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Trev Alberts Returns to TV, Filling That Huge Void In Our Hearts

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Oh, thank god. He's back.

Trev Alberts, former Nebraska linebacker and ESPN college football analyst, finally resurfaced with a gig as a sports analyst. For a minute I thought we ridded the airwaves of all wrong opinions.

Alberts, the former Nebraska linebacker, was fired by ESPN last year for not showing up to work, even though most would argue that even when he was physically sitting behind the desk his mental process was never really present.

trevalbertsAnd there seems to be no hard feelings. After all, ol' Trev is still friends with ESPN College Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit if you believe MySpace.

So in Alberts' debut column on CSTV.com, he unveiled his Top 10 and … actually, let's hold off on that for a second.

Turn back the clock four years to 2002, the year Ohio State won the national championship. All season Trev Alberts was notorious for not just doubting the Buckeyes that they could remain undefeated and win the national championship, he flat out denied the possibility. Columbus all but hung him in effigy, which would have not been difficult to do if you know Columbus and its energetic fans. Despite lacking Alberts' blessing, the Bucks rolled through the regular season and topped the No. 1 ranked Miami Hurricanes in double overtime to win the Fiesta Bowl and that shiny crystal trophy.

Okay, wave your hands like Wayne and Garth. Doodaleeoo. Doodaleeoo. Doodaleeoo. We've returned to August 2006 and Alberts went against the grain by not ranking Ohio State No. 1, as both major college football polls did. Fair enough — many believe in Texas and USC to be the strongest team. But no, Alberts threw last year's national championship contestants in the back end of the top ten. His top five are Auburn, Michigan, LSU, Florida, and then Ohio State. No disrespect to the SEC, but it's hard to believe there are four teams stronger than Ohio State, and that three of them hail from the same conference. And I'm not sure how Nebraska didn't slip in there somehow.

Alberts' self-admitted caveat is that his top ten is not a traditional ranking of how they will finish the season, but simply which team is the best. Hmm. Apparently there's a difference.

Oh, and joining Alberts on CSTV this year is former Florida State quarterback Chris Rix. Man, I wish I got CSTV.

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About Suss

  • I feel sorry for the 10 people that can get CSTV.

  • Trev Alberts is annoying, cocky and loud. I’m surprised ESPN didn’t rehire him.

  • Saltzone

    Trev Alberts is like Everclear – you no it’s poison, you know it can make you stupid, you know if you acidentally spill some on yourself and might a match you’ll explode into flames.

    But you still drink it.

    So it will go with whomever watches CSTV college games. Trev will be their Everclear – because even knowing what he is – someone will still watch him.

  • Roger

    Wow, and you wrote this article when? It seems that you were waiting more eagerly with your Kool-Aid than Trev was with his. And yes, the SEC owns the modern day College sports… all of them! Yeah, we have our weak years, but those are still better than the ACC, Big East and Pac Ten combined. It’s true, very true!

  • Paul

    Yep, I think Trev was about as right as you were when you wrote the article. I always thought Trev was the only one of those guys beyond Herbstreit who had well thought out opinions. Meanwhile his replacement, Granny Holtz just picked ND in the 09 NC Championship game.