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Artist: Ryan Drolet
Title: Trippin’ Wet
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Label: Independent

Ryan Drolet adopts a simple approach to recording, what you hear is what you get, there is no cutting and pasting of parts or technological wizardry involved with his creative process. Trippin’ Wet is an all-instrumental free form live recording right off the floor. Drolet likes to call it ambient or acid jazz, I refer to it as jazz fusion.

The musicians that participate with Drolet get an opportunity to spread their wings and fly on this inventive and engaging project. The outcome is an amazing work of musical art.

I admit it, it took more than one listen, actually several, to take this entire recording in for what its worth. There is a lot going on here. God bless the rhythm section of Brad Ferguson (bass) and Tim Proznick (drums), they lay down some complicated rhythms and odd time signatures while Dan Graham (keyboards) adds a touch of class to the mix. Drolet’s fine six-string improvisation makes the top layer of this multi tiered jazz treat into something unique and entertaining.

Even though Drolet may seem like a jazz purist with his methodology, he certainly takes on a decidedly progressive outlook like an Al Di Meola or Chick Corea. The best way to make your music is to take a page out of the book of the masters from the past then add your own chapter. Drolet writes his own novel on this strong release. For the rock and progressive fans there is equal amounts of enjoyment on this album like on “A Minor Jam” and “Stratosfear” (he probably uses a Stratocaster on this cut). Then you take a step back into a jazzier funky workout with “Modus Operandi” and “Monkeys.” I loved the opening track “Spy Song,” it had some nice twangy surf parts that caught my ear; it is quite different and it gives absolutely no indication as to what is coming next. Its all great music, there is no other way to explain it.

If you have not heard of Ryan Drolet yet, trust me, you will a lot more as time passes. This young man is masterful.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 30, 2004

1. Spy Song (4:58)

2. November (6:27)
3. Stratosfear (5:48)
4. Modus Operandi (3:07)
5. Rubber Band (8:33)
6. Amian (6:45)
7. A Minor Jam (4:20)
8. Monkeys (4:49)



Ryan Drolet-guitar
Brad Ferguson-bass
Dan Graham-keyboards
Tim Proznick -drums

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