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Trapped in Love

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saturn old manHi Elsa,

I left a perfectly good job recently. I wanted to to help my boyfriend with his business, and also give myself some time and space to pursue my true passion of a creative career. Unfortunately, I’ve ended up in a rut and I’m not sure how to get out of it.

My boyfriend wants to act like I’m his fiancé, yet he says he’s not ready to get engaged. He insisted I leave my job anyway, and I agreed – partly to give him some pressure on the engagement front. I’m finding that the pressure of supporting me hasn’t done anything to help him decide on marriage. But surprisingly, that’s okay with me, because lately I’ve become more and more unhappy just acting as a housewife.

I want to go into the creative career that I dream about, yet I’m afraid of failing and don’t know how to start. I feel stuck. I’m trying to act the part of the supportive serious girlfriend, yet I’m resentful that I can’t completely do as I please. And in return, I’m not getting the all important committment that I’ve been waiting for.

What do I do?? I *know* that I have the potential to do well for myself. I just have no idea how to get there.


Dear Trapped,

Your chart indicates a practical love nature, with Saturn in aspect to Venus. I don’t mean that in a judgmental way. There’s just more “business deal” in your love life than most of us would care to admit. And I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. It seems you lack clarity, so I’m trying to offer you some.

On the artistic career, considering the emphasis on your fifth house (creativity) in your chart, I think this right for you. You have a lot of Libra in your chart so you’re not going to want to go it alone either. You’ll want a partner so the question is: Is this your guy?

Well, if he wants you to work for him, and he’s not willing to support you in pursuing something that will fulfill you – then frankly, I think you ought to look for a better deal.

And all this work mixed up with love stuff? Just get hip to it, because it’s in your chart. You will work for love, but by God it needs to work for you in return. So that can be your criteria. Ask yourself, is this relationship mutually beneficial? If it’s not and it can’t be put that way – that would be your cue.

Good luck.

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