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True Crime Update 8/28/05

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.
Julie Popovich-Did She Know the Guy or Not?

Julie Popovich has been described as both a “model” and an “actress”.

Whatever her career, she is a pretty young woman who has disappeared.

As this true crime unfolds, it’s unclear whether the woman left this Ledo’s bar with someone she knew or someone her friends THOUGHT she knew.

Obviously the identification of whoever Julie left with that night is of paramount importance. All coverage of this disappearance has yet to make clear to the viewer just WHO Julie left with that night, whether or not she knew him, and if she did know him, who is he?

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From NBC4:

Julie Popovich, 20, disappeared last Thursday after a night out with friends at Ledo’s Bar on North High Street. No one has seen her since. For her family, organization is of the utmost importance.

More than 40 friends and family passed out thousands of pictures hoping someone who sees her face will call Crimestoppers with a tip. According to a police report, the night Popovich went missing, her friends saw her get into a car with someone they thought she knew, NBC 4 reported.

Pregnant Woman Jones Still Missing

Like Latoyia Figueroa, the missing pregnant woman, Amanda Jones, was likely killed by her lovely former boyfriend.

Amanda Jones was scheduled to deliver her unborn child TODAY, 8/30/05.

The father of this baby is a fellow named Westfall but of course, he denies any knowledge of Jones’ disappearance.

When this Grandmother Blogger was a young woman, there was no such thing as DNA tests. In fact, should a woman become pregnant, one of the popular ways for the real father of the child to get out from under any responsibility was for him to get a bunch of buddies to go to court and have them all swear they had sex with the unfortunate lady. Thus there was no way to determine the unborn child’s paternity.

A more disturbing pattern in our society is the desperation of men who have fathered babies and KNOW that paternity can be easily established.

No more does a fellow father a child and get away from any obligation to same.

Except, sadly, if they murder the mother.

Scott Peterson saw it as a way out. Latoyia’s ex-boyfriend too saw it as the way to avoid such obligations. Now this Westfall character, who has a new lady friend and no doubt wants to be unburdened of the baby Jones’ was expecting, also might well have chosen the murder route.

Two things.

Ladies, don’t get pregnant unless it is a plan. Don’t think that getting pregnant will “catch” the guy you want. Today there are patches that boom, put on the skin and there’s birth control for an entire month.

Fellows, protect your own selves. Climbing into bed with a woman might result in a pregnancy. There are, ahem, ways for men to prevent pregnancy. Don’t assume the woman is taking care of it.

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This is not to espouse murder as a method to end an unwanted pregnancy. Goodness knows what poor Latoyia was thinking when she got pregnant by that idiot who killed her.

It’s a whole new world out there. Although unplanned pregnancies will likely always happen, with modern advances in birth control, even abortion I whisper, there is really no sane reason to saddle a man with a child he does not want nor will he help raise. Both Amanda and Latoyia already had children for God’s sake. It’s not like they were inexperienced teenagers.

From KSDK.com:

The pink top Jones is wearing in the photo is what she had on when she vanished on Sunday. That’s when Jones met a male acquaintance in the parking lot of the Hillsboro Civic Center. Family members say he is the father of her unborn child.

Have You Ever Been Mellow?

It seems that Olivia Newton-John has been a bit too mellow about the disappearance of her boyfriend, Patrick Kim McDermott.

Because, oddly, it wasn’t sweet Olivia who reported McDermott as missing. It was his EX-WIFE!

But okay, maybe Olivia and Patrick weren’t all that close. Except that Olivia cancelled two scheduled TV appearances over this incident and is also allegedly helping to find McDermott.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What’s really weird, the folks who license out the fishing boat where McDermott was last seen, swear that he got off the boat.

But of course they have everything to gain if McDermott didn’t disappear off of their boat, yes?

All of McDermott’s personal belongings were found on the boat and his car was discovered in the marina parking lot.

This makes me totally not believe that McDermott got off that boat alive I don’t care what the marina people say.

McDermott, no mind his celebrated girlfriend, is alleged to be deeply in debt and without substantial assets. His ex-wife took him to court and was awarded a bunch of back child support.

There’s whispers that McDermott arranged for his own disappearance.

Could be. It’s happened before.

Until the mystery of the missing McDermott, who could be in Australia by now, wink, wink, is solved, this is an intriguing case.

From SMH.com:

Newton-John urged anyone with information about McDermott, who was last seen on a fishing boat off the coast of California on July 1, to contact US authorities.

The mystery over McDermott’s disappearance has deepened.

Witnesses say he returned from the overnight fishing trip from San Pedro harbour, south of Los Angeles.

The fact that McDermott’s personal belongings were found on the boat, and his car was abandoned nearby and not discovered until July 11, had heightened suspicions he may have gone overboard.

Identity of “Piano Man” Ascertained

Yet it’s still a damn strange case.

A young man is found walking along an English beach. His clothes are soaked and all labels on his clothing and shoes had been removed.

Original Piano Man Post right here on Blogcritics

For four months the fellow would not utter a word. Officials at the mental institution where he ended up alleged that he was a wonderful pianist and …

Well below an actual quote from a staffer:

From the UK Guardian:

“He played sections from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky but most often seemed to prefer to perform what appear to be his own compositions, which have been compared to the work of the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi.”

Recently, the Piano Man started talking. Turns out he’s a gay German, name still not known. Allegedly he has been returned to his family in Germany.

Other revelations are that the man’s vaunted piano skills were all lies, that he could only play one note repeatedly. That’s a far cry from that quote above.

Below is a Bio of a German pianist, Martin Wiegand, and a pic of the Piano Man as he was found walking that beach next to a picture of Wiegand.

Many people thought, and still do, that they are one and the same people.

According to latest reports they are not the same person.

You be the judge.

And why all the lies by the mental health people?

I think it’s a cover-up.

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  • Lindsay G

    Wanted to comment on Bryan Westfall and Amanda Jones. They were strangers who met at Christmas, 2004, and had a brief encounter.

    There is and was no relationship.

    Given that Ms. Jones’ due date was late August, 2005, there is no way that Bryan Westfall was the sperm donor.

    Word is that she called him to ask if he wanted to be involved with the child, and that he returned the phone call and asked her to meet him at his workplace, at 1:00 p.m.

    His farm has twice been searched, with his consent.

    The 18 items taken from his property and Ms. Jones car were sent for forensic testing and the results which came back in April 2005, do not link Bryan Westfall to the case.

  • Samantha

    Considering the ‘Personal attacks are NOT allowed’ message it’s surprising to see such an attack on Bryan. So many fabrications and not facts in this blog, Grandma.