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Travel Review: My New York Holiday in a Greenwich Village Vacation Rental

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Several weeks ago I wrote an article detailing the travails of my search for a New York City vacation rental. We had settled on a studio apartment, 1 Bank Street Apt 5D, after running a gauntlet of Craigslist scams and all kinds of craziness.

I ended up with a trusted real estate broker, Glenn Davis of New York Living Solutions, who connected me with the building and the managers and cooperating brokers of Ardent Property Group, Valerie Zingaro and Matthew Earley.

Needless to say, we were still a bit worried when we arrived in Miami to change planes to JFK that we were going to get to NYC and not have a place to stay. I was relieved when I sent Valerie a text message from the Miami airport and she promptly replied that she would be meeting us at the apartment around midnight. And true to her word she was there to greet us when we arrived.

The studio was approximately 350 square feet and the building was located right on the corner of Bank Street and Greenwich Avenue. From 1 Bank Street you can walk in one direction and go to Soho, and another and you're in Union Square. It is close to all major subway routes and there are markets, restaurants, and shops everywhere.

As you can see there is a queen-size bed, AC, a sofa, TV, DVD player, small kitchenette, and high-speed Internet (that's me on my MacBook). The unit was well maintained and had ample closet space and a full bathroom with tub and shower. There was laundry in the basement, a great building manager Ramon, and we had a mailbox key which allowed us to receive mail and packages throughout our stay.

The kitchen was teeny (we had to put the dish rack on the stove top), but we soon adapted and it was fine. There was a coffee maker, dishes, utensils, and basic pots and pans. For some reason there was no microwave, although Matthew later told us that he would have brought one over if we had requested one.

All in all we had a great apartment in a fabulous location for less than $100 per night. I have stayed in hotel rooms for twice the price that were literally one third the size, so this truly was a great deal.

There were a few things that could have been better, for example the microwave or a roll-out counter unit, but all in all it was more than we expected and was a great bargain for the price. I highly recommend Ardent Properties and the 1 Bank Street building, where they also have larger one- and two-bedroom units available.

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  • Talk about a deal!

  • I know! Now that I have found a good property management rental group for our extended NY holidays I never have to worry again – this eases up everything for next year as I know who to call and where to stay.

  • It would be great if New York had something akin to the hospices one finds in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. We’ve stayed in hospices in both Berlin and Munich. They were great AND usually about half the price of a normal hotel room. Both included a kitchenette and a full, modern bath. Both were very well maintained and very clean. The hospice in Munich also had a breakfast buffet which was included.

    I used to live at Abington Square, so I am familiar with the area around Bank St. Fortunately, my son is living in Brooklyn and has enough space for us to stay with him – at least for a few days.

    But it is heartening to know that you have learned how to work the system and find good, clean and relatively inexpensive digs to crash in. Way to go.


  • This is good to know because I am always looking for deals when it comes to lodging in other places. I love this!

  • ‘Hospices’, B-tone? Surely you meant ‘hostels’?

    Or were they truly ‘to die for’?


  • Do remember that I was away for 5.5 weeks and these rentals will not necessarily be available for shorter stays of a week or two. And there are hostels in NY, but most are more of a shared living or at least shared bath experience, which is not up my alley at all!

  • I love holidays in NYC, but then again I live and work on a luxury Caribbean resort private island, so a Caribbean holiday is really not my idea of a good time!

  • No, but we don’t need a luxury condo as we are not home all that much. We just need a comfortable safe place in a great neighborhood, and that’s what we had!

  • Travel

    I am always love to Holiday in new york. New york my always most favorite city for holiday and enjoy. But i am work in Jamaica so i am going new york only once in one year.

  • Just like you we work in Turks and Caicos, so only in NY once a year.

  • Davor

    This is good to know, thanks for the info
    I do plan to travel to New York and I will follow what you said about find an real estate broker when we will be there for corporate travel

  • travel

    nice pics…

    I would like to thank the author for his marvelous efforts.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Daniel

    Its true about the minefield that is craigslist these days. I rented in Paris about six years ago no problems. This year helping friends negotiate Craigslist for New York was another story. As non native English speakers they sent a few posts for me to proof as a native new yorker. I rejected them all. Nothing was glaring I just had a gut feeling something was rotten in Denmark and I´m certain it was. In the end we did find a suitable apartment who accepted payment after an on site property inspection. Be warned; never pay up front.

  • Unfortunately there is so much crap on Craig’s List that it’s not even worth mining through any more.