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TSA Collected Personal Data

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It seems that the TSA lied about not collecting data about air travelers. The TSA admitted on Monday that it had been storing information about passengers in a database of over 240,000 people, for a new anti-terrorism program. They also kept all the information in a secret database and shared it with other government agencies. They insist that it was for public saftey, but it is illegal for a government agency to keep a secret database and share it with others. Unfortunately, it is only punishable with a $5,000 fine. A small price to pay for their gross invasion of our privacy.

The TSA and received the information from Quest and a few other companies by telling them it was part of a new verification system. The TSA was not the only one involved. IBM was in charge of the database.

It seems that the government will continue to do this knowing that they will get away with it. We need to start holding our government accountable for these breaches against the law, and the constitution. We cannot continue to allow the government to infringe on our privacy in the name of “safety.”

By Abelardo Gonzalez

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