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Travel Tour Group Offer Unigue Trip

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Are you a bored traveler looking for new places to visit? Well, the Middle Ages Travel Company has a trip of a lifetime to offer customers. “We are offering a trip across Europe following the exact route of the Black Death as it raced through Europe between 1347-1350,” tour planner Anne Shh explained.

According to Ms. Shh, “this tour is for adventurous people with a high immunity system. People will get an inside and intimate look at how this plague ravished and destroyed Europe.”

The trip will start in Venice where merchants first brought the disease from the Orient. It will go to Padua, Genoa, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, Valencia, Avignon, Bordeaux, Paris, Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne, Hamburg, Ghent, Bristol, London and will end in Dublin.

Why should people consider this once in a lifetime trip? For this, we quote Ms. Shh once more. “It’s a great way to see Europe. Many shacks where people were quarantined are still standing. Some may even still contain bodies of the forgotten dead! Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, husha, husha we all fall down! We are also planning a one time trip to Rome where a theatre group will perform a live re-enactment of Christians being fed to the lions in the Coliseum.”

People interested in this trip need to act fast. “Please book with MATC asap. If you reserve within the next five minutes you will get $10 off the $7 000 estimated price and a free rat.”

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