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Truth? Reality?

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Anybody that will pointedly, purposely ignore the truth so that their own agenda and definition of events triumphs cannot possibly succeed, not in the climate that exists today. — Rush Limbaugh

I beg to differ with you, Mr. Limbaugh. I’d say that the people who purposely ignore the truth have won. I’d say that twisting the truth to meet their “own agenda” seems to be the fast pass ticket to winning elections.

Don’t believe me Rush? Does this start to jar your memory?

1. The Downing Street Memo
2. Karl Rove and Scooter Libby
3. Iraq and 9/11
4. Mission Accomplished

I would say that is a fine job of ignoring reality and picking your own version of the “truth.”

There is no questioning the success of the strategy either. At least until now.

We are being lead by people whose whole career, no, whole life has revolved around making 1+1=3. Or maybe given the state of the budget 2+2=3. That seems to be more like it.

They argue that a brain dead woman is aware, that stem cells in a clinic are people and that global warming is a myth.

They argue that evolution is just a “theory” and homosexuality is curable. They do this in spite of the facts otherwise.

Maybe they do it because of the facts. Their little world crumbles if people begin seeing the truth instead of the bullsh** they are peddling.

They twist and turn everything around to the point that nothing, nothing means anything yet they have the audacity to call us “moral relativists.”

They have abused the notion of “truth” so badly that we marched happily to war. We did it to defend our nation, our liberty, our families. We went because we were convinced by the liars that we had to go. That was bad.

What’s worse is that they actually believe the lies themselves. They thought they really could fight on the cheap. That the people would clamour for us so badly that winning the peace was a forgone conclusion. They actually believed to such an extent that even when the evidence began to pile up they were wrong – they did NOTHING.

Why do something when you have the “truth” on your side. Except you manufactured the truth.

And what has that gotten us? Dead soldiers at home and a constitution in Iraq that virtually guarantees hostilities. We went to war to instill a “democracy” that is going vote for a theocracy. We went to war to spread freedom and settled for a document that doesn’t even guarantee women the right to a middle school education.

But hey they did it pretty much on time, so it’s a success according to the President.

It must truly be a tremendous gift to be able to look at an empty glass and see it as half full.

But as bad as they are, we are worse. We buy into it. We enable it. We have a crumbling school system but blame the teachers for the problems. No child will be left behind, because one day there won’t be anywhere to go.

We have a deplorable health care system but would rather crow about socialism than fix the issue. We spend more money on health care than any country (15% of our GDP) but get less benefit than any other developed country. I guess it’s OK to make the doctors, lawyers and insurers richer every year as long as we don’t provide decent health care to our citizens.

We consume 1/4 of the WORLD’S oil production every year but dare complain that gas prices have risen to $3.00 a gallon. We want the government to do something about it. Fix it. As if the same government that came from Big Energy Inc. even wants to. Hey, here’s a solution from the real world, consume less. Sell your gas guzzling Lincoln Navigator or shut the *^&# up.

Yes, too many of us desperately want to buy into the snake-oil prescriptions they are selling because they sound better than real sacrifice, real effort and real work. Too many of us want to believe that lower taxes make balanced budgets, where bombs make democracies and where science is optional. We don’t like reality. We don’t want to hear reality, and the people running the show know that all too well.

Mr. Limbaugh, you know this better than anyone. Your entire career is based on it.


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  • Amen Cranky!!!

  • You’ve got the gist of the problem right there in your title. Truth and reality aren’t necessarily compatible.

    Sadly, truth and reality are not necessarily the same thing. Many on the left are definitely afflicted with the deadly earnestness which insists that truth be the measure of all things, but a realistic view of the world shows that reality is much more nuanced and doesn’t boil down into the simplistic truths the left insists on.

    As a result the left, seeking truth, bizarrely finds itself in the business of chronic self-deception and reinterpretation of reality to fit their expectations and to strip reality down to what they see as essential truths, but which are actually so limited that they become meaningless.

    If there’s a memo you have to find a way to convince yourself it’s incriminating even when there’s nothing much to it. If there’s a leak then heads should roll, even when the situation surrounding the leak make it relatively meaningless. If there was deception or error about WMDs that invalidates the entire war in Iraq, even though it’s really about enormously bigger issues.

    In each of these examples the left latched on to the absolute simplest, most incomplete and most self-serving possible interpretation of the facts, ignoring context and related issues alltogether, just because it served their political needs and partisan expectations. When you pick one nugget out of a complex array of truths and declare it to be the only truth, you are essentially making that truth part of a greater lie of omission. It’s like the criminal on the stand being asked what he did on a given day, and he says “I went to the store”, omitting that he raped a woman on the way and then shot someone on the way home. Yes, he did go to the store, but that’s hardly the entire story and it’s hardly a truthful answer when taken out of context.

    This is the essence of the self-deception of the left.


  • 1Potato

    That is a brilliant smack down. And as a former liberal myself, here is who you should be angry with:

    Your college professors. They never prepared you for articulate, intellectually nimble conservatives like Dave. And they never taught you the many cogent arguments conservatives have because if they did you probably would have agreed with them. So don’t fight Dave, let him do the job you paid your college professors didn’t because they were too busy indocrinating.

    At the very least, get off the talking points.

  • Thanks for the support, 1Potato, but give the Marxist professors a bit of a break. Arguing with them is the best training you can get for dealing with leftists after you get out of school. And I have to admit that one of the sharpest and most honest profs I knew – who I worked with as an RA – was a raving leftist who sponsored the PLO student group and the young communists. But unlike a lot of his compatriots he was open minded and willing to debate and neither rigid nor judgemental about people who disagreed with him. If more leftists were like him we might find some common ground.


  • Dave, that’s a horrible analogy.

    A better, more apt analogy would be whether a sin of commission, say raping someone on your way to the store, invalidates the rest of what you did with your day. It’s a question of whether some sins and falsehoods in governance are unforgivable in the course of “realistic” public policy.

    And your “nuanced, complex” definition of truth vs. reality is completely at odds with what most conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, would find acceptable from their public officials.

    That is all.

  • Yes, well the idiocy of most conservatives is an entirely separate topic. They’re not exactly known for their subtle intellect either. However, the fact that one end of the political spectrum is deluded doesn’t make the folks on the other end automatically clear-headed.


  • Oh Dave please do not feel necessary to lecture ME on the complexities of the world. Far from it. Maybe you want to lecture the people who inhabit that little structure on Pennsylvania Avenue. The folks who look at the multi-dimensional problem and find a two dimensional solution. Please don’t feel the need to talk to me about how reality is more than a memo. It is also more than the trite, watered down simplistic sound bites that are leading this nation.

    It is insulting to read your also overly simplistic analogy concerning how “liberals’ pick out nuggets of truth to server their cause. First, that implies by it’s very definition that the right does not do that – or the proper phrasing should be “people” not “the left.” are you telling me that the “right” examines every issue and can see it in it’s entirety? Did you see who I quoted to start the article? That alone disproves your argument. Second, you have failed to show where we grasped onto things in there “simplest” manner and were wrong. Karl Rove and Scooter Libby – they leaked. yeah it’s simple, but it’s true. Iraq – no weapons of mass destruction. None. No mushroom clouds. No gas clouds. Hell they did’t have enough biological material to give us colds. The insurgency in it’s last throws? My my Mr. Cheney, if those are last throws it’s one hell of a convulsion. Please show me where any of those “simple” explanations are wrong.

    No 1Potato, this was not a nimble and brilliant smack down. It was “I don’t like your points so I’ll call all of you stupid” Perfect training to work in this administration, but not very useful beyond that