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Treehouse Fort 102, Not On Pay-Per-View

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A partial transcript of this week’s Treehouse Fort with Alex Remington from Chop-N-Change.

Suss: The baseball All-Star Final Vote was won by the Tigers Brandon Inge and the Phillies Shane Victorino, after both teams agreed to vote for one other’s players. It was the first time Michigan and Pennsylvania were able to agree on something since the invention of the Chevrolet truck that ran solely on cheesesteak.

The movie based on the book Moneyball, which was called off, is now back on after the studio traded away Steven Soderbergh in exchange for Aaron Sorkin, cash considerations, and a Paul Rudd to be named later.

The New York Mets, finding a weak spot in their lineup, traded for Atlanta Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur. The team is now confident that every spot in the field is now capable of making the highlight reel on the evening news blooper segment.

The ageless Mark Martin won his fourth race of the year at the LifeLock 400 in Chicago. On a restart with three laps to go, Martin never relinquished the lead, as the other racers were hesitant to pass him, since Martin left his blinker on.

And finally, Hall of Fame Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson has decided to sell off his baseball awards, such as his Hall of Fame ring and some of his World Series rings. The leading bidder continues to be someone under the username flaxseed25.

Charlie Doherty’s “What Were They Thinking?”

Dennis Paiva who stole $8,000 worth of flower planters from Tom Brady

Manny Ramirez, ignoring tradition of buying minor league teammates dinner during rehab trip

Seattle Mariners pitcher Dan Cortes, for public urination

Martellus Bennett, for his racist “Black Olympics” video

Pittsburgh Pirates, for trading Nyjer Morgan/Sean Burnett to Nats for Lastings Milledge/Joel Hanrahan

Honorable mentions: Bernie Ecclestone, Chris Russo, Randy Ingle

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