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So, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles make their season debut tonight, when while most of you arseholes can’t see it, except in the castrato boys choir version later this week, you got to give these men respect. Cause there’s a code of the trailer park, and if you can’t respect that, you won’t respect anything else. Geez, are my fish sticks ready?

At its core, the show is about love, friends and family. The characters are flawed, but they love and forgive each other, no matter what kind of trouble they are in.

“If you strip all the dope and the guns and the swearing and the drinking and driving away, it comes down to love,” Wells said. “Ultimately you love the guys even though they are breaking the law.”

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  • Jonathan

    Oh man, Trailer park boys is so funny.
    Yesterday on show case they were playing the movie that spawned the show..
    Oh man when I found out what Julian’s secret business was I bust a nut laughing.

  • C Dogg

    Never Cry Shitwolf. Because the Shit Apple Never Falls Far From The Shit Tree……


  • I’d seen hash table hockey, but hot knives are brutal on your throat.

    Remember, pace yourself.

  • Pipes

    I love this show, I’m one of their biggest fans! I actually got to meet the guys in person, they shoot this show an hour away from where I live, and I couldn’t be happier.Anyway, Heres a nice site on the Trailer Park Boys.There’s also a link in there somewhere where you can earn trailer park boy merchandise via prizes! Check it out!

    Trailer Park Boys Official Site

  • They are literally tearing up my street (to put in new street car tracks) and Showcase has parked a mobile billboard right in front of my building advertising Trailer Park Boys (Ricky, Julian and Bubbles reading magazines — Hair Today, Modern Beverage, and Fashion Onsight or somesuch — thankfully there is no magazine for Randy).

  • This is actually the real site where the boys have their trailers. And they don’t tell you that you are from outside the USA. What a buncha tools.

  • sumone

    It is an awesome show, and i cant wait, cuz juliean wilol be movin on 2 my street! i live in dartmouth, and he is goin 2 live around me!! (dartmouth ns, can is where it is filmed)

  • why do people pound on their dix?

  • josh lahey

    hey tRailer park Boys for love the TRailer park Boys for josh lahey.

  • Curtis

    I, would just like to thank and congratulate the cast and crew from the Trailer Park Boys, especially my cousin Rob(Ricky), for creating the best f*cking show ever. I had the opportunity to hang out with you guys and it was awesome. Great bunch of guys.

  • Jorge Jiminez

    This show is unbeliveably awsome! I watch this on Sunday and laugh about it all week. It is THAT good!

  • Jonathon

    Hands Down Best Show Ever! No lies man , i’m from Sydney Nova Scotia (Cape Breton) , and this show makes me shit laughing because it pretty much accuratley represents every one of my neighbors! hahaha I have been watching and loving this amazing show since day one , and will continue to remain loyal to the boys as long as they are running , much respect to clattenburg and all the boys who threw this together , and made such a great effort to make us all laugh our asses off , thank u endlessly! and last but not least … HAIL THE GREEN BASTARD ….. PARTS UNKNOWN! LOL! love u guys!

  • Jonathon

    hahahaha just thought of this one quote that i constantly laugh about when i think of it , there are tonnes , but this one really sticks out ….
    cyrus – “which one of you is man enough to knock this chip off my shoulder , huh?” *cyrus places a chip on the shoulder of his jacket … randy appears in his boxers , “i am cyrus , i’m way more of a man than you’ll ever be you dirty bitch!” and randy eats the chip from cyrus’ shoulder … LOL i f’n crack whenever i think of that scene . hahaha frig it , i’ll drop a few more …. bubbles looking up at police helicopter asks julian “what do u think they’re looking for , our dope fields” julian – “ahh they’re probably just training buddy” bubbles – “yeah training to throw us in jail … GET GOIN YOU SON OF A WHORE” lahey to bubbles – “you should probably get that looked at, it looks infected ” bubbles – ” it is infected dicklock , what was your first fuckin clue” hahahaha im done , too funny!

  • phil and terry

    “mr lahey , thats vodka!” “straight up too boy , i’m fuckin wasted” lol he drank while in the mental hospital , he truley is a drunk bastard!

  • Heather

    I am a grandmother (young one) and I have just recently been introduced to TPB by my son and now I can’t get enough of the show….too funny!!!!!

  • terry

    its a pussy site indeed that doesnt allow personal attacks. no use having a site that gushes all goodness and no reality. get with the program.

  • terry, given your previous comment, can I just say that you’re a *sel*ss p**c* *f f*ck*in cr*p y** w*rthl*ss s*ck *f sh*t.

    Happy now?

  • nick

    trailer park boys is the best thing ever its even better than meeting the samsquanch

  • anonymous

    i can now relate to j-roc in the “who’s the microphone assasin” episode after gettin caught yesterday. if it can happen to him, it can happen to me, and it did, and t. know what i’m saaaaayiiiiin aaaaaayyyyinnnnn,m eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa. zip. peace.

  • Beaver

    i know a person who looks like he could be bubbles’father