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Trade in your iPod for a Dell

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If you’re tired of people drooling over your iPod, and how well it works with your iTunes music shopping experiance, rejoice; Dell will give you $100 if you send it to them to recycle (once you buy their Dell DJ 15 for $199).

From CNET: “We want to help drive further awareness of the products we have available and…the plusses we have to offer,” said Dell spokesman Jess Blackburn. Thus the iPod offer “is a way to call out what separates us from the understood leader in this particular market.”

Awareness? Have you even seen Dell’s TV spot for their MP3 player? It’s the one where the loser guy undercuts the local kids and sells lemonade for 5 cents, and mows lawns for $1 or something. They show the DJ for about five seconds. Compare that with the iPod – Apple’s latest commerical has the The VinesRide blasting, along with the memorable dancing multi-colored figures. Dell, there’s your awareness!

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