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True Crime Update Week Ending 8/21/05

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.
Let’s Put BTK Behind Us For Good

I’ve had quite enough of Dennis Rader.

The man who murdered 10 people for his own sexual pleasure, taunted the Kansas police for many years and now enjoys his day in the sun as he re-creates his crimes in his “confession”.

There’s been too many adjectives that attempt to describe this man. “Despicable” is close.

As it turned out, BTK is an unimportant little man who chased dogs, lived in a tiny house and murdered people.

Rader will never be subject to the death penalty as Kansas, in its wisdom, re-instituted the death penalty AFTER Rader had killed his tenth victim.

Why was it ever eliminated to begin with?

For Dennis Rader would be having his date with a needle had the good people of Kansas determined earlier that only death is appropriate for this man and his ilk.

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Rader was sentenced to the maximum allowed, a minimum of 175 years without chance of a parole.

The sentence hearing of Rader was one of the most bizarre spectacles human beings should have to witness.

The man launched into a long list of people he wanted to “thank”. He gave the Wichita police a pat on the back, going on about their dedication and perseverance. The expression of thanks was almost a slap in the face by me. The Wichita police missed catching this guy for over 25 years. Hardly impressive police work and add to it a congratulations by the serial killer finally caught by his own hand, well I saw it as a dig by Rader.

Rader also told the judge that he cooperated with the police but then said he ‘blew so much smoke’ in recounting his crimes that ‘nobody knows fact from fiction’.

Well Mr. Pathetic man, you had your fun and attention with your heartbreaking confession in front of families of the slain victims. Time for you to be locked in a jail and be tossed aside in the ash heap of history.
Another Ray Gricar Sighting

The disappearance of this Pennsylvania prosecutor might not be resonating across the fruited plains. For by now it is very evident that Gricar is very much alive.

He was sighted once dining with an older woman near Canada. Now it’s reported he was spotted in Texas, eating lunch!

In fact, a woman managed to get a picture of him as he ate. When interviewed on Greta, Gricar’s family waffled but finally admitted they couldn’t deny the man in the picture was Ray Gricar.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Gricar took a day off work to go for a long drive, left his car at a nearby antique mall, and it seemed he just poof, disappeared. His cell phone was in his car but his laptop computer was missing. Recently the laptop computer was found in a nearby pond. But its hard drive was missing.

Since evidence continues to mount that this man is gallivanting all across the United States, I must wonder what on earth would possess a man who has been called caring and loving by those closest to him to do such a dirty trick.

Lack of courage? An offer he couldn’t refuse?

Someday the full story of Ray Gricar will be known.

For now, by me, he’s a selfish individual who chose the cheap and cheesy way out.
LaToyia Figueroa’s Remains Found
She was pregnant and the last person to see her alive was her “baby’s Daddy”.

Her father ranted and raved across the cable talk show spectrum that Natalee Holloway, white and pretty, received way more coverage than his daughter.

It was just so evident that LaToyia was a victim of the hand of her baby’s father. Further, if she wanted nothing more to do with that man, why did she meet him that day? The man, Stephen Poaches , was a ‘former’ boyfriend and was allegedly already shacked up with another woman, also pregnant, met with LaToyia for a prenatal checkup. Poaches was the last person to see her alive.

This story had murder by former lover written all over it.

Which all turned out to be true. For didn’t Poaches lead the police directly to LaToyia’s body when he decided he was going to move it?

The difference between LaToyia and Natalee is not the color of their skin or hair. Had LaToyia went missing during a vacation in Aruba while the most likely suspect languished in jail, refusing to talk much less lead Aruban cops directly to Natalee’s body, then LaToyia would be receiving the same coverage as Natalee.

Assuming also that LaToyia had a determined mother as Natalee does.

But three cheers for LaToyia’s Dad, who did get out there and beat the bushes.

He got plenty of attention.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sometimes it’s the nature of the crime, the circumstances, the actions of the players, that determine which true crime gains the attention of the media.

The media has to sell advertising time to advertisers who want lots of viewers to see their product. The media tends to chase after more sensational crimes.

It’s the nature of the beast and the color of a victim’s skin does not make that determination.

First Blog entry on LaToyia.
The Massacre of the Ducks
Seems a young man driving a red Acura got it into his head that some ducks needed to die. So he drive his car through the parking lot, driving over and killing many ducks and ducklings.

His brave and noble actions were all captured on videotape.

This fellow is going to get caught, take it to the bank.

Killing ducks might not be a true crime and the penalty for same might be insignificant.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But he should be forever shamed for such inhumane and dastardly deeds.

It can’t happen too soon.

Stay tuned because when they find this guy we’ll feature his picture and name prominently that he may be forever admired for his brave act.

From the AP:

Police have no leads in the duck massacre at a Campbell car wash, but reward donations have topped $4,200, a manager said Saturday.

“People getting their car washed are saying, ‘Add $5 or $20 for the ducks,'” said Bryan Buell, assistant manager at Delta Queen Classic Car Wash. “It’s been a very heartening experience.”

A video surveillance camera captured the carnage about 12:30 a.m. Aug. 5, when a young man in a red Acura drove repeatedly through the parking lot running over the ducks — including several ducklings — that live there.

Ten ducks were killed.

Car wash employees offered a reward Friday. So far, they’ve received calls from CNN, the “Today” show and outraged duck lovers throughout Northern California.

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