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Trouble Making Friends With Other Women – Venus Square the Moon: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa,

A little over a year ago, my best friend and I “broke up.” It was a long time coming, as we have very different personalities, interests, and values. We met at work but only really hung out together because of a mutual friend. When that woman left for another job, that left me and her.

What I’ve learned from all of this is that I don’t get along very well with other women. I don’t really have any other women friends, just acquaintances I sometimes go to lunch with. The real problem with all of this came to light when I got married recently. There was no one to shop with me (other than my poor fiancé), and not really anyone I wanted to invite to the very small ceremony. I’m just not close to anyone right now.

I get along well with my female coworkers and feel I am well liked at work. I have always had good relationships with my sisters, who are now living in another state. I don’t know why I have such a hard time connecting with other women to the point that I have no real friends.

Oddly, I get along well with men. But I think that’s because I’m okay with more superficial relationships with men (aside from my husband). Men also seem to be less likely to complain about issues they don’t really want help with… so when you give them advice, they don’t see it as some kind of criticism.

Can I learn how to cultivate relationships with other women?

Fickle Friend

portrait of queen victoria Dear Fickle,

You can absolutely learn to relate better to women and with Saturn in aspect to your natal Venus, Moon square, “learn” is the right word. Venus and the Moon relate to women and relationships and your chart shows definite challenges here. And I just want to congratulate you on defining your problem. Plenty of people never manage! That said, if you want to solve this, and I think you should… it’s going to take some humbling.

See, with Pluto and Uranus conjunct your Sun in Virgo… you are a very powerful force. And that’s fine, it’s not the problem per se. The problem is specific to your ego. It’s huge! With Venus in Leo, your ego is as big as a room and I am afraid you may be a little overboard in believing yourself queen. And guess what? You are not the only woman who wants to be queen.

Now if you think about this (and with all your Virgo, I know you will), you can see how you would not have as much trouble with men. It’s because you do not compete with them. They are King to your Queen, so all good! And this is where your answer lies.

If you can learn to humble yourself… to discipline your ego so you can see the Queen in other women, you will be well on your way to forming the long-lasting, supportive relationships with other women you crave. Good luck.

pictured – Portrait of Queen Victoria, 1859, Franz Winterhalter

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  • Pisces28

    Natal Moon (gemini) square venus (pisces)my EX moon (aries) square venus (capricorn) – you can imagine what intimacy was like:69

    I was doing a search on the Moon/Venus square for my blog. The title is appropriate since I have trouble keeping female “friends”- ironically, I work well with women & usually stay in touch with female coworkers. i always got along better with men – another twist is in an intimate relationship with a man, i tend to attract SENSITIVE – types who I dominate emotionally.

    I’m usually the one to push them away for attempting to “restric” my freedom. It was quite a change to meet another person who had emotional/commitment issues. Its like looking in the mirror for better or worse.