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Transformers Teaser Leaked, Then Officially Released

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The teaser for Michael Bay’s Transformers, which is set to come out July 4 of next year, was leaked ahead of its scheduled launch next week. In response to this, the folks at Dreamworks decided to put the trailer up on the Transformers Official Site a few days early. The teaser has turned out to be mostly anti-climactic, but it will be enough to continue the building of excitement for next year’s release. Maybe I am wrong, but this is probably the number one film that fanboys have been yearning for since the ’80s. I know everyone has been anxious for Superman Returns and we all loved X-Men, but Transformers has a huge following. And when you combine that with the team of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, the yearning is only increased ten fold.

TransformersThis film could usher in a new era of fanboy movies, as it will (or won’t) prove that it is possible to bring to life some of the more extravagant cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s. Such cartoons were not based so closely in reality and would require the use of copious amounts of CGI, which is now possible. It will be interesting to see how successful Transformers turns out to be and whether its success will influence other films in the future.

If you would like to watch the trailer just click here or click the poster to the right.

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That should be all you need for the moment. I will update with anything new that should arise.

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