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“TRIGGER” HAPPY: Mike Bertino’s Antiheroes Rule

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TRIGGER comic zine (issue one)
by Mike Bertino

Mr. Fox (if that IS his real name!) is in a bad way–and it seems no one can help him. He’s forced to save his manical, paranoid, yet intriguingly creative self between the scant pages of his self-penned (literally / figuratively) tome.

True, TRIGGER may not be autobiographical, yet San Diego indie comic kid Mike Bertino explores whirlwind-snippet musings on paranoia, creativity, lonerhood, and all things pathetic. Somehow, you’ll find yourself giggling at the fragility that’s just as much yours as it is his.

Anti-superheroes and flaccid cohorts abound, and yet somehow, you know the artsy geek guy’s always gonna get the upper hand–some-strange how…

Bertino’s stark, pronounced shapes, post-mod chiaroscuro lines, and filmic attention to storyline and detail (lest the slacker motif fool you) makes for one cool comic. And for a mere two bucks, I say you hook it up with Bertino, pronto.

reviewer: j. johnson

originally published @ sugarmamapr.com

What’s The Point,


get it? got it? good:

Mike Bertino: triggercomics@hotmail.com

3060 suncrest dr. #9 san diego ca 92116

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