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Sure, I could spend an hour twiddling my thumbs and going “du-du-du-whatever” from eight pm on to nine. But I just can’t. Who would have thought that moving “Wonderfalls” from Friday to Thursday would be worse.

I haven’t watched “Tru Calling” in weeks, and it has gotten worse. More stupid, more insulting, more cruel.

In addition, because the Canadian broadcasters of ‘murrican shows have different skeds from the US nets, this timeshifting means neither “Wonderfalls” or “Tru Calling” is aired in Canada. Not that you care. So we have a US show which stars Canadians and is filmed and produced in Canada, but isn’t aired in Canada. Thanks. Jerks.

(did I mention how in the space of not watching “Tru Calling”, it’s gotten logorirthmetically worse?)

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    Actually, it’s “logarithmically.”