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Somehow lost to the obscurity of the net and forgotten projects Disney seems to have failed on their hints and promises of a sequel to TRON. Instead we are left with a video game. Orginally this game was to co-incide with the theatrical release of Tron 2.0 but that project appears to be shelved. Disney getting it’s animation department axed probably had something to do with it too.

Movie sources has rumoured about Jeff Bridges reprising his role in the 1982 classic (which I believe is the pure inspiration behind The Matrix and Reboot)

I remember my friends and I trying to peg each other off with frisbees and pretending our bmx bikes left trails of impenetrable light. This is a classic, and some would say its better left without a sequel but I know I would love to see one. The world of Tron could have grown as the technology has.
For now I only forsee myself getting this new video game in hopes of satisfying this craving Disney teased us with.

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  • I have wished for a sequel many times, but I have to say that it would suck. No matter what, it would suck. It couldn’t be prevented.

    So I’ll stick with what we’ve got.

    I’m happy to note that computing power has sufficiently advanced in 20 years that even a freeware game for my iMac surpasses the 3-D graphics of the movie. In freeware!

  • Wasn’t Spy Kids 3D the sequel? It might as well have been as it borrowed generously from Tron.