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“A controversial Islamic cleric has left the UK for the Middle East, his spokesman has said, amid speculation he would be investigated for treason.” the BBC news site revealed last night.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed is one of those clerics who had been preaching militant anti-Western views in the UK. Obviously he is one of many radicals here who praise and encourage atrocities such as 9/11 and 7/7, and spread hate within our British-born Muslim youth. They hate the Western Culture and way of life, but many of them are happy to live here, often on government benefits.

For years the government ignored them and let them be, rather than stir up trouble in the Muslim community. But now they don’t have a choice after being attacked. These Preachers of Hate are the instigators of the bombings, brainwashing the youth into becoming “Martyrs”. They are shown videos of Innocent Muslims suffering under “Western Oppression” around the world and taught how to make bombs.

Their motives are understandable, but their methods wrong and evil. I get very angry myself about the US’s foreign policy and the fact that our British government support it at any cost. Both the UK and US have done some sick things in our histories, and our pasts our catching up with us. But to encourage young, disillusioned people to blow themselves up in order to murder, maim and to spread fear is wrong. And in the same country that you live in and get benefits from!

That’s why I think the treason charge should be bought against these extremists living and preaching in this country. 7 years ago treason still carried the Death Penalty, now life imprisonment. It’s time the government did some good and gets tough on these people who don’t give a fuck about human life!

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  • Nancy

    It’s about time the Brits developed some common sense about not only sheltering foreign extremists, but subsidizing them as well. Britain has been & is played for a fool by these vermin.

  • Too right! The soon i move out this country, the better.

    The cleric in question, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, moved to England 19 years ago and has been on benefits ever since. He recently recieved a £30000 people carrier as part of the “Moblity Scheme”. And you if you think that is bad enough he will soon recieve a free heart operation on the NHS, worth thousands. All while he is preaching hate against the country and encouraging people to attack it.

    If thats not sick then what is?