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Tuesday’s New and Nifty

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A day late, and with a pinch of salt as to each his own.

In music, released yesterday, R.E.M., The Best of R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003, on sale this week at Target for $16 (the two-disc limited edition). Buy early and buy often. Not all that new, Isobel Campbell’s Amorino. iTunes Music Store pick of the week, Jesus Christ Superstar, Original Broadway Cast Recording.

New on DVD this week: Nada — that’s not a foreign film; it’s a Spanish word meaning “nothing worth buying”.

Console games: Also nada. Console games receiving good notices but about to be traded in because the good notices are too generous: Crimson Skies. Console games pushed back: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time from early November to mid-November. Things that still suck: Xbox Live; subscription expires 15th November and shall not be renewed.

In PC games, look for Call of Duty, probably in game stores and some major retailers on 30th October, a bit later at other outlets. Better than Battlefield 1942, better than Medal of Honor. You heard it here first.

Rainbow Six 3 still kicking my ass. I tend to win missions with one guy going solo kamikaze with a mere pistol. I’ve whacked out my entire Rainbow team, even the back-up squads. I’ll have to start over, something I don’t relish.

Railroad Tycoon 3 on my desk and anxiously awaiting a night when I’m feeling especially geeky.

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