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True Crime Update 12/6/05

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.

Manuel Gehring Saved Taxpayers a Lot of Money

For they found his murdered children. Murdered by his own hand.

Thanks to Manuel for doing the right thing and ending his own life for this brand of heinousness.

Sarah Gehring, 14, and her brother Philip, 11, are believed to have been murdered by their father as he fled across the country on July 4, 2003. Manuel Gehring confessed but killed himself in prison before he could be tried.

Hudson police Chief David Robbins said the dog suddenly started to dig near a small wood pile and what appeared to be a makeshift cross. The dog tore part of the plastic, which the woman thought appeared peculiar.

Both bodies were in the same shallow grave, the chief said.

Sarah, 14, and Philip, 11, were murdered by their father, Manuel Gehring, as he fled across the country in July 2003. Gehring confessed to the slayings but killed himself in prison before he could be tried.

According to court documents, Gehring said both children were asleep when he pulled off the highway later that night, shooting Sarah first, and then after the gun jammed, using another gun to shoot Philip. He covered them with a blanket, then drove for hours with their bodies in his van before saying a prayer, making the crosses and burying them.


Shades of Laci Peterson

Ole Shaun Rudy just dropped his wife off along side the road after an argument, according to Channel13000.com. Hardly a nice thing to do in and of itself. But we’ll allow as such dramas do happen at times in a troubled marriage.

Only problem is, pregnant Christine Rudy has yet to show up anywhere.

Wethinks ole Shaun took the Scott Peterson route and got rid of his pregnant burden, forever.

MADISON, Wis. — Parents of a missing, pregnant woman in northwest Wisconsin said that they are holding out hope that she’ll be found safe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Christine Rudy, 21, of Thorp, was last seen by her husband, Shaun, on Nov. 12 on a rural road in Clark County. Shaun said that he left her along the side of that road after they got into an argument, WISC-TV reported.


Reverse Spin on Tookie Williams

Just because this fellow has a bunch of Hollywood Moonbats rooting for him doesn’t mean he should any more consideration than any death row inmate across the land. He was tried by a jury of his peers and he was found guilty. If the Moonbats don’t like the death penalty, using this fellow to invalidate it is not the way to go. Get the citizens to sign the petitions, elect representatives to abolish the death penalty, go through our Democratic system and get it done.

For now, Tookie’s had twenty years worth of appeals and indeed, even appealed to the Supreme Court. Which turned down his case.

When the rich and powerful and Moonbat-inspired get out and about and use the public forum to make their case, it leaves very many without a voice in the matter. To this end, we’ve created a montage of Tookie’s victims. It’s a gruesome sight and I’ll not post it directly here but will provide a link to those who want to see just what Tookie did.

All the anti-gang children’s books are not going to bring these people back to life. And sure, goes the argument, showing such incendiary photos is bound to cause emotional turmoil.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Going out and bawling over the air waves about children’s books and changed demeanors also causes emotional turmoil.

Just to get a balance here, let’s not forget what this man did. Let’s not forget that he was legally convicted. Let’s not forget that he’s had all the appeals this country can offer.

Let’s not forget that across the land the death penalty has been re-enacted due to American’s demands that it be done.

Yes, many are against the death penalty but unfortunately, this country is ruled by the majority. Someone needs to tell that to the Moonbats. They don’t get their way because they are smarter and more elite than us idiots out here in la-la land.

If Tookie gets his death sentence commuted, then so too should every convict in death row across the country who claims to have been “reformed”.

Funny how people are often against the death penalty until it becomes one of their loved ones victimized by these heathens.

Americans don’t buy it. By a large majority they want the death penalty and those that finally get the needle have had years of appeals.

Warning-Gruesome Content


It Wasn’t a Sexual Assault — It Was Sleep Sex.

You can’t make this up. The guy rapes a woman but is let off because he has a disease that causes him to have sex while he’s asleep! Sleeping but with enough consciousness to put on a condom.

This is a Canadian case. Soon enough we’ll add this excuse to allow criminals to walk here in America. It’s just a matter of time.

In an unusual case in a Scarborough, Ontario, courtroom, Jan Luedecke was acquitted of sexual assault after a judge ruled he was asleep during the attack — a disorder known as “sexsomnia.”

“This is indeed a rare case … His conduct was not voluntary,” said Justice Russell Otter, as Luedecke’s victim shook, sobbed and then left the courtroom.

The judgment has outraged women’s groups.

“This is infuriating. It’s another case of the courts not taking a woman seriously, adding yet another list to the list of excuses which men use for sexual assault,” said Suzanne Jay, of the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres.

Luedecke, a 33-year-old landscaper, met his victim at a party on July 6, 2003. Both had been drinking.

The woman, who can’t be named, had fallen asleep on a couch. She woke up to find him having sex with her. She pushed him off, then reported the rape to police.

She didn’t know Luedecke before that night.

Luedecke claimed he fell asleep on the same couch and woke up when he was thrown to the floor.

He only suspected he had had sex after using the bathroom and discovering he was still wearing a condom, court heard. He confessed to police.

During his trial, sleep expert Dr. Colin Shapiro testified Luedecke had parasomnia — a disorder with symptoms such as sleepwalking.

Shapiro testified Luedecke suffered from sexsomnia, which is sexual behaviour during sleep.


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  • That sexsomnia bit would be funny if a woman hadn’t been rape.

    Somehow I doubt my wife would find it amusing if I tried to claim something similar, either.

    What a crock!

  • beadto

    There is reason to believe that Mr. Williams was participating in a call-demand strategy, and that he thought the strategy was legal BECAUSE troop members (of different sorts) use the same script.

  • beadtot

    There is reason to believe that Mr. Williams was participating in a call-demand strategy, and that he thought the strategy was legal BECAUSE troop members (of different sorts) use the same script.

  • GoHah

    Tookie must die, indeed. Even the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal (and fortunately, the most overturned) court in the country, refused to hear the case again. And agreed, no amount of children’s books (ghostwritten by another writer) helps–and hell, practically anyone can get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Wouldn’t an equally, if not more, powerful anti-gang message be sent by executing him as a lesson in what happens when you murder? And no one seems to bring up the equally damning fact that this guy is a co-founder of the Crips, and as such, bears the extra burden of having spurred on much more violence, and many more deaths.