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Tsunami Carnage: A Blogger’s Perspective

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The recent Asian Tsunami tragedy is unprecedented in modern history and of truly Biblical proportions. Thanks to technology, never in the history of mankind has the world witnessed such an epic event.

Like most of you, Blog Bloke has been doing his bit to raise awareness of the full scope of this tragedy and to aid the victims. Here you will find a collage of stunning videos and photos of the killer tsunami plus ways that we bloggers can help.

Tsunami Disaster: How You can Help

Global aid organizations have launched urgent appeals for donations to help survivors of Sunday’s Indian Ocean earthquake disaster

More than 140,000 people are confirmed killed by the waves and millions more are homeless. Many governments and organizations – including the US, Canada, Australia, the EU and UN are sending aid. The UN has warned that supplies are urgently needed to support the survivors and to try and prevent disease which could double the death toll. More info can be found at BBC News and a list of organizations where you can give aid.

Killer Tsunami Video and Pics

To really understand the full power of nature nothing can compare to pictures, so the Bloke has provided some of the best video footage available on the net.

  • Waxy.org has a great collage of amateur video.
  • More can also be found at:
  • Waves of Destruction,
  • Reasons Unbeknownst,
  • Yahoo Video Search,
  • Austin Blog,
  • The Statrix,
  • Who is Ronald,
  • Eric Moore,
  • BRTurbo
  • Find books about Tsunamis and Earthquakes
  • Tsunami Earthquake: Natural or Created?

    Journalist Andrew Limburg for Independent Media TV reports a series of events that led up to the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia which suggests that it could have been man-made.

    “This all could be an enormous coincidence, but one must look at the information and choose for themselves whether there is anything to it. What is interesting about this is that the same place where the whale beachings have been taking place over the last 30 days is the same general area where the 8.1 Australian earthquake took place, and this is the same area where they are doing these seismic tests. Then 2 days after the Australian tectonic plate shifted, the 9.0 earthquake shook the coast of Indonesia.”

    …More at Independent Media TV

    More Tsunami Video

    A bystander looks on as bodies recovered from under debris are cremated near the sea at Nagapattinam, India, one of the many places hit by the tsunami.

    Stunning Tsunami Pictures

    Stunning pictures show a tsunami crashing into a beach on Thailand’s Phuket Island.

    Tsunami Carnage

    Photos of the Tsunami aftermath


    Satellite Images of Tsunami’s Path

    News Blog Satellite Images Depict Tsunami's Path, Devastation - more at NPR.org

    Satellite Images Depict KillerTsunami’s Path and Devastation

  • New amateur video from Indonesia
  • Maps of disaster area
  • Videos from the scene
  • How you can help the disaster victims
  • Bloggers Helping Tsunami Victims

    Blog Bloke has a personal interest in the killer tsunami tragedy. I have walked on some of the beaches that were hit and friends and family that live near there. Thankfully, none of them were victims.

    Be it the latest pictures, information on the death toll, names of missing persons, aid agencies accepting funds or links to sites providing news about relief and rescue missions – Bloggers are playing a big part.

    Information about the tsunami came up almost immediately after the seismic waves hit the shores, simultaneously as news broke over news channels.

    Some of the more popular sites include Tsunami Victims which continues to have an exhaustive list of agencies all over the country and other nations involved in relief work.

    The Tsunami Blog provides the latest information not only on the victims or relief avenues, but also scientific facts about the phenomenon.

    Chennai’s Kiruba Shankar has been consistently blogging about tsunami and relief since December 26. Coordinating with Ganesh Rupya has welcomed online donations and the team has so far managed to collect up to Rs.35,000.

    As bloggers we have a unique opportunity to help. Whether it be writing posts to raise awareness or giving out of our pockets for aid, we can all do our part help these tragic victims. And let us not forget the orphans who will be left behind long after the news broadcasts have moved on. As many as half of the victims were children and those who are left behind will be preyed upon by child-trafficking gangs. They will need our continued support, and the Bloke asks that you not forget them.

    …via Blog Bloke and News Blog

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