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Trump: The Non-Serious Non-Candidate

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There has been much buzz lately concerning whether or not Donald Trump will run for president. Trump, a master of self-promotion, has blatantly courted the Tea Party by aligning himself with the little group of crazies that just won’t go away, the “birthers.”

Trump’s shameless pandering to this group of idiots seems to be paying off. Not only does a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll show Trump tied with Mike Huckabee at 17% for second place behind Mitt Romney, the ratings for his NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice, are up. (I’ll admit to Apprentice being one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a fun show.) He’s a smart businessman and a good promoter.

However, when he uses the birther controversy, a non-issue that has been repeatedly debunked, to garner attention and generate publicity, it is impossible to take him seriously. He spouts the typical nonsense about how a certificate of live birth is not the equivalent of a birth certificate; he states that Obama’s grandmother in Kenya says she was a witness to the birth, although it has been shown that that was due to a translation error; he maintains that Obama’s mother didn’t have the money to put birth announcements in not one but two Hawaiian papers, although most newspapers publish such announcements at no charge. It’s a silly argument, and Trump makes himself look silly for climbing onto the birther bandwagon.

Trump doesn’t just make himself look foolish. He diminishes the stature of the office of the presidency. While he certainly has the right to run for president if he so chooses, his pursuit of the birthers is ludicrous and laughable. Former entertainers can certainly take being elected seriously, and approach the job with the appropriate gravitas. Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Bono, even Fred Grandy (Gopher from The Love Boat), for pete’s sake, made the transition from entertainment to politics. While they all occasionally had non-serious moments, they embraced nothing so ridiculous as the birther nonsense. One could make the argument that trickle-down economics was every bit as ridiculous, but that is a topic for another day.  I suspect that the GOP is not thrilled with this development; when they are struggling to field a serious candidate who has a chance against Obama, this clown is talking birther blather. When even Glenn Beck says you’ve taken it too far, you might need to realize that you’ve got a credibility problem.

If Trump’s goal is to garner attention and generate publicity, he has succeeded. If his goal is really to be taken seriously as a possible presidential candidate, he is failing miserably, except with a small and deluded minority of the population. Astonishingly, a significant portion of Republicans (51%) don’t believe Obama was born in America. That portion of the population isn’t enough to win an election; Independent voters will be key, and they want no part of the birther silliness.

Nor should any thinking American.

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  • zingzing

    i see, clavos…

  • Maybe Trump needs to hook up with Soros. Then things might really happen for him.

  • Clavos

    Yeah, but now he only controls it financially; if he were prez he could control it by force too.

  • zingzing

    wouldn’t that be a step down in power for him? the man controls the world according to glenn beck.

  • Clavos

    I wish George Soros would run.

  • I rarely agree with Marco Rubio on anything, but props to him for suggesting that Trump back off : “Why are we talking about this?” he asked.

    Although I think Trump is a despicable clown, I fear that his celebrity will give this “issue” new life and credibility. Disgusting porcine fool.

  • Thanks for the info, Nellie, but I think I made it clear that the Birther stuff is beating a dead horse. Even Karl Rove said it’s no longer an issue, and people need to let it go. Not that I think it’s a good idea to do everything that Karl Rove says, but in this case, he’s right!

    Baronius, excellent analysis. Romney, as the nominal front runner, especially benefits from the attention on Trump, because it takes the heat off of him. The longer he can stay out of the intense spotlight, the better for him.

  • Baronius

    The Republican candidates are probably loving the Trump campaign. It’ll help them distance themselves from the fringe. Remember Bill Clinton criticizing Sister Souljah for something or other? It was a “moment” in his campaign because it allowed him to stand up to extremism on his side of the aisle. I can guarantee you that Romney would love to debate Trump, because Mitt would look like a low-key working man. Huckabee would look like a moderate. Newt would look like a moral fellow.

  • Nellie Austin

    Ms. Riche, PLEASE send me your e-mail address and I will help you PROVE that Donald Trump is on the right track! Obama is surely hiding something; you can agree with that, can’t you?–Since Obama hasn’t even shown his kindergarten record, his little league record, both of which would have a record of his birth place! If you don’t want to wait on me:

    GOOGLE: clearingthesmoke by Western Journalism;
    GOOGLE: Hawaiian Official signs Affadavit: there is no birth certificate; by Wnd.com.
    GOOGLE; Obama birth certificate PRIMER6, by Jerome Corsi, Wnd.com

    “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not eligible to be President”, coming out May 17th from amazon.com AND all the bookstores. Jerome Corsi, again, is the author and has been investigating this Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama since the 2004 Democratic Convention when Obama was introducing the Democratic Candidate John Kerry. Corsi also “demolished” him!!!
    GOOGLE: The Case of Impeachment: Why Barack Obama must be impeached in order to save America; again by either Western Journalism or WorldNetDaily–maybe both, but be sure to pick the source that has a blue [PDF] on the left just the line above the source. This last source tells all about his corrupt actions and especially his “soft” touch on terroism and terrorists.

    In Christ Jesus,
    Nellie Austin