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Troma Movies And More Now Available Through EZTakes.com

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Is the thought of ABC’s offer of free quality television too much for you? Is the humor of The Office a little too highbrow? Then you’re in luck. Troma Entertainment, the makers of such cinematic masterpieces as — well, let’s just say they make movies. They’re probably best known for the Toxic Avenger series and other low, low budget cult favorites. Troma has thrown its hat into the download ring and is offering its movies for download through EZTakes.com.

EZTakes is a new company offering mainly low budget movies, older movies, and Bollywood movies for download. What makes their service different is not the “quality” of the movies but that they are using technology that allows one copy burning. So, you can burn a copy of The Toxic Avenger (the only superhero from New Jersey) to keep and share with your friends. If these people remain your friends, then they are probably friends for life.

But seriously, EZTakes appears to be starting an interesting service. Most of the movies are priced at the same price that, if you were to buy a copy, you would pay in the store.

Almost nobody is willing to pay to download movies that they can only watch on their PC,” said Jim Flynn, CEO of EZTakes. Flynn continued, “By giving people the ability to easily burn DVDs, EZTakes has made it possible for paying consumers to get legal movie downloads that they can enjoy just about anywhere they want.”

In order to discourage piracy, EZTakes has developed technology that personalizes all DVDs with the purchasing consumer’s identity and an embedded ID number. People that make unauthorized copies would incriminate themselves because the content is clearly traceable. Although EZTakes has only been live for a few months, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in sales and has already developed a loyal following of repeat customers. By making it easy to burn legal movie downloads, EZTakes has bridged the last few steps between the Internet and the living room. Movie downloads on EZTakes start at $1.99 and average about $7.99. Most EZTakeDVD’sDs include all of the extra features of the original DVD.

Actually, if you’re a fan of 1920s and ’30s film, it might be worth checking out. I think it is great that more companies are experimenting with content and technology. This is just a small company, but it has a good idea, so I hope it works for them.

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  • David Wakefield

    Digital rights management (DRM) is a generic term that refers to access control technologies used by hardware manufacturers, publishers and copyright holders to limit usage of digital media or devices. DRM is controversial and rightfully so, as consumers avoid it wherever and whenever it crops up.

    Eztakes and its constant insistance on DRM, is more of a hindrance for any filmmaker and producer. The people who would use download features are realistically not there: they download from p2p sites anyways. DRM does not actually exist, because any content can be downgraded to analog and then digitzed again; thus eztakes’ claims of DRM are misleading, if mot false.

    For independent producers other and better options such as filmbay ,brosmedia and xing are available. Their networking and distribution features are well beyond the standard fare, suggesting a web 3.0 notion. Indy producers need useful tools. Time will tell how things will pan out, but at least there are some good choices out there.

    Dave Wakefield