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True Crime Update

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.

Cruise Ship Murder Update
George Smith IV disappeared while on a honeymoon cruise with his new wife. Disappeared but leaving behind puddles of blood in his cabin and on a canopy of a lifeboat.

On Hannity and Colmes this past week we discover that Smith was led back to his cabin by CRUISE SHIP EMPLOYEES!

Which means that George Smith IV was last seen by employees of the cruise ship.

As with most of these investigations when Americans go missing, a great coverup combined with shoddy investigation is now occurring.

It’s only an American after all. Or so goes the tourist center sentiment. There’s plenty more where that dead one came from.

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The Strange Case of the Runaway Washing Machine
Rebecca Hope Wagoner died when the young girl became “trapped” inside of a triple-load washer. “Trapped” being in quotes because intriguingly, Hope’s 14 year old half brother has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Hope’s mother, Rebecca Wagoner, took her son and daughter to the Laundromat to use the facility’s phone. While Wagoner was on the phone with her husband, something happened in that Laundromat.

Something that caused the authorities to arrest the 14 year old elder brother for involuntary manslaughter.

The Wagoners are suing the triple-load washer’s manufacturer because the machine allegedly started with no coins inserted.

So how did the child end up in the machine, how did the machine come to start without the necessary eleven quarters, why is the brother under arrest?

The police aren’t talking but two plus two usually equals four. Hope’s teenage brother had to have put the child in the machine. Maybe he was playing a joke on her. If indeed the machine did start without the necessary coinage than surely Hope’s brother meant her no harm.

I’m going with the brother did the deed on purpose. I don’t believe the authorities arrested him for no reason. In fact, it’s reported that by the time the dead child was recovered there was water in the machine and the cycle was almost complete.

The mother doesn’t seem to know what happened. I must wonder why the teenaged brother waited so long to get help. Or had someone already inserted the coins, completed a half cycle of laundry, then left? If so, well that’s why the machine ran without the needed coins. Also, if so, the brother had to stuff his younger sister into the machine while water was already in it.

Either way it’s a horrific tragedy. By me that half-brother is in on it.

From the Washington Post:

Hope’s 14-year-old half brother has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in her death. Officials have refused to explain the details of his alleged involvement. But in a statement issued Friday, the Wagoner family said, “Our son would never have hurt his sister” and did not have 11 quarters.

Bonnie and Clyde They’re Not
Jennifer Hyatte is about a pathetic piece of American womanhood to claim the title. An LPN, she worked at a jail facility where she met the lovely George Hyatte. A fellow who had, count ‘em, escaped from custody on FOUR prior occasions. For the fifth time, George had a little help from his pathetic wife.

Jennifer Hyatte shot and killed a guard upon her husband’s command. The pair then ran off to Ohio, taking a cab of all things.

The cab driver turned the pair in and they were eventually rounded up and returned to Kentucky. Somewhere along the line the sweet Jennifer Hyatte was wounded.

Here’s a question: We have a fellow with a history of escape. The fellow is allowed to court and marry a woman employed in the prison from which, hey it’s a wild guess, he wanted to escape.

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Was it wise to allow this relationship. The pair were married in jail for God’s sake. And shouldn’t those authorities have been watching this fellow George a little closer? In that he was already a known escapee and now he had a very stupid accomplice.

A good family man is now dead. Let’s hope this ersatz Bonnie and Clyde do not enjoy conjugal visits in jail, where they’re both going for a long, long time.
Who is the Piano Man?

Of all the unsolved true crimes, the identity of the Piano Man remains a mystery. He was found walking the beaches of New Zealand. All of the tags had been removed from his clothes and shoes. He does not speak and has remained mute since pick up by New Zealand authorities in April of this year.

For a long time it was speculated that this whole strange thing was a hoax. To bring attention, perhaps, to an upcoming concert.

Yet the Piano Man still plays the piano in his psychiatric hospital home, still he does not talk and still no one knows why all labels were removed from his clothing.

Some speculation has it that the man is autistic. Such as scratchy labels tend to irritate these sensitive souls to distraction. Since he was found, soaked, on a beach, more speculation is that someone dropped him off at the shore via boat and the fellow waded to the beach.

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A mute man who plays the piano beautifully is a rare enough thing. If the man is now in need of psychiatric care than before his strange appearance on the beach someone had to be taking care of him. Whoever the someone is, surely the publicity of a piano-playing virtuoso would ring some bells.

Whoever dropped the Piano Man off at that beach wanted to get rid of him.

Otherwise, why has no one claimed him?

First post about the Piano Man on my Blog HERE

From the New Zealand Herald–

Doctors fear mute piano virtuoso will never be identified

The story of the man found wandering near a remote beach in Kent with the labels cut off his dripping wet evening suit excited imaginations the world over. From Stockholm to Vancouver, calls flooded in suggesting names for the silent enigma that was Piano Man.

Now, four months later, the mute blond virtuoso remains in a psychiatric hospital in Dartford. His carers said yesterday that they believe that he may never be identified.

He was taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham on 7 April and when staff gave him a pen and paper, he drew detailed pictures of a grand piano. When he was shown a piano in the hospital chapel, he played classical music “beautifully” for four hours.

Staff at the West Kent NHS Trust are still sifting through a list of more than 200 names provided during a welter of publicity about the case when it first became public in May.

Finally, Man Shoots Car With Blaring Car Alarm
No details on whether the Toyota Camry survived. Though the irritated neighbor shot the thing three times.

Would it take three bullets to kill a Camry one must ask? Did the bullets at least stop the blasted alarm?

From the LA Times:

Disturbed by a blaring car alarm in the neighborhood, a Simi Valley man decided to do something about it. Shortly after the incessant screeching began about 10 p.m. Tuesday outside the Yosemite Avenue apartment, the man identified the source of the noise as a white Toyota Camry and shot it. At least three times.

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  • WTF

    I hope SOMEONE has the decency to give that poor soul a piano.

    Perhaps someone will come in record him, make a kind of George Winston record and offset his bills, or better yet donate the proceeds to autistic causes.

    He needs to play, he needs to play, he needs to play.

    An extremely interesting post, hopefully someone will keep the flame alive.


  • denise larrick

    I know jennifer and I now she did not mean to do what she did she has had a very hard life she can be manulipated very easy I know from time spent with her she is a good person and a good mother she has had a very hard life and needs a little understanding he the butt she married is very good at getting women to do this so dont blame just her he is to blame also he is a good conartist i know she is very sorry for what she did and wishes she could take it all back