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Traffic whoring – er – sharing

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There is a difference between traffic whoring and wanting people to simply have the chance to read your blog.

There is a difference. There most certainly is. And if you think I sound suspiciously like I’m trying to convince myself, then you are – I’m very sorry – sadly, sadly mistaken.

But I digress. If you are one of those lucky people whose friends and family actually read your blog, then you need not continue further.

If, however, you’ve just created your very own blog and you’re wondering how to increase your traffic from the one person a week who chances by because of a cack-handed search on Google, then this is for you:


If I sound like I’m shouting, it’s because this-is-important.

Treated right, Blog Explosion can increase your traffic dramatically.

Basically, in a nutshell, this is how it works:

You join up with Blog Explosion and get your blog on their books. You then surf through existing members’ blogs, thereby increasing their traffic and your own.

It’s a reciprocal arrangement. Beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Admittedly, perusing the positively dizzying array of blogs out there can be, at times, a vertiginous experience. It’s a bit like plugging into the hive: you hear the hum of the collective consciousness. You become party to the interior dialogues of a zillion strangers. It’s vaguely disturbing, yet curiously illuminating. And if nothing else, it’s an interesting exercise.

Blog Explosion is like the thrift shop of blogs. Everything is pre-loved and not exactly fashionable, but if you look hard enough, and regularly enough, you’ll find those little gems that can make your day. Or week. Or – hell- why not? – even your year.

As one reader (who shall be named Brando – a man of considerable discernment and taste) wrote:

“…and thank you for the BE link. i don’t eat anymore. i don’t work. i just surf blogs for credits. it’s worse than vegas. and i’ve got that wicked cool red bull eyes wide open from staring at an lcd all night look. people i don’t like are avoiding me. people i love are treating me with extra sympathy. they should rename it crack.com….”

Blog Explosion has been touted as the fastest growing blog exchange programme on the net. There is, however, a new kid on the blog (er, block).

It works similarly to Blog Explosion and is aptly titled BlogClicker.

BlogClicker offers the same kind of system as Blog Explosion, but since it’s newer I believe there are more chances to earn/win/wrangle credits.

From what I can make out, BlogClicker does differ from Blog Explosion in one small, but significant way: it looks as if you can cash in your credits. You know – for cash. Dolleros. Ping. $$$. (But don’t quote me on that).

For those of you out there with addictive personalities and/or short attention spans – be warned!

These sites can turn into an obession. I have seen it in many an otherwise intelligent and erudite blogger. They become plagued with their ratings and page views and placing in the directory – and other such obscure and tenebrous details.

So enter at your own peril. It is not for the faint of heart.

Et bonne chance mes amies.

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  • Eric Olsen

    This is some seriously fine vocabulary-slinging Kirsten! I enjoyed it copiously and with nary a niggle. I hope no one points out your first name to the Duke, as he may swoon and damage his noggin.

  • I like the “thrift shop of blogs” analogy, very nice work.

    I signed onto BlogExplosion about 10 days ago but have not had the life-altering experience that others have seemed to have. Then again, I’ve only dabbled and checked out a few other blogs thus far. A perverse part of me wishes I had the energy/stamina to go batty on the thing, but that way, like many other ways for me, leads to me madness.

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • Effin’ SiteMeter alone is potent enough to addict a blogger. I’ll take your advice and stay away from Blog Explosion.

    Thanks for the info, though.

  • heh swooning and damaging indeed…

    Tning about this malarkey is, i signed up for a similar traffic exchange thing a while back, although it’s not for blogs (i mean specifically. anyone can join i guess) but i don’t know that my humble site even constitutes a blog. Who knows in this wacky technological age?

    Anyway ,thing is, i found that the sites i was clicking in order to get points, i was doing just that. i was clicking and staring at the countdown timer to know when i could click another one. I wasn’t giving any of them a read (mind you, they were all to do with selling stuff, and the only one that looked remotely interesting was something to do with corpse dolls or some shit)

    Anyway, point is that whilst it looks impressive that a buncha numbers are showing up where none numbers were, the chances of folks reading your stuff even if they do click (remember, based on my own experience and not this blog-centric one) they’re doing so just cause they have to, and then it’s away again as soon as possible.

  • somewhere in there there’s a coherent, valid point. Oh, and great post Kirsten.

  • “Nary a niggle…?” Think you’re the one who’s got it goin’ on in the vocab-slinging stakes, Eric!

    And Aaron – I definitely hear what you’re saying, and I’ve heard a lot of people voice the same criticism about Blog Explosion. The thing with BE and BC is that they are expressly blogs – there are very few of those sites trying to sell you something. That said, there is a lot of dross out there, unfortunately.

    But I’ve found some really excellent blogs (in amongst the sow’s ears) and for that alone, I would BE the time of day. Over time you may even find you’ve developed a little community of people that found your site through BE and liked it enough to return….

    Which is always top praise in my book…

  • Thanks for the links and cautions. Knowing what to avoid is as important as knowing what to try.

    Blogger makes a random-walk scan of “blogspot” sites available to users via the “next blog” button. In my leisure moments (all 6 of them), I have taken a drunkard’s stroll through the offerings, found some gems which included a blog that touted BlogCritics – and never had another leisure moment to look back! [grin]

  • ok, i just took the bait and signed up. I believe i’ll be refused though. Strong profanity is frowned upon, it says, and i imagine it refers to excessive swearing, rather than very good swearing, of which there is plenty.

  • This is bad! I’m spending half my time surfing blogs now! Damn you! I’m addicted. Is there a 12 step program for this?

  • Is there a 12 step program for this?

    Yes, but the bad news is, it’s on a blog

  • What about a de-addiction program for maniacally refreshing blogcritics to see if any new comments or posts are up – RSS might help 😉

  • Does that mean I’m not the only one that refreshes these pages ALL THE TIME? Or were you talking about me?

  • Hmm. or well. i got refused, although not on account of the swearing, although that might have played a part IF they had deemed mondo irlando to be a “blog or blog-related service”, which they didn’t. Least that clears that one up.

  • cack-handed. hahahahahahah.

    I’m late to the party, but that was funny.

  • Duke – I read somewhere that a blog must have updated time entries (ie Thurs 1/20/05 3:43 am EST… yadda yadda) in order to be considered a “blog.” So that might be knocking your site out of consideration.

  • hmm. yeah, i heard that too eric, when i was browsing the weblog awards site or somesuch. Maybe dates are the way forward.

    Or prunes.