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True Crime Update – 12/1/05

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Intriguing crimes across the nation, notable for the type of crime, the celebrity of the criminal, or both.

Death Penalty Sought for Lisa Montgomery

I’m a little shocked at this announcement that prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty on Lisa Montgomery.

The story of Lisa Montgomery, a Kansas women who murderered Bobbie Jo Stinnett and ripped her unborn baby out of her womb, was one of the first stories I wrote about when I started Blogging.

My site became, for a while, the site to check in for the latest information on this murder which did, as one might imagine, shock the nation.

There were so many commenters checking in on the Montgomery threads that I had to no work at all. All information on that case was posted regularly, and directly from all the players, right on my Blog. It was a heady time for this Blogger.

Montgomery “met” Bobbie Jo via an online terrier aficionado group. Montgomery contacted Stinnett under the guise of purchasing a dog from Stinnett. At some point all of the players in this real and tragic life drama actually came together at a rat terrier convention.

As this case continued on, I was eventually contacted by Lisa’s ex-husband and also by two of her daughters. We discussed my writing a book on the matter. We were too distant what with this all being in Kansas and me in Delaware. Plus my True Crime writing credentials were non-existent. It didn’t come to pass but I have a fond place in my heart for Lisa’s family. This was one time when the True Crimes I write about came home to me on a personal level.

Thus I view this announcement with very mixed emotions, if yon reader would forgive this personal intrusion here. Lisa has four children by her first marriage. There are going to be some very broken, shaken and confused hearts over this should that death penalty come to pass and be carried through. What a burden it will be to live knowing that your mother got executed for her crimes. I simply cannot imagine.

Yet Lisa Montgomery committed one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. She cold-bloodedly murdered a young woman who had everything to live for. She ripped her unborn baby out of her mother’s womb. Not only is Bobbie Jo Stinnett dead, her daughter will grow up never having known her mother; knowing always how her mother died. Not to mention Bobbie Jo’s husband. Imagine the crater of pain this man carries around.

Lisa Montgomery is a candidate for the death penalty, I’ve no doubt about it. But having come to know her family as I have, my heart aches for their pain. Lisa’s daughters are fine hard-working kids. They deserved better than this too.

Death penalty to be sought for Melvern woman
The Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Prosecutors announced today that they will seek the death penalty for a Kansas woman accused of cutting a woman’s baby from her womb and claiming the baby as her own.

The U.S. attorney’s office filed a notice with the court saying it will seek the death penalty for Lisa M. Montgomery, 37, of Melvern, Kan. Montgomery is charged with kidnapping resulting in death for the Dec. 16 slaying of 23-year-old Bobbie Jo Stinnett of Skidmore, who was eight months pregnant with her first child.

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Stolen Light Poles in Baltimore?

On first glance one might call this story just plain weird.

Let’s take a second glance at it.

I understand that homeless folks like to gather old scrap metal which they sell for scrap value. I am also from Baltimore.

Published: November 25, 2005

BALTIMORE, Nov. 24 – Given that they stand some 30 feet tall, their disappearance is attracting a good deal of attention here – even as their final destination remains a mystery.

Thieves are sawing down aluminum light poles. Some 130 have vanished from Baltimore’s streets in the last several weeks, the authorities say, presumably sold for scrap metal. But so far the case of the pilfered poles has stumped the police, and left many local residents wondering just how someone manages to make off with what would seem to be a conspicuous street fixture.

The poles, which weigh about 250 pounds apiece, have been snatched during the day and in the middle of the night, from two-lane blacktop roads and from parkways with three lanes on either side of grass median strips, in poor areas and in some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. Left behind are half-foot stubs of metal, with wires that carry 120 volts neatly tied and wrapped in black electric tape.

Go with me on this. Homeless people in Baltimore do not drive around in vehicles big enough to carry 30′ poles. Those ubiquitous collectors of spare and rusty pipes and metal bits usually walk the streets, pushing a grocery cart then usually full of the metal they plan to sell. No way would these people not be noticed prancing around the streets with a 30′ pole sticking out of their cart. Most of them are so frail they couldn’t possibly heft 250 pounds.

There’s something or someone big behind this tale of thievery. Something’s very organized about this. Suggestions I’ve read across the Internet is that the company selling new pole replacements might be behind the thievery. That’s certainly a motive.

Whatever the case, it would seem this can’t go on much longer. The scrap yards are on the watch for these guys. Driving around Baltimore with big poles sticking out the back is going to be a highly suspect activity. I am curious until an arrest is made.


Robert Blake Pays Some Price

A jury found Blake at least 51% guilty of killing his wife . Such being the percentage surety of guilt to convict in a civil suit. Thus I’ll go with the percentage majority here and say I think Blake killed his rather pathetic wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

Bonnie might not have been the epitome of good taste but she was a human being and she deserved to live. Mr. Baretta guy isn’t God and he had no right to decide Bonnie was but a bother.

$30,000 million should eat up a lot of Blake’s pocket change. I’ll settle for that Blake’s gonna have to struggle for the rest of his life. He’s probably got a big book in the works that will recoup that verdict easily.

Ah, such is justice in America.

BURBANK, California (AP) — A civil jury Friday found actor Robert Blake liable for the slaying of his wife and ordered him to pay $30 million in damages.

The former “Baretta” star was acquitted of criminal charges eight months ago in the May 2001 death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Jurors had begun deliberations on November 4; Friday was their eighth day.

Bakley’s four children sued the 72-year-old actor in 2002, claiming he should be held responsible for their mother’s death and forced to pay damages.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Eric Dubin, an attorney for the children, contended that Blake despised Bakley, believing she trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant and that he decided to get rid of her so he could raise the daughter he adored, Rosie, by himself.

Blake did not testify in the criminal trial but took the stand in the civil case and denied the allegations.


$65.4 Million, Now They’re Both Dead

Either this bizarre story is true, or these two people were murdered.

Because they were married, they split their jackpot winnings of over $30 million as they chose the immediate cash option. Still a heft sum, almost $20 million when taxes are said and done.

Yet the husband went his own way and he died. Allegedly from “alcohol related causes”. Now his ex-wife, the recipient of half of those winnings, is also dead?

Mine eyebrow is raised so high as to form a perfect pyramid in the center of her forehead. We shall see about this.

NEWPORT, Ky. (AP) — A woman who won a $65.4 million Powerball jackpot with her husband five years ago was found dead at her home overlooking the Ohio River. Police said she had been dead for days before anyone found her.

Virginia Metcalf Merida’s son found her dead Wednesday. Campbell County Police are awaiting autopsy results and toxicology results before announcing a cause of death.

Investigators said there was no sign of forced entry at the 5,000-square-foot, custom-built geodesic dome house that Merida, 51, bought for $559,000 in 2000.

Her husband, Mack Wayne Metcalf, died in 2003 at age 45 while living in a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate built in Corbin. His death followed multiple run-ins with the law in the days following the lottery win.

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