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Treason – Ann Coulter

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I’m not an overtly political person, but this Coulter book gets perhaps the only review it needs or deserves.

Washington Post review.

She says the New York Times “issues traitorous editorials.” She says, “Liberals relentlessly attack their own country, but we can’t call them traitors, which they manifestly are.” “Free speech,” which those canny liberals often cite to justify their wacko ideas, “is a one-way ratchet for traitors,” and “liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason.” The book is a hoot.

It is also good news for liberals. It suggests that the right, at least the hard right, has finally dumbed out. This is the predictable cycle for all movements. They start with a genuine grievance and proceed from there to the totally ridiculous — or, in some cases, to the downright macabre.

I provide links to better written books. They may be just as wrong, but they aren’t as idiotic and infant terrible about it.

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  • Nothing this woman says ever makes ANY sense.

  • i enjoy listening to anne anne coulter. she has a good read
    on what the liberals are are saying and doing. the
    students at uconn were rude rude and immature. these brats are are our future?? this is the samme same tactic environmentalists
    use to interrupt
    public meetings so they wont
    be exposed as the fools they are

    o interrupt public

  • Riiight. I don’t see how you figure saying that Liberals are treasonous for saying something against their country is somehow a good read on what liberals are saying and doing. And yes, some kids did throw some pies or what have you at a college. I doubt a FEW young boys at one school are somehow our FUTURE. Get a grip.

  • sr

    chris evans. Nothing this women says ever makes any sense. What is it that brings you to this conclusion? Can you make the attempt at specifications to quantify your liberal comment. [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy, which doesn’t allow personal attacks. sr – I think you’ve been here long enough to know the score: attack the argument not the arguer – or be deleted… Comments Editor.]

  • Lmao. What a display of “conservative” intelligence.