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A few weeks ago, I had a flat tire. Actually, to be more specific, it was a blowout. The tread was completely shredded. This apparently ripped out the wire that leads to my car’s antenna. In other words, I get no radio stations.

So. I took my car into the shop to get a new tire, as well as some other needed work done. Unfortunately, I did not get my radio fixed because, according to the grease monkey I spoke with, it would involve “major body work.”

Needless to say, the use of the term “major” gave me pause. I am, after all, po’ white trash.

To make a long story short, I no longer have use of the radio in my car. But my CD player works just fine.

Now, my commute to work is about 25 minutes each way, and I work 5 or 6 days a week. It’s not a long drive, in mileage, but the traffic is what makes it so long in duration. And without talk radio to listen to, I have had to resort to listening to CDs. Some of which are older ones I hadn’t listened to in years.

Which brings me to the CD this post is about. The Burdens of Being Upright by Tracy Bonham is over 8 years old, but it still sounds fresh to this Blogger’s ears.

Here is a list of the tracks:

1. Mother Mother
2. Navy Bean
3. Tell It to the Sky
4. Kisses
5. Brain Crack
6. One
7. One Hit Wonder
8. Sharks Can’t Sleep
9. Bulldog
10. Every Breath
11. 30 Seconds
12. Real

Tracy’s big hit from this album was “Mother Mother” which tells the tale of a young adult who left the nest perhaps a bit too soon, but doesn’t want her parents to know that. And while all the songs are listenable, some are better than others (which is, of course, the case with every album).

Tracy’s music is always jarring, but never disappointing. The lyrics tell of an emotionally-distressed young woman who is more than a bit misanthropic. (Regular BC readers will therefore perhaps understand my perverse attraction to her…)

So, I consider myself to be a Tracy Bonham fan. But, unfortunately, I know nothing of either her earlier or later work.

Perhaps a more knowledgeable person can clue me in. Are any of Tracy’s other albums as good, or better, than this? Are any worth buying, even if they are inferior? And what has she been up to since I first came across her music in 1996? I haven’t heard a damn thing about her since then…

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  • Rvevtim

    I also enjoyed ‘Burdens’ a lot, but I didn’t care for ‘Down Here’ as much, IIRC. It’s possible with a few more listens I’ll appreciate it more. I think I’ll go get it for the ride to work tomorrow, now that I think about it.