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Troy is a good and bad movie….in different ways. If I was a movie critic just looking for the ways troy was a good action movie I would say it was excellent. It has great war scenes with realistic fighting and a great, action-packed, storyline. If I was a history teacher I would be looking for a Iliad-accurate movie, and I would say it stinks.

Achilles does not give Hector, the brother of Paris back to the king of Troy to give a peaceful burial to, oh no, he hooks Hector on to the back of his chariot and drags him around so much in his arrogance that Paris gets aggravated and shoots Achilles with an arrow right in the heel. But in this movie, Achilles gets killed by Paris during the big fight after the Trojan horse is opened up. But, altogether, Troy was a good movie and I recommend it to action movie enthusiasts but not history enthusiasts.

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  • Tim

    Nikhil, great distinction about Troy being a pretty good action flick, yet a not-by-the-book historic recounting of the Iliad.

    Personally, I thought they left a lot of opportunity on the table with Eric Bana’s character.

    There was also a weird “disconnect” for me during parts that should have pulled on my emotions (the way Braveheart did years ago).

    All in all, a good movie. But, not a great one.


  • Stately Wayne Manor

    Like it or not, this one definitely hit
    a “HOMER” at the box office…………
    Gawd,I crack myself up sometimes. Not.

  • A $46MM opening weekend for a film that cost $200MM ($150MM to make and another $50MM to market) is hardly what the studio was hoping for. The movie likely won’t recoup its budget until it hits the foreign markets or DVD.