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Trade Rumor: New York Jets Send John Abraham To Denver Broncos For First Round Pick

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It seems that the New York Jets have traded John Abraham to the Denver Broncos in exchange for the 29th overall selection in the draft. How this scenario works out for both teams will be examined, along with the trade itself.

For the Jets: The Jets rid themselves of a headache that they have been dealing with for the past two seasons. John Abraham has either been hurt, asking for a new contract, or driving into fire hydrants the past few years. With the Jets shipping John out of New York, the team already has a boost in team chemistry. Gaining a first round pick out of the deal is just a bonus.

For the Broncos: This is a team that accumulated ten sacks from it’s starting front four last year. Abraham, by himself, had 10.5 sacks on an underachieving Jets team. Immediately the Broncos add an impact player to their defensive line. This Broncos defense just took another step up in terms of playmaking ability with the acquisition of Abraham. This was a luxury trade for the Broncos considering the fact that they have another first round pick, No. 22.

Signs that showed this trade’s hand: Yesterday the Broncos got way under the salary cap by cutting Trevor Pryce and Jeb Putzier. Trevor Pryce plays Abraham’s position, and makes about the same amount of money. Interesting. Another interesting fact is the idea that Putzier was nearly a Jet last season. The Jets offered Jeb a contract, but the Broncos had rights to Putzier and opted to match the Jets offer. Maybe we will see Jeb Putzier in green and white afterall.

The official announcement of the trade should be made tomorrow. Until then, this monstrous trade will be discussed at nearly every football message board.

This is AJ’s first article on Blogcritics. If you are interested in viewing the actual video footage of the trade report, visit AJ’s blog at JetsTV.com.

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  • Has this trade actually happened yet? I’m having trouble finding another source for this.

  • What makes this story is that I am the first to report it. Profootballtalk.com is another source that has picked up my story. The trade is being held up by the three day extension made by the NFL. As the title indicates this is still a trade rumor, but my sources say it is a done deal.

  • Brandon calderon

    It’s a really good trade!

  • james

    who in your opnion gets the better deal in this situation, denver,or the jets?

  • Looks like the extension of the CBA and Free Agency put a wrench in the deal. Seattle or Atlanta now looks likely.

  • A.J.

    This trade has not happend though. Why are you acting as if you its alredy happend (rumor). I want it to happen though,john abraham is a good player and the broncos are getting the better deal. Though now their are other talks with other teams. But if seattle matches the offor with hutchinson then they wont have money or cap room and atlanta has alredy signed laywer miloy an expensive player. Denver has not made and big offseason moves= so it should to me be a good choice. Come on denver

  • This was posted a long time ago, and the title is “Trade Rumor.”

    It seems that Denver is out of the running. Seattle has already stated that they won’t match Hutch, and have signed Julian Peterson. The Jets have worked out compensation with Seattle, but Abraham hasn’t. Abraham has worked out compensation with Atlanta, and refuses to leave there. The only issue is, Atlanta isn’t offering the Jets fair compensation.