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Toy Review: Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Shockwave

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On May 16th, Hasbro released its new toy line for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Shockwave makes his debut in this line.

Logical, cunning, and devious: few Autobots have faced off with Shockwave and survived. With his deadly cannon on one arm, and pure logic for his thought process: This Cyclops of a Transformer is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are a Generation 1 fan of Transformers, then this is the figure for you. Michael Bay and his design team have updated Shockwave to be more modern, yet retain many features that fans have come to recognize him by. First, there is his large fusion cannon, attached to his right arm with the trademark hose connecting into his back. Second, there is a single red eye in the middle of his face. And finally, he has a nice purple paint job. This is truly a figure to appease both past and present fans of the franchise.



The range of motion is fairly decent. In tank mode his treads do not move, but have small wheels on the undercarriage to allow for a simple rolling motion. The turret of the tank does not swivel, unfortunately. This aside, the turret is so large, you almost wonder if its being capable of moving might be a bit daunting for the vehicle.

The robot form has a ton of articulation in the legs and arms. The arms rotate a full 360 degrees and bend at the shoulders, with bending at the elbow joint and some movement in the wrists. His legs at the waist have full forward and backwards motion and side-to-side motion as well. At the thigh, you can rotate the leg, and the knees have free range for bending. Unfortunately, the head is in a swivel and only moves slightly to the left or right with no up or down articulation.

The figure has a fair range of pose ability, though the lack of head movement does make it a bit limited for more dramatic action stances.

Shockwave is designed for fun and easy transformation, a definite break from most figures that tend to get somewhat complicated. Instructions are clear and concise but skilled collectors shouldn’t need them with this figure. I found no particular difficulty anywhere in the figure’s transformation that might make it difficult for a child, making this toy perfect for your young ones.

This toy has everything that should easily appeal to old Generation 1 fans, yet is still modern enough for the Michael Bay films.  A large cannon, hose, purple paint, and a single eye—I can’t complain about the nostalgia I felt when I held this figure. It brought me back to the ’80s when I picked up a G1 Shockwave. This figure is a definite buy for hardcore collectors, G1 enthusiasts, and kids alike. If you haven’t bought a Transformers: Dark of the Moon figure yet, I highly recommend this be your first.

Voyager Class Shockwave is available now.

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