site does not allow the kinds of remarks that were being made in the comments that have been deleted.

    As you have internet access, it is the easiest thing in the world for you to start as many blogs as you like yourselves at one of the free blog sites such as wordpress.com or blogger.com.

    If there are in fact several people using one computer, then that needs to be explained in detail before I can allow any comments that are not making personal attacks on people but are written by different people to remain on this site.

    You all need to respect our culture too, so I hope you will heed what I am telling you.

  • R.F.Houseman

    The Truth is the TCI Journal has been sliming the people of the Turks & Caicos Islands for almost 2 years now. I think that this blog has given the people a vent to air their true feelings as to what is taking place in their country.

    Mr.Editor, that is the problem with being able to speak the truth, everyone wants to silence you. The TCI Journal can get away with Libellous statements but the general public is silence.

    Mr.Editor, we are a poor people in the Turks and Caicos, you no doubt will find many households using one computer and that is a fact. So lets not go there. The names on the postings are real, you can look everyone up in the phone book and give them a ring if that how far you want to go.

    Remember, this is seven inhabited islands 575 miles northeast of Miami. The truth be told some people still have out houses.

    So have respect for our culture and where we are coming from verbally. Thank you sir.

  • Jimmy

    I think the libellous comments should have been left up. They show the sort of people who are trying to slime the TCI Journal.

  • C. Burke,

    It is always interesting to read about events that DO NOT have to do with the boring belly-button staring Americans at the politics section of this magazine. Obama, in addition to being a faker, is terribly boring, as are most of those who are his worshippers. His opponents pall after a time as well; neither of the groups have more than a rather limited radar to understand events in the world, and it appears that most of them do not really give a damn, either. But they should not be dismissed out of hand. You never know when some of these fine folks display an interest in events that go beyond the boob tube or its internet equivalent.

    But having said all this, your article suffers from the lack of internet links to demonstrate your points and to allow the vast majority of us, who are not familiar with the tourist or development issues of the Turks and Caicos Islands, to familiarize ourselves with them.

    They are absolutely necessary if you wish a greater readership to comprehend what you are talking about, and what goes on behind the bartender’s smile when they visit Caribbean paradises….

  • Factual posts should be accompanied by links to documentation.


  • Brittany Jolly

    Hi Debbie, don’t forget Nat Darceuil. They are a fearsome 4some. All over 40 with no wives. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  • Brittany Jolly

    While there were some that were over the line some were very poi ant and may have been better served just editing the concerns to allow for the the full picture to be painted.

    [There have also been instances of comments from different user names but coming from the same IP address. This deceitful practice is frowned upon at Blogcritics and offending comments will be deleted when seen.

  • Brittany Jolly

    What happen to the comments that were on here earlier?

    [They were borderline libellous and have therefore been deleted.

  • Hazel Prospere

    Can anyone imagine Shaun Malcolm being a future member of Parliament? OMG that makes me want to puke. What have our country come too when we can allow Shaun Malcolm. David Hartshorn,Richard Burke and otehrs destory what we has good citizens have built over the years.

    The TCIJoural and its writers(Notice I did’t use the word GANG) are actually no different from Michael Misick and teh PNP.

    If the TCI Journal want to be transparent they would do what this blog have allow everyone in the country to do and that is to respond correctly to the issues of the day. We the people of the TCI are demanding accountability from the TCIJournal . They might not be license to operate legally but they should play by the rules of all the media houses in the TCI. Show your faces TCIJournal we all know who you are anyway.

  • R.F.Houseman

    Clive I could not agree with you more. Investors come into this country with Millions of dollars to invest and what thanks do they get from people like Richard Burke and Shaun Malcolm, total slanders thats all.

    We as people who love the Turks & Caicos need to stand up to these guys and tell them that enough is enough.

    The focus should be on rebuilding our country one day at a time but together. There has to come a time when all of this come to an end.

    If this continues, I am afraid investors will find a more suitable country to invest their millions. In fact all those investors who came here to invest their millions had a choice of other countries. We must remember that we are a small country trying to find our place in the World of Tourism. Before we respect others we need to learn how to respect ourselves. That includes what we say. God Bless the Turks and Caicos and those good people still left.

  • Edgar Chasm

    Shaun Malcolm and Richard Berke are in the public now, lets get everything out in the open. Let’s have this transparency and spotlight that Shaun Malcolm is always squawking about. Where’s the disinfecting light on him? He does not speak for anyone that I know. Oh, and don’t forget the God Bless. (He’ll need it).

  • R.F.Houseman

    The TCI Journal know nothing about freedom of speech, if they did they would allow concern citizen to respond to their postings. Freedom to responding is not something they at TCI Journal know anything about.

    I do agree, Shaun Malcolm will have his hands full with legal issues in the very near future. The world should know that Shaun Malcolm is being supported monthly from donations from people like David Hartshorn and others. The truth is Shaun Malcolm has not earn an honest dollar in the last five years. One can easy check his contributions to National Insurance over the past five years.