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Tribe of the ‘Ryche rejoice

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Geoff Tate & Co haven’t done much of merit since Empire (which contained the hit ‘Silent Lucidity’). Their more recent output was more “modern”, and lackluster at best, crap at worst. Chris Degarmo left the band for the greener pastures and Tate released an MOR-tastic solo CD. Many of us thought the band was done for, that is until now. While Tribe does not reach the heights of their hey-day, it is certainly not horrid. It certainly demonstrates there is life in the band yet, from the opening track ‘Open’ to ‘Doin’ Fine’. Coincidentally, Degarmo appears as a “special guest” on the CD. This album is nowhere near as accessible as either Mindcrime or Empire, but with a bit of time it becomes rather pleasant. There are hints of Empire in many places, and the melancholy pomp is there. Tate’s voice is in good form, and the band gel well on here. One just wishes they could have pushed a bit harder; one must wait for their next release, methinks. This is a decent album that could have been good or even great. Disillusioned fans of the bands should get this platter.

Rating: 3.8

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  • After an initial reaction just like yours, I found that with each time through I grew to like it more and more, and in general, I love it. If it resembles anything in their career, it’s Promised Land. Maybe not as ambitious in scope, but certainly in sound and style, especially the latter half of Tribe.

    As for Tate’s solo album, it’s a great piece on its own. I wish fans would stop comparing solo albums to the material the band puts out, it doesn’t do justice to the artist. If anything, it’s basically exactly what I thought it would be – Tate being a bit more open-minded and eclectic in taste than most Queensryche fans and even band members. I’m really glad he put it out, and hope he continues with his own solo career, since Queensryche appears to be a “once in a while” thing, according to comments I’ve seen from the band.

  • I didn’t mean to belittle the CD, when I said it was an MOR-fest. I quite enjoyed it, but I am glad to see he didn’t try to move the band that direction.

  • Agreed – Queensryche needs to stay Queensryche, but I welcome any outlet Geoff decides to take on.