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TSA Screenings: Safety Measures or Assault?

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I’ve flown several times since the latest brouhaha started over the “enhanced” TSA patdowns and “naked” screening machines. Maybe it’s my innocent look, maybe it’s the fact that I often have two kids hanging off of me going through the security line, or maybe it’s just luck, but I never get chosen for enhanced screenings. I’ve heard some horror stories, and then I’ve heard others say we all just have to suck it up for safety’s sake. Has the TSA crossed the line from safety to assault? Well, I guess that depends on who you are.


Different people can handle different things. I’m a strong person who does not embarrass easily, and in the right situation would probably waltz naked through an airport without blushing. But not everyone is like that. What one person might consider a minor inconvenience another might feel is humiliating.

And then there are those instances where the TSA has clearly crossed the line. A bladder cancer survivor was left covered in urine without an apology or even an offer of help from the TSA. A breast cancer survivor was asked to show her prosthesis.  There are more stories like these, and I feel like a big revolt is on the horizon. Whatever happens, I just hope if I’m ever chosen, I react with dignity and stand my ground if I feel I’m being treated unfairly. When a small group of terrorists decided to turn airplanes into weapons, it did not turn the rest of us into criminals, and we shouldn’t be treated that way.

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