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Turkey’s Somalian Children

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Turkey is carrying out a big aid campaign, led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for Somali who are suffering in the grip of drought.

In an effort to position himself as the leader of Muslim countries in the Middle East region, Erdogan is trying to show the slamic World that he is not indifferent to the Muslim Somalis. He stands up to Israel in order to gain sympathy of Muslim countries.

However, he is ignores those of his own citizens who are trying to lead their lives under very difficult conditions in Turkey. Because of the economic crises that have been experienced in Turkey, bankrupt businessmen live under very difficult conditions, and they are sought by the courts and police because of their debts.

Turkey Somalian ChildrenWhen these businessmen are caught by the police, they are put into prison for five years. They do not have a prominent address and they constantly change the place they live in order not to be caught. They are unable to receive treatment when they get ill, because in hospitals, the police check whether the person is sought or not by the courts. And if they have a job, they can in no way benefit from social rights, because they cannot register for social security.

The most terrifying result of this situation is that they can not send their children to school, so the children are not receiving an education, because legal residence address information is required for school registration. When the address information is given to the school, it is saved in the address information system and the police can then apprehend the wanted debtor.

It is claimed that there are 400,000 people in Turkey who are sought by the police and other military security forces because of their debts and that 70,000 businessmen are still being kept in prison for their debts. When these individual’s families are added into these numbers, we find that a total of 1.5 million people living under difficult conditions! To receive medical treatment in a hospital, patients are required to present proof of social security registration. Without this proof, no family members can benefit from the treatment services either. This means that 20 percent of the population live without social security. These people are unable to receive treatment in the hospitals, and those of them who find a job work without social security in their work place and they can not send their children to school.

Why doesn’t the Turkish Prime Minister address the situation of the children of bankrupt businessmen who lost their monetary power; why does he ignore them, while declaring mobilization in his country to help Muslim Somalian people suffering from hunger, just to prove to the whole Muslim world that he is the protector of the Muslims. Or is there a belief in Islam that the insolvent, bankrupt persons who lost their assets should have lost also their religion?

Businessmen in Turkey are facing lawsuits for their dud cheques, and for their debts to public and private organizations. According to laws in Turkey, at the end of the trial they are sentenced to jail. They lose their jobs. If you put a person in jail, how can he pay his debts? They not only lose their jobs, but they also lose their families. In our opinion, a person who has committed a financial crime should face an economic punishment. Obviously, this punishment of jail brings a lot of problems with it.

As schools are going to start education soon, most families suffer from being unable to register their children for school. Even though prosecutors seize all of a debtor’s property, they are so sadistic that they track the children of the debtor on their way from the school to home in order to spot their home address and put the debtor in jail. Because of this, the children are psychologically harmed and begin to fear going to school. It is so tragic that the lawyers even seize babies’s feeding bottles.They seize the oven, the refrigerator, laptops etc. This is against human rights protocol #4; “No human can be deprived of freedom for their contractual debts.”  

These practices must be stopped.

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  • ThanksTurkey

    I understand some of the citizens in Turkey are facing hard times BUT please never forget those that are unfortunate. I wish the Turkish people and the Somali people better lives. Somalis really appreciate what Turkey has done for them and will always remember that. Somalia will payback what Turkey has done for them when they get a stable government. It may mean one thing to Turks and another to Somalis. Please know the state the Somalis are in is much worse than the Turks. May Allah help us All. Allah will help those who help the less fortunate.

    Thank You Turkey.

  • scotch

    that is right , we are all in abroad runaway from Turkey , cos we are bankrupt,left everythin from behind ,and turkish goverment owes miliions of dolar VAT to the turkish business men who claimed bankruptcy, all they say carry on your work than we deduct the VAT amount from the money we owe you.Turkish economy is on steroids, goverment supporters things themselves they are getting rich.bunch of idiots , they cant see anything, all media belongs to goverment and they play with the numbers and figures how they wish and my poor people belives them all.

  • zaman

    Turkey Crisis bankrupt businessmen in jail. Unable to pay because of bankruptcy for the Czech.

  • zaman

    You had been in prison for not paying debts resulting from their trade in turkey business people, you know.

    Turkey by people in prison is in violation of European human rights agreement, the number 4.

  • Msuvain

    We want freedom turkey.check the law in our country there is a cruel.imprisonment of thousands of businessmen

  • What a bunch of rubbish !!

  • Msuvain

    Dear suspicious
    Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, the official statistical information (PDF)

  • suspicious

    all the numbers and figures are looked made up. Please prove your claims

  • Baronius

    I just read this article, as well as your earlier one. Very interesting subject that I’d never heard about before.