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True Crime Update: Missing Cruise Ship Passenger, Gricar and That Wacky Jackson Jury

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.
Groene Murderer, Joseph Duncan, Involved in Another Child Murder

California authorities have matched a partial fingerprint on a piece of duct tape used to bound 10 year old Anthony Matinez to Joseph Duncan.
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Duncan is the human garbage who broke into the home of Shasta Groene, bludgeoned her entire family to death, then took off with Shasta and Dylan Groene. Duncan later killed Dylan but was later found with Shasta in a Denny’s restaurant.

In the picture, the judge who released Duncan on yet another child molestation charge so he could go on to kill the Groene family, is in the lower corner.

Another American Tourist Goes Missing
George Smith IV of Greenwich, Connecticut was on a honeymoon cruise when he went missing on July 5.

Here’s yet another murder handled terribly by foreign investigators. Much in the same manner as Natalee Holloway, missing in Aruba since late May in this year of our Lord 2005.

Folks, they want American money but when Americans go missing they don’t want the bother of the investigation or bad publicity.

For the murder of George Smith IV on that Royal Caribbean International cruise ship too was an inexcusable delay in investigation by the authorities involved. There were reports of something untoward going on in that Smith cabin even BEFORE Smith went missing.

Barbara McCulloch reported screams coming from the Smith cabin and took pictures of blood stains on the canopy of a rescue boat. She was on the cruise with her family and the screams as well as the blood-stained pictures were reported to ship’s authorities before it was even known that Smith was missing.

In addition, a retired cop phoned the ship’s “911” number that very same night and reported a loud “thud” coming from the Smith cabin.

For five days no one interviewed either McCulloch or the retired cop.

Over time more details are emerging about this strange case.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
There’s that matter of Smith’s new bride. Who was found passed out in the ship’s lounge the following morning. Whose statements have been inconsistent, at first claiming that she and George went to sleep that night as normal. It’s still unclear how newlywed Jennifer Hagel Smith ended up in the ship’s lounge if both she and her husband allegedly went to sleep as normal.

The latest news on this case is the possible involvement of three men who were seen “helping” Smith to his cabin that night. Passengers all around the Smith cabin reported sounds of angry men from within. Two of the men are alleged to be Russian. Both Smiths were reported to have been very drunk that night.

As of this writing there hasn’t even been confirmation that a crime has been committed.

What with the screaming and arguing heard all around, never mind the blood stains, one might reasonably assume George Smith IV did not innocently fall overboard that night.

Cruise ships are governed by no particular law. The FBI as well as the state of Connecticut are investigating the crime. How likely are they to be able to bring Smith’s murderers to justice after all this time?

As for Smith’s bride, Jennifer Hagel Smith, it’s still unclear her involvement in this “crime”.

Watch for details of this botched investigation to emerge this coming week.

The United States of America is a great big beautiful country. We’ve the Grand Canyon and endless oceans on both coasts.

Perhaps it’s time for Americans to travel within the confines of our own wondrous land. Sure a crime still might occur but at least American investigators will get involved and will not be subject to the secrecy and coverup of whatever tourist government does not care..
Ray Gricar’s Laptop Found in River
Ray Gricar is a Pennsylvania prosecutor who went for a drive one day and never returned.

He had a devoted girlfriend and from all indications was a happy man living a normal life.

His car was found abandoned at an antique mall.

Even odder about this missing person’s case, Gricar was allegedly spotted having a dinner with an older woman somewhere near Canada. While erroneous sightings of missing people are common, in this case the couple who reported the sighting went to great pains to verify what they saw, not even reporting the incident until they returned home to check another picture of Gricar to be sure they got it right.

I saw Gricar’s fiancé on Greta and even she seemed shock by this credible sighting.

Now Gricar’s laptop was found at the bottom of the river. With its hard drive missing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When Gricar was reported missing there was much speculation over the missing laptop as well as his abandoned car. Well now we have the missing laptop which was, we may assume, tossed into the river.

And why is the hard drive missing?

I’m still working on the theory that Ray Gricar arranged his own disappearance and went off to live with another love in Canada. By me that missing hard drive was insurance that no one would ever know where he went.

It’s a strange world sometimes and people do strange things.

From Newsday:

August 1, 2005, 12:04 PM EDT
BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A laptop computer that belonged to a county prosecutor who has been missing for more than three months was found in a river near the spot where his car was abandoned, police said Monday.

Two fishermen found the computer, which was missing its hard drive, on Saturday at the bottom of the Susquehanna River, Bellefonte police said. The fishermen turned it over to state police who determined it belonged to Centre County District Attorney Ray F. Gricar.

That Whacky Jackson Jury
Michael Jackson picks his young victims based on their appearance as well as their descent from a very dysfunctional family.

In his most recent conquest he picked a kid with such a crazy mother that the jury hated the woman right from the start. On various interviews, various jury members scolded the woman for shaking her finger at them or for being so stupid as to allow her child to sleep with Jackson.

Hey, it was a California jury. Guess they didn’t get the message that the victim’s MOTHER, no matter how unlikeable, was not the one on trial.

Dear Lord now there’s more.

For several of the jurors are reportedly working on a book. And one such ghost writer who was approached for help on the books has reported what he has learned.

It’s not pretty.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The ghost writer, named Brown, reported that the older woman juror named Cook, the lady who snarled on national TV that the victim’s mother shouldn’t be “snapping your fingers at me”, allegedly exchanged winks with Jackson’s mother, exchanged wardrobe tips and STILL has a cozy relationship with Katherine Jackson.

Brown also reports that three female jurors were rabid Jackson fans and often cooed “Not my Michael” during jury deliberations.
More information HERE.

Hey, it’s only a little Spick kid and we’re talking mighty Michael Jackson. Michael gave the kid gifts and showed him and his family a good time.

In California, celebrity trumps all. And the celebrated should be provided fresh young boy meat that he may entertain us better with their needs fulfilled.
A Heinous Crime Flying Under the Radar
Came across this story and was flabberghasted.

There’s no murder or even death involved. Yet’s it’s as heinous a crime as most any.

Seems a Mr. Cline had a diabetic, disabled wife. Seems, like Dennis Rader, Mr. BTK, Cline enjoyed watching his victim “die” and unlike BTK, Cline had a ready victim every day of the year..

Cline would overdose his disabled wife with insulin than spend some time with her, strangling her or suffocating her with a plastic bag. Before his wife died Cline would administer glucose to bring her back to “life”.

What’s even more despicable, Cline videotaped his escapades for his later enjoyment.

From Yahoo News:

“Her face begins to turn blue and her hands turn black,” Gaertner said. “Then he revives her. We see him giving her glucose and she returns back to life.”

Often, prosecutors claim, Cline repeats the process, suffocating and reviving her sometimes two or three times per session. Cline later played the tapes for his own sexual gratification, police said.

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  • Tom

    Your tales of “Another American Tourist Goes Missing” are very interesting. It seems you already know he was murdered and that the Russians were involved. Get a clue!

    The Russians were from New York, the cop next door never heard any screams and the interviews happened the very same day.

    You sir, are retarded!

  • Janice

    I am the mom of a missing son from Waterbury CT., not very far from the Greenwich CT. man who went missing on the cruise line. Our hearts genuninely goes out to the family of the man, as we know what it is like to experience a missing family member. It is not only foreign countries or cruiselines who muff the investigation. We have worked so hard to find our son, he disappeared on August 24, 2004. Since his disappearance we have basically had to handle this case ourselves. We have been told by police no body no case. Another person of influence passed the remark, “I know you care about your child but no one else does.” This is so heartbreaking to hear we cannot get involvement. William Smolinski Jr. missing for 16 long months, is our child and because he is a male, recognition of his disappearance is tiredlessly agonizing. We have been hanging flyers in many towns, on poles, and in store windows trying to get attention. All flyers remain except in a few different towns where they are being torn, slashed and written on by the x-girlfriend and her friends, all documented with photos. They are also schoolbus drivers and have taken them down while driving the schoolbus, all is on video, we cannot get ANYONE to commit to look at the tape. This is absolutely ludicrous, the authorities do not want to step on toes, meanwhile one of the towns had questioned my daughter (Billys sister)and myself trying to scare us, pressed five false charges against us and passed a comment they will drop all charges if we do not take our tape to channel 8 news. In the room making these comments was the detective, owner of the bus company these woman are driving for and a police officer who passed a comment he did not want to become part of this movie. A month later in May of 2005 this same policeofficer who did not want to become part of this whole nightmare called me at my home on a Saturday giving me 2 days to turn myself in, for what you ask? Hanging a flyer on a telephone pole I was charged with criminal tresspassing in the first degree, if I did not turn myself in I would be handcuffed and brought in when they saw me in town. I might add I have never even had as much as a traffic violation, now I was finger printed and have a mugshot. In June of 2005 I appeared in Superior CT, New Haven CT., the states attorney nolled the case and his comments were “I never saw anything like this.” The story continues to this day with many twists and turns, photos and videos, but still because of a politician involved, a business owner, and FAVORS by others we as a loving family are basically left to fight this battle daily. The incompetence not only happens on foreign soil but also in our own back yard. My son was a loving, caring, indiviual and because of that reason he became a victim he was not prepared for. Please view his website: Smolinski.4ourangel.com read his guestbook entries and also go on the discussion panel, this will give you a good insight as to what we are facing on a daily basis.

  • John Alston

    I just was subjected to the comments of a “legal analyst” from one of the major networks bemoaning the incident on the cruise line and somehow concluding that the cruise line is the villian in this event. It is obvious to me that if the victim and his wife were not stinking drunk that the event would not have happened.

    Unfortunately, the cruise line will play the role of deep pockets in this scenario, and the wife will win the lottery. Whatever happened to personal responsibility in America?