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True Crime Update 12/13/05

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.
Claimed to Have a Bomb-He’s Now Dead

There’s still much unknown about this story. Soon enough the wife will be on Greta telling her sob story. We’ll have sound and sight bites of their house, gaily decorated for Christmas I am to understand.

For now, the story is he claimed to have a bomb. A Sky Marshall demanded to have his carry-on luggage. The fellow was also ordered to remain still, make no sudden moves. Instead he reached for his backpack then took off down the skyway passage from terminal to plane.

There’s some story about his wife getting involved in all of this. Give it time. On Greta she’ll tell us her story. Which will be something to the effect that her husband was mentally deficient or some such. This is the current scuttlebutt at any rate.

But what does the story behind the story matter? The guy claimed to have a bomb, he was warned to remain still, he ran.

That’s enough to get a bullet in the head ladies and gems. Intentionally in the head in that metal piercing the brain tends to immediately stop such physical ability as detonating the bomb. A bullet in the leg, hey, the bomber can still pull the plug.

On the other side, Chrissie Matthews will be spitting with all his liberal guests over the nerve of a Sky Marshall shooting and killing an innocent man.

By now, of course, the immediate story, the ones the Sky Marshalls had, has been fleshed out. We know the fellow did not have a bomb and it’s suspected that his mental illness contributed to his lack of appropriate response

It’s always easier to make decisions with the aid of hindsight. It’s been said before and it must be said again.

Meanwhile, all across the country Americans collectively yawn. Should any politico get it into his/her head that this is going to cause a massive backlash that politico should think again.

How much money do you think that widow’s going to get from her lawsuit?

Below, first report from the local NBC 6 news:

Shots Fired On American Airlines Flight At MIA

MIAMI — A passenger on an American Airlines flight told NBC 6 that shots were fired on an airplane about to depart from Miami International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

Mary Gardner, who was a guest on NBC 6’s South Florida Today show Wednesday morning, told NBC 6 the plane was on the runway when a passenger caused a disturbance and an air marshal fired shots.

Miami-Dade fire rescue officials confirmed the shooting.

The shooting happened at about 2 p.m. on AA flight 924, heading to Orlando.

Gardner appeared as a guest on NBC 6’s “South Florida Today” this morning, telling viewers about inexpensive Christmas gifts.

NBC 6 will have more details as they become available.

Meanwhile we have this story. Which floated about for a bit. An Egyptian man with shoes smelling like explosives, hmmmmm.

Later on in the day it was reported that the shoes were tested further and they came out clean. Meanwhile we must wonder why on earth this fellow was let loose by his original Transportation Safety inquisitors.

Officials say a 50-year old Egyptian man was stopped six days ago at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Sources say he had a suspicious pair of shoes that tested positive five times for the explosive substance TATP on the interior of his shoes between the heel and sole.

Federal officials say the man’s shoes are remarkably similar to those used by shoe bomber Richard Reid, who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet over the Atlantic four years ago.

The Egyptian man’s destination was Des Moines, Iowa, sources say, and he claimed he was a student at Iowa State University, in Ames.

Strangely, after holding him overnight, airport security in New York released him. The FBI was notified after he was released. Now the FBI has put out a nationwide alert.

The man shot dead in Miami appears to have been deranged, but the missing Egyptian may help explain why air marshals acted as they did


Who Is Aruba Kidding?

So Vanity Fair gets an interview with Aruban deputy police chief in charge of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. And who, pray tell WHO, ladies and gems, does this fellow call the biggest impediment to their investigation?

Beth Holloway and her husband Jug Twitty!

Now I’m supposing that Natalee’s mother and stepfather were a bit angry due to the fact that a bunch of third rate third world thugs murdered her daughter. Not that this wouldn’t make most folks a bit angry. While the police fiddled and did essentially nothing about it.

I’m not buying that they impeded that investigation for a minute. If so, then this Dompig character is admitting that he has no control over his police department.

We’ve heard enough about the many errors in the investigation. Not impounding the car in which Natalee was last seen for over ten days? How on earth did Beth and Jug cause this to happen? A car that might well have been filled with forensic evidence. Ten days is plenty of time to clean out a car.

And how about that bit about arresting those two black security guards? I distinctly remember Beth Holloway saying that she didn’t think those guys had anything to do with Natalee’s disappearance. Saw it with my own lying eyeballs. So how did Beth cause this miscarriage of justice to happen?

That rant about all the unsolved American cases by this Dompig nut is what? Just what on earth does this prove? O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson WERE, Mr. Dompig, brought to justice. A jury of their peers listened to the evidence and found them “not guilty”. Natalee’s murderers will likely never be brought before a jury of their peers or however the hell they do it in Aruba. The Aruban police allowed any evidence that could be found against them to go unfound and uninvestigated. As for Jonbenet Ramsey, well at least those investigators INVESTIGATED her home and gathered whatever little forensic evidence available! They didn’t go out and arrest a black man for her murder just to appease someone.

The Natalee Holloway case illustrates how a corrupt justice system is run. Yay Mr. Dompig, most Americans will forever consider that Aruba either blew the investigation or all their missteps were somehow part of a plan to allow the lovely Joran van der Sloot to go free.

My theory is that Joran was somehow connected to that casino where he liked to gamble though he was underage. Joran’s father also liked to sit and gamble along side his underage son. Someone in Aruba is protecting these people. Natalee Holloway is small potatoes compared to the income from the mighty casinos.

No mind Mr. Dompig who pretty much demonstrates his idiocy. An investigation as intentionally botched as the Natalee Holloway crime is the direct result of a plan.

I suspect, thanks to the noise made by Beth Holloway, that many Americans will avoid Aruba in the future. They might not go out and march and likely those that book for Cancun over Aruba will never make their reasons publicly known. Beth Holloway was not successful in finding her daughter but she was very successful in giving Aruba a really bad black eye.

There’s the pain in poor Mr. Dompig’s narrative. Beth Holloway DARED to question and bring to light how Aruba takes American money but allows its citizens to murder our tourists AFTER they get the money.

Not that I ever would, but should the occasion come for me to visit a tropical getaway, Aruba will never be on my list. I suspect that many Americans, like me, will just strike this corrupt third world country from its visitor list with no great fanfare.

Were it not for Beth Holloway beating the drums, life in the Aruban paradise would have kept on per normal.

The Arubans hate that.

From Vanityfair.com:

Gerold Dompig, the Aruban deputy police chief in charge of the case of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance, discusses the case in detail for the first time, telling Vanity Fair special correspondent Bryan Burrough that the biggest obstacles to finding Holloway have been her mother and stepfather,Beth and Jug Twitty, themselves. Dompig charges that pressure from the family sidetracked the investigation from the outset, forcing premature arrests and not allowing Aruban authorities enough time to gather evidence.

 Posted by Hello

(These revelations appear in the January issue of Vanity Fair, which hits
newsstands December 7 in New York and L.A. and December 13 nationally.)

“They didn’t understand the way things are done in our system,” Dompig tells Burrough of the family. “They act like they came from a world where you can just crush people. It was very harmful to our investigation.”

Dompig tells Burrough that he expected the arrest of prime suspects Joran van der Sloot and two brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, would please the Twittys, but it didn’t. “It was like nothing could satisfy them-nothing,”

Former Aruban government minister John Merryweather tells him, “This is just a concerted attack on Aruba. A terrorist attack. Why blame the whole island, a whole country, for something that is out of our control? She attacks our justice system? What about yours? JonBen t. Was that ever solved? Michael Jackson-he gets off. O.J. That’s American justice, and the woman is criticizing us?”


Tookie Can You Hear Me?

At the time of this writing it’s still unknown if Tookie Williams, darling of the Hollywood Moonbats, will get an exemption from his death penalty.

It’s gruesome but click the link below to view Tookie’s victims. They are not around to let their feelings be known.

At the time of this writing Tookie might finally be meeting his victims face-to-face.

Click to view Tookie’s victims.


Will This Little Boy Ever Find Justice?

More, will his identity ever be discovered?

He was just a child, an innocent child. A child who trusted someone to care for him. Yet someone tossed his body aside like a useless bag of potatoes and left him to rot.

I covered this case in this article right here on Blogcritics. Below is a picture of the little boy, drawn by forensic artists based on the child’s bone structure.

It would seem that investigators have identified the child’s clothes as items sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. It’s a long shot but it’s also a beginning.

Because whoever did this to an innocent child needs to be found. And needs to be punished.

If we don’t protect the children then why bother at all?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From Chicagotribune.com:

Police track down leads on dead boy
$5,000 is offered to solve mystery

By Angela Rozas
Tribune staff reporter
Published December 8, 2005

Authorities have found three Wal-Mart stores nationwide–including one in northern Illinois–where someone bought both a shirt and pants like the ones on the body of a little boy discovered in DuPage County two months ago.

The decomposed body, estimated to be that of a 3- to 5-year-old, was found Oct. 8 in a laundry bag near Interstate Highway 88 in unincorporated Naperville Township. The boy’s identity or where he came from is not known, but his clothing, a navy blue shirt and pants, were sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

The retail chain helped officials cull computer records of their transactions until they found where both items had been purchased together, said Detective Division Cmdr. Mark Edwalds of the DuPage County sheriff’s office.


Technically It’s Not a True Crime

But it is criminal to leave a helpless cat in a refrigerator for four weeks. Poor thing was still alive but weighed only three pounds when they found him.

The child who put the cat in the refrigerator was only 4. He likely didn’t know what he was doing.

Somehow that cat survived, God Bless His little creature. An illustration of the strength of the will to live.

From Local6.com:

A cat in Oklahoma City survived being closed in a refrigerator for four weeks without food or water, according to a Local 6 News report.

Tyce Honer, 4, said he forgot he had put Louis the 10-pound cat in a refrigerator in the family’s barn to keep it safe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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